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Real Aryans Wear Jorts

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

Lame Protesters Give Bigotry a Bad Name

This is kind of interesting. Apparently a few kooks held a white power rally near Stone Mountain, and they were wildly outnumbered by the people who came out to protest.

I have a lot of black friends and acquaintances, and they seem to be very concerned about white supremacists. I try to reassure them, but they don’t seem to take much comfort, because, to be honest, conspiracy theories do really well among black people. If some bonehead on MSNBC makes a crazy claim about the Klan owning Oscar Mayer and putting Satanic symbols in the olives in the olive loaf, it’s pretty likely to become intractable dogma among black people.

In fairness, white people are not exactly immune to rumor. Richard Gere could tell you about that.

Anyway, several DOZEN (not thousand) welfare recipients and part-time roofers (I’m guessing) got together between court dates to celebrate the amazing accomplishment of being white, and there were protesters, and it was the protesters, not the professional Caucasians, who attacked the police and caused problems. One of them maced a cop.

I guess I would make two points here.

First of all, no one gives a crap about white supremacy. It’s not going anywhere, so relax. I am white, and someone would have alerted me if I were supposed to be at meetings. I haven’t heard a peep. White supremacy is extremely unpopular, and it makes you look bad on Facebook and Twitter. Donald Trump is not trying to bring it back, and even if he did, he would get nowhere.

The fact that people took this rally seriously enough to come out and complain is disturbing, because it suggests that they’re severely detached from reality. It’s like getting worked up about the thirty-member Westboro Baptist Church, better known as…the Phelps family and its three minivans. A few illiterate idiots with belly shirts, holding cans of generic beer, do not constitute a movement.

Second, it is pointless to assemble and protest evil by BEING conspicuously evil.

If you protest in order to complain about white supremacy, and you mace the police, you are sort of helping the people you came to oppose. If you’re not white, it looks really bad, because in essence, you have made yourself into a visual aid for your opponents. “Look what black people do, Aryan friends.”

If you want to fight white supremacy, and you’re not white, do this: get a college degree. Then live a happy and prosperous life which doesn’t involve screaming at toothless landscaping engineers with Krylon Confederate flags with the wrong number of stars on their soon-to-be-repossessed trucks. Get a job where a number of white people answer to you. You know; like a Democrat President assembling his cabinet.

You will feel a lot better, and you won’t be charged with assaulting an LEO.

We have a real problem with deluded protesters causing problems instead of solving them. BLM is one of the best (“worst”?) examples of a reform movement which is much worse than what it’s protesting. Darren Wilson shot ONE enraged criminal in self-defense, and in response, BLM has killed or injured a whole slew of innocent people, as well as burning down an impressive number of homes and businesses. If I were a white supremacist, I would be collecting videos of BLM violence for recruiting purposes, and it would work.

Personally, I call BLM “Black Lies Matter” or “Only Black Lives Matter.” They defend people who are obviously criminals who caused their own problems, and they don’t seem too upset by deliberate collateral damage to non-blacks.

This is a useless blog post. The people who need to read it won’t, and if they did, they would never admit the obvious truth, which is that I’m correct. They would accuse me of various things, feel like they had put me in my place, and then go on believing nonsense.

Who cares? Black people get mad at me when I side with the police. White people get mad at me when I’m truthful about blatant crimes committed by cops. I make both sides mad. I’m used to it. I embrace it. You can’t live your life distraught about your inability to please fools.

If you’re a white supremacist, stop wearing Confederate flag T-shirts with the belly cut off, especially if you also have a Confederate flag tattooed on your belly. Find a job. Try to live right. See if you can get your meth-related felonies expunged. Have your remaining teeth or tooth cleaned.

If you’re a BLM nut, go home and study. Get a high GPA at whatever college will take you, and then start sending out resumes. Stop burning down convenience stores and rendering yourself permanently unpalatable to employers.

I should stop writing this stuff and start yelling it into a canyon or even an empty shipping container. It would do about as much good.

I guess I’ll come back in a day or two to see how the world has changed since receiving my helpful advice.

Die, Scum

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

Shower Spray Progress

You may say your life is more exciting than mine, but then you would be a fool. I am still making progress on my daily shower spray.

I decided to check the ingredients and see what real chemists put in these products. The most useful combination I found (easiest to duplicate) was “nonionic surfactant” and lactic acid.

I am not a housekeeping chemist, but I was not raised in a cave, either. I have seen the phrase “nonionic surfactant” before. It’s on the labels of dishwashing liquids. Dawn is full of a nonionic surfactant. I guess it’s synonymous with “detergent.”

Does this mean Dawn is just as good as the surfactant in the store spray? Danged if I know. Maybe there is a huge variety of surfactants out there, with different qualities. But I have a jug of Dawn sitting around, so experimentation is cheap. Dawn is what I used in my last batch, and it seems to do the job.

I believe the lactic acid is to keep minerals from depositing on shower surfaces. This must be why people use vinegar in homemade products. It’s an acid that cuts calcium deposits. Vinegar smells, so my guess is that lactic acid is in commercial products because it does the same job without the stink.

Sadly, lactic acid is not available nearby in large cheap containers. Also, I don’t know how much I would need. Liquid acids are solutions, and the solvent is water. There’s a big difference between an acid with a lot of water and an acid with very little.

Muriatic acid (weak hydrochloric acid) is available at hardware stores, but it would probably be rough on grout. It eats ceramics in a hurry. Maybe lactic acid does the same thing.

I considered adding CLR to the spray. It’s a commercial product that eats mineral deposits. It’s supposed to eat rust, too, but I have never seen any evidence that it works. Electrolysis is the best way to get rust off of stuff, and if you can’t use that, I would go with phosphoric acid.

I don’t know what’s in CLR, but it will damage aluminum and a bunch of other stuff, so it’s out.

I wonder if citric acid would work. I’ll bet it would, and it wouldn’t smell like vinegar. I would need some cheap lemon juice. Looking around online, I see that citric acid is commonly used to remove scale from things.

The stuff I’m using now seems to be doing the trick, though.

You can buy citric acid on the web for eight bucks a pound. It’s a solid, which is something that has always confused me. I’m familiar with citric acid as a cooking ingredient. It’s also called “sour salt.” It makes foods sour. I’m used to seeing acids in liquid form, so the idea of acid powder is strange.

Maybe someone who took organic chemistry can explain.

Or someone can Google it, find the answer, provide it in a comment, and pretend they already knew it. Not that people ever do that.

I think a quarter of a cup of cheap lemon juice would be a good addition.

I don’t know if the various ingredients would react with each other.

Dealing with soap scum is a drag, so any semi-automated solution is a blessing.

I have a steam machine for removing crud from surfaces. I suppose it would work for soap scum. It works on baked-on oven grease. But it would be more work than scrubbing, and it would not be great for paint.

It is imperative that I succeed at this. The thought of spending three bucks a bottle for shower spray is just too painful for me.

The Oracle of Skynet

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Who Needs a Gypsy?

I’ll tell you something interesting about the future. If you use the Internet, one day it’s going to start telling you things about yourself that you didn’t know. And it will tell other people things you don’t want them to know.

I realized this as I was looking at annoying browser ads that popped up in response to Google searches. In the old days, web ads were fairly random, but now your computer and the computers of various organizations store and analyze material you provide incidentally, and they send you ads that seem likely to be appropriate for your needs or desires.

The ads aren’t always related to things in which you’ve shown an explicit interest. Sometimes the machines think, “This person’s activity and data are a lot like those of people who bought this product or service, so let’s send them an ad.”

Even if human beings don’t plan it, eventually you will start receiving information that will tell you surprising things. It will diagnose disease. It diagnose mental illness and personality problems. It may even tell you you’re going to be fired soon, that your wife is cheating on you, or that your area is about to have an earthquake. The computers won’t “know” these things, but the correlations will cause them to reveal them. At first the information will come through advertising, but at some point, that will change. Someone will decide the sleuthing ability of computers is too important not to harness, and they’ll start arranging for us to receive messages not related to commerce.

Various facts correlate with various other facts. We don’t necessarily know the relationships. But they exist, and over time, computers will expose them.

What if people who have a certain hidden disease like a certain food, or they look for a certain type of OTC medication which treats a seemingly unrelated condition? What if they find certain socks helpful, because of skin problems or circulation problems, the causes of which they don’t know? Computers will figure it out.

One day, the Internet will start telling people they have cancer or diabetes or other problems, based on their online activity. It will be shocking.

The Internet may tell the feds things that get us in trouble. To an extent, this already happens. Michele Catalano got a visit because someone in her house searched for pressure cookers, after pressure cookers were used in the Boston Marathon bombing. Eventually, the feds will get better at analyzing data, and visits will be more frequent. In essence, we will be searched and detained based on what the movie Minority Report called “pre-crime.”

Sooner or later, the predictive power will become so great, courts will not be able to protect us. Computer predictions will be considered probable cause. You wait and see.

Eventually you’ll have to curtain your web use very severely, or give up all hope of staying out of the matrix.

It’s going to be an interesting time.

Spare me a Beating

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Click This Link

As you may be aware, Sondra K. is now a kickboxer. For that reason, I am posting the following link:

LINK. When you get to that link, you are to vote for Soldier’s Angels, a fine charity which Sondra likes. Apparently, the charity with the most votes gets a big wad of cash.

She asked me to post that a few days ago, and I completely forgot. Hopefully I have spared myself a kickboxing lesson.


Looks like they called this thing off early! No point in voting now.

I have to go hide from Sondra.

A Vote for McCain is a Quiet Lynching

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

We are All Racists Now

Has everyone noticed how the Obama campaign and its surrogates are openly accusing their opponents of racism? Any criticism of Obama or his cronies, no matter how legitimate, can now be characterized as racist. It’s disgusting and shameful, but that’s how leftists play. Here’s a wake-up call to the swing voters: if Obama and his pals are crying “victim” now, what do you think they’re going to do after he’s elected? For four solid years, anyone who disagrees with the President will risk public accusations of racism. And because that threat will be hanging over the head of every pundit in the world, they will hesitate to warn us when Obama screws up, just as they chickened out when Frank Raines (black) looted Fannie Mae and caused the economic crisis.

You think you’ve seen Teflon? You’re fooling yourself. Reagan was called the Teflon President because liberal smears didn’t stick. Obama goes one step further. He aborts criticism in the womb. Prior restraint, without the Constitutional issues. It’s a thing of beauty.

And after he’s gone, historians will face the same fear. No matter what this man does to us, he’ll be remembered by historians as a messiah.

Does that mean we should never elect black politicians to high office? Of course not. The Bush administration gave us Condi Rice and Colin Powell, and pundits have been very willing to criticize them, because Rice and Powell don’t whimper about racism. They would fail if they tried. The Republican deck doesn’t come with a race card. The press removes it as soon as a black conservative takes office.

The lesson here is this: never elect a minority politician who makes bogus racism allegations during his campaign. Not unless you want to cope with the same tactics for the remainder of his public existence.

Here’s an unintentionally funny quote from a New York Observer piece:

And Kevin Parker, a New York state senator from Brooklyn, said, “If you have to remind people that Barack Obama is African-American, you have reached the bottom.”

Looks like Obama and his surrogates reached the bottom quite some time ago.

I Don’t Hate Obama; I Pity the Fool

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Get Down With Your Own Bad Self, B.

I have been neglecting the blog because I have had to screw with some hosting problems. I hope none of you tried to email me at any address not on the HOI domain, because if you did, your emails are history.

Here’s something fun to keep you entertained while I finish my electrical project.

By the way, Walken now has his own email address. You can find it on the blog.

Blogrolls Wiped Out

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008


I have had to redo a couple of my websites. If you were on the blogrolls at the old sites, you are gone now, because WordPress failed to transfer the links. I’ll try to replace everyone. Sorry about that.


You will be glad to know Wilford Brimley is backing John McCain.

Finally, a Movie Where You’re not the Villain

Monday, October 6th, 2008

More, Please

On Saturday, I had a rare pleasure. I went to a movie about politics and social issues, and I didn’t have to cringe once. I didn’t have to watch American soldiers rape foreign women or use Indians for target practice. I didn’t have to watch fictional CEOs poison people in exchange for nominal increases in their profits. No gays or transgenders or [insert tedious all-inclusive phrase here] were beaten up by jocks. There were no unrealistic nuclear accidents caused by greed and laziness. And I didn’t see Christians portrayed as narrow-minded, unempathetic, self-righteous fanatics who mistreat other people in misguided attempts to please God.

Oh, wait. Actually, that last sentence is wrong. I did see some pretty nasty Christians. The movie was An American Carol, and there was a scene in which Little Satan Bill O’Reilly tormented a fat girl named Rosie O’Connell for creating a documentary dramatizing the many crimes of terrorist nuns and priests. You know their tricks. Exploding bingo markers. Radioactive rosary beads. Votive candles full of black powder and nails.

I guess you’ll want a review. I’ll give you the basics right now. It was broad comedy, and the slapstick accusations are correct. It wasn’t the finest movie I’ve ever seen. Come on; what did you expect? This is the Hot Shots/Naked Gun crew. But it was funny, and I enjoyed it, and I pray it will be the beginning of a whole new anti-socialist-kook backlash in entertainment.

The Christian-terrorist scenes were wonderful. They showed a nun blowing herself up on a bus, and a couple of priests entering a jet cockpit and beating the flight crew senseless with a switchblade cross. Why is that wonderful? Because the scenes were written by THREE HOLLYWOOD JEWS. David Zucker is the ringleader, and the movie also credits Myrna Sokoloff and Lewis Friedman. Yes, I’m assuming they’re Jewish because of their names. That’s okay; Jimmy Carter did it when he kept Jews out of his “peace” organization.

Do you understand what a remarkable thing this is? Three Jews sat down and tried to come up with a way to defend Christianity in a major film. That probably hasn’t happened since Ben Hur. What a day this is! There is a major charity dedicated to bringing Jews and Christians together and channeling Christian money to Jews in need. Christian ministers are being excoriated in the press for supporting Israel too fervently. And now we have secular Hollywood Jews, working actively to defend us!

The movie only took in $3.8 million this weekend, but I don’t think that’s a big deal. It was clearly filmed on a low budget, so they probably don’t have to make a fortune in order to break even. And it wasn’t advertised heavily, and it wasn’t screened for critics (who are overwhelmingly liberal), and the critics who have managed to review it have been nearly as venomous, dishonest, and unfair as the critics who have reviewed Sarah Palin. Give it time; I doubt it will do so badly it will scare Tinseltown away from conservative movies forever.

Conservative filmmakers should probably make a point of keeping budgets low. First of all, money isn’t what makes movies good. It just makes them flashy. Second, low budgets mean lower break-even points plus the possibility of funding more films from the same limited pile of investment money, and third, conservatives are supposed to be more responsible than liberals. Wasting money isn’t the conservative way! Ask John McCain.

If Zucker and the Friends of Abe are serious about making a dent in the entertainment industry, they need to make some effort to organize and recruit. An American Carol had a cast worthy of a major Hollywood epic. Performers are available. I think they need to work harder on the other parts of filmmaking. They need to find good cinematographers, writers, and directors. The stars aren’t going to look good unless they have strong people behind them.

Conservatives need to form their own businesses. We need conservative talent agencies and literary agencies. A conservative network that isn’t a news channel. Working from within the liberal-dominated infrastructure will be difficult and slow. If we’re going to do this, we shouldn’t screw around. There is no point in trying to hide now. The cat is out of the bag. It’s time to sink or swim. If the American Carol folks are brave enough to provoke the jihadists (unlike the gutless Hollywood establishment), they should be brave enough to reach out, openly, to try to find and organize talent.

Go see the movie. If you don’t feel like sitting through it, buy a ticket and throw it out. Show the establishment punks they can’t keep us down. Maybe this will be the start of something wonderful.

Next Time, Bosco

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

Serious Error in Judgment

Kind of busy at the moment, but Uncle Chris just posted.

Fix me a Bosco, if You Want to be my Friend

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

And I Know You Do

Uh oh.

That was a WIN?

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

More Confused Than Ever

I am going to have to quit watching debates.

Last time, John McCain chewed Obama up and spit him out. Obama lost his composure. He couldn’t land a glove on McCain, and McCain yanked his chain all night. Obama got so angry he blanched over and over again, actually turning grey on camera. He came off as petulant, ignorant, arrogant, spoiled, and immature. And by a slim margin, people thought he won the debate!

This time, Sarah Palin was clearly unprepared. She’s a busy governor. She had five weeks to learn things Biden and Obama and McCain have been studying for years. She also had to maintain a grueling campaign schedule. I’m sure she crammed hard, but let’s face it. Random governors, even smart ones, given five weeks to prepare to debate seasoned Presidential candidates are always going to have problems. We know from her past debates that she has formidable skills, but she didn’t really have a chance to show them tonight. She repeated herself a lot, she wandered off topic so she could find things she felt safe talking about, and she added a lot of filler. And she was light on facts.

And people are acting like she won. Even liberal journalists are complimenting her.

I’ll take it. No complaints here.

Maybe my problem is that I’m fairly smart, and I can actually tell who won a debate. That could be it. Maybe 85% of Americans only care about who seems more likeable.

I give Biden credit. I thought he was a complete fool before the debate, and by the time it was over with, I liked him so much I felt sorry for him for somehow winding up a Democrat and therefore wrong on every issue. He didn’t impress me as a brain, but he seems more sane than I thought, and maybe less of an ambitious and soulless creep than Obama. Maybe age has mellowed him. Or maybe I’m wrong. On IM, someone is telling me Biden has already been caught in a bunch of horrendous lies.

The journalists even liked it when Sarah winked. I thought that was a huge mistake on her part. It seemed contrived. But the public is not bright, and journalists are notoriously dim, and no one seemed to mind.

Ifill did fine. At least I was right about that. She still should have turned down the job. Her willingness to take it proves she has no understanding of basic ethical principles.

I can’t understand it, but if this is what makes the public happy, who am I to complain? Maybe this is exactly what it takes to please swing voters.

Maybe John McCain was smarter than I realized, picking someone who knew how to do well in beauty pageants.

Ifill’s Folly

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Debate Overshadowed by Mickey Mouse Ethics

Here is my prediction on the Ifill thing.

First of all, what she’s doing is one hundred percent unethical. Gwen Ifill has written a book about “post-Obama” politics, and it will not be released until the inauguration. Obviously, if he loses, no one will buy the book. It would be somewhat unethical to moderate the debate if she were known to be an Obama supporter, and it would be worse if she had written a favorable book about him. But the situation we have before us is worse. She has written a book which will fail if he loses. There would be a conflict of interest if she merely hoped he would win. The actual conflict is much, much worse, because her own success depends on his.

Second thing: I think she’ll be pretty fair. I thought she was reasonably fair the last time she moderated a debate. If she has tried to be fair in the past, she will probably try tonight.

You have to be a little bit of a lawyer to understand what I’m saying. The conflict of interest is huge, and it’s unquestionably highly unethical for her to moderate the debate. At the same time, my best guess is that she will try hard to overcome her bias.

A lawyer could never get away with what Ifill is doing. Well, okay. I’m pretending bar associations do their jobs. THEORETICALLY, a lawyer could never get away with it.

A McCain shill appeared on Fox just now and pointed out that Sarah Palin’s interviews were cut down very heavily. The interviews took hours, but we didn’t get hours of footage. Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric almost certainly used the least flattering material they had. Even Man O’ War lost when he was boxed in. Tonight, Sarah Palin will be able to run, unless Gwen Ifill has lost her mind. And Governor Palin has a wonderful debating style. And Joe Biden…I’ll say it politely…does not. So maybe we’re in for a good night.

Join me in praying that she does great, and that Ifill is fair, and that Biden does a terrible job. We can’t afford to have a hardcore socialist in the White House when our finances are shaky. Obama’s creaky, ancient, discredited ideas could drive us into a depression, and I think we can also count on him to sell the Jews to the Muslims. He has already expressed a willingness to divide Jerusalem up.

There is a Walrus in my Trailer

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Somebody’s Ass is Gonna be in his Briefcase

Wilford Brimley wants you to check your blood sugar. ‘Cause it’s the right thing to do.

Biden = Moose in the Headlights

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

I Hope

Is this what we have to look forward to on Friday? I sure hope so.

Swing voters are too dumb to understand issues. They are about as bright as flatworms. I think they may actually have notochords. But they respect confidence and honesty. They’ll actually vote for strong people they like, even when it seems improbable because of the candidates’ positions. I cite Ronald Reagan. Sarah Palin has that same magic. I hope she can work it in spite of Gwen Ifill, who is moderating the debate even though her upcoming book will tank if Obama loses the election.

Consider me Your Surrogate

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

PR is my Bag, Baby

Somehow or another I ended up on a bunch of PR mailing lists. I keep deleting the emails and unsubscribing, but today I am tired and I think I’ll just go with it.

Here’s unbelievable news! Tell everyone you know!

While you may not expect film crews on shoe string budgets to be sipping Italian Pomegranate Sodas and noshing on Organic Whole Wheat Penne Rigate, it’s a different story for filmmakers competing in this year’s ELEVATE Film Festival, the film world’s fastest growing festival and the first ever filmmaking competition to challenge the international community to create works of social importance.

To support these filmmakers as they race against the clock to complete their entries for the Sunday, October 5 event at the 7,100 seat Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE (where they just held the Emmys), organic food brand O Organics has banished the usual, junky film-set, food staples and the stocked the craft services tables with a mix of its delicious, USDA certified organic products. It’s the perfect fuel as the filmmakers complete projects ranging from a new music video for Black Eyed Peas star Apl to a documentary about Iraqi orphan children learning the lyrics to John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

Wow! They’re feeding hippie filmmakers overpriced, pretentious food and teaching Iraqi children atheism! GET ON BOARD!

I don’t understand why anyone would eat organic food. If pesticide kills worms and bugs inside apples, won’t it do the same thing inside me?

Here’s another big announcement, from: DIRECTORATE OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS, HEADQUARTERS, U.S. NORTHERN COMMAND, 250 VANDENBERG, STE B016, PETERSON AFB, CO 80914-3808 PHONE: (719) xxx-6889 DSN: xxx-6889!

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — For the first time in its existence, U.S. Northern Command is gaining a dedicated force to respond to potential chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high-yield explosive (CBRNE) incidents in the homeland.

“We are now building the first of three CBRNE Consequence Management Forces,” said USNORTHCOM Commander Gen. Gene Renuart. “On the first of October, we’ll have an organized force, a trained force, an equipped force, a force that has adequate command and control and is on quick response – 48 hours – to head off to a large-scale nuclear, chemical, biological event that might require Department of Defense support.”

I know you were dying to know what was going on at…let me look again…U.S. NORTHERN COMMAND, at PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE. Ordinarily, I only take orders from General Ripper, over at Burpelson. Even then, I deny him my essence.

When did the military start doing press releases? I thought they relied on bloggers to correct the demented lies of the left. Shouldn’t President Bush be telling us this stuff on TV? Anyway, it’s great news. I guess. I don’t really know. Hooray?

Here’s one, from some guy named Mike:

Join bloggers from around the country in Defending the American Dream!

We would like to extend you an invitation and offer you a Press Pass to the 2nd annual Defending the American Dream Summit sponsored by Americans for Prosperity on Friday October 10th and Saturday October 11th at the Marriott Crystal Gateway Hotel in Arlington, VA.

As a member of the press, you would receive access to the event—which includes free meals—as well as access to the Bloggers’ Row. To obtain your press credential, please e-mail NewMedia@xxx.org

Free meals! Apparently they read up on me before they sent this. But unless the meals are worth about $250 each, I am pretty sure I will take a loss on this trip. It says Ed Meese and George Will are going to be there; I have a feeling about those two; they look like they’d get to the buffet first and hog all the good stuff. And since I have no idea what Americans for Prosperity is, I am not all that inclined to go.

When did I become a member of the press? I don’t recall turning stupid, lazy, liberal, and dishonest. Is someone supposed to be paying me to do this? If so, the system is not working.

I got some kind of cheesy “unsubscribe” email, purportedly from ABC News, but it was sent from lucie-orrecnec@PAGINAS-AMARILLAS.ES. Should I be SUSPICIOUS at all? I know Pajamas Media works out of Barcelona (i.e. some guy at an Internet cafe), but I’m fairly sure ABC is based in New York.

Here’s part of a great release from ITAMedia, regarding the tanning bed they claim Sarah Palin has up in Juneau:

While partisan bloggers and the sun scare industry will use this as an opportunity to undermine Gov. Palin and demonize the indoor tanning industry, the fact is that Governor Palin’s decision to get UV light from a tanning bed positively impacts her health.

“Moderate amounts of indoor tanning allow Governor Palin to experience the many health benefits that come with exposure to UV light,” said Dan Humiston, President of the Indoor Tanning Association and candidate for United States Congress (R-NY27). “Especially in dreary northern locations like Alaska, indoor tanning can help guard against wintertime depression and ward off diseases associated with vitamin D deficiency.”

You know what this means? That nut who did the nude painting of Governor Palin got it right. NO TAN LINES. Can Joe Biden say the same? You can probably get a tan from the blue glow of his bleached teeth. Somebody needs to put a Geiger counter in his mouth. He should go to work for these people. I can already hear his 527 ad: “Hi, I’m Joe Biden, and I’m here to give a PLUG to the tanning industry.”

I can’t believe the tanning industry has its own Congressional candidate. And that it’s not George Hamilton. Shouldn’t John Kerry be in their pocket? Oh, wait. He doesn’t tan. He merely paints himself orange.

Send me more press releases, PR people. This is why I started blogging. Obviously.