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Another Steve for Your Amusement

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Go Look

A reader has gone and started a blog. You don’t know what you’re asking for, dude! But welcome to the fraternity.

For your reading pleasure…Through a Glass, Darkly.

Stuff Other People are Up To

Monday, July 28th, 2008

I Got up to “F”

Between the Sabbath and household repairs, most of the weekend got eaten up, but right now I am enjoying a lull in activity, so I think I’ll see what other bloggers are up to.

Agent Bedhead thinks it’s hypocritical for celebs to devote their lives to seeking attention and then complain when they get it. I have to agree. Go read the whole thing. Heh. Indeed. Tom Maguire. Althouse.

Speaking of Althouse, she is a little sick of the Obama man-crush phenomenon. And it looks like someone needs to hide her fish eye lens for a week. Don’t be startled (or encouraged) by the naked blonde currently on Ann’s site. It’s not who you hope it is.

I thought I was disgusting for keeping canned goods until the bottoms rusted out and the crap oozed onto the pantry shelves. But Elisson has stolen my crown.

Cap’n Bob has an interesting revelation. Apparently, ancient Americans knew what circles were.

You’ve all heard of “eliminating the middleman.” Well, Dan from Madison has a weird story about a company that eliminated its own distributor and left the middleman with no competition. Sweet. It’s a story of stupidity and bad business practices, with a happy ending.

Via Mike at Cold Fury, Jeff Goldstein has ceased blogging. Again. Let’s hope it’s so he can do something more rewarding. He said something about a novel involving a taco shell.


Double Tapper is keeping track of Obama’s proven lies. And if you help, you apparently get a cool T-shirt.

Finally, Fausta is going to be doing a Nowlive show soon. When it happens, you will find it here.

Stuff Other People Wrote

Monday, April 7th, 2008

Call me Drudgebart

Sondra K. says I have been neglecting her, so here is a link to a fine post she put up. I hope it will change your life the way it did mine.

Elisson says he’s dieting! Less red meat and MORE FISH!

All around me, feet of clay.

Oh no! Amanda is dieting too! Has the world gone crazy?

I may be partly responsible for their situations.

Joe Tobacco calls Joe Gandelsman out, challenging his…moderate…ness. I wouldn’t be too angry with Gandelsman. A liberal who calls himself moderate is infinitely preferable to the Moveon nuts who have a policy of calling talk shows, claiming to be “lifelong Republicans,” and then announcing that the medical marijuana industry should be nationalized and the entire Bush family should be sent to a taxidermist.

Cap’n Bob has a personal Charlton Heston anecdote. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Carl From Chicago at Chicagboyz says England is running out of electricity. Seems logical. They ran out of common sense decades ago, so it’s natural that other precious assets are now drying up. Carl says we’re headed the same way. My response: use all the power you can, while it’s still available! This is like coming up on a yellow light. You have to HIT THE GAS.

Henry Gomez at Cuban-American Pundits is pulling the plug. From now on, content you might otherwise have seen at CAP will be found at Babalu. Funny, in Miami, CAP means “Cuban-American Princess.” Anyway, now you know where to find Henry.

Two seemingly incompatible bits of news from Double Tapper: 1. Israel’s gun laws require people who are physically unfit to give up their guns. So if you get old or sick, the government makes things worse by disarming you. 2. The rabbi and off-duty soldier (describes a huge number of Israelis) who killed the Merkaz Harav terrorist were given awards for their heroism. In Israel. Good thing they were both young and healthy, or else a lot more children would be dead.

That’s all I got for now.

Oh, wait. Here’s Christopher Walken, with his take on Chanukkah.

I got an accountant. Shlomo. A Jew. He tried to explain Hanukkah to me once. He’s like, “There were these lamps, and there was a limited supply of oil, but the oil burned for eight days, and it was a miracle, and then the Egyptians made us make bricks, and we had to cut off our foreskins…yada yada yada yada,” “Get to the POINT,” I kept telling him. “Okay, fine, your Christmas story is a little different from ours, but I know sooner or later we get to the part with the tree and the fat guy in the red suit. I mean, we have that much in common. You people aren’t SAVAGES, right? I know you were behind that crucifixion thing, but that was a simple beef over turf. You guys don’t live in huts and run around in jockstraps made from your enemies’ faces, right? So skip to the part where Saint Nick comes down the chimney and gives you a new bike, because I know that’s where we’re headed.”

I never got a straight answer out of that guy, but I cut him some slack, because I haven’t paid taxes since ‘73. Which reminds me, I need to send a ham to my previous accountant’s widow.