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Captain Middle America: Uncivil War

Friday, March 31st, 2017

Another Bad Choice from the Clueless Rightt

I guess I’m behind the curve again, because I just heard about Based Stickman.

If you are blessedly ignorant of the Based Stickman phenomenon, here is a spoiler to protect you: I am about to tell you what I know. If you would rather not hear about it, move on.

Leftists in this country have become very violent. They have a dismal, consistent record of vandalism and battery. They have completely lost the ability to separate concepts such as “protest,” “civil disobedience,”, “riot,” and “lynching.” They don’t think it terms of sit-ins or peaceful marches. They think that every political loss justifies putting on masks and beating innocent people. They no longer understand civil disobedience, which, itself, should always be a last resort. These days, they go to Defcon 1 immediately, and their disobedience, by default, is uncivil.

Conservative activists aren’t completely pure, but anyone who can use Google can confirm that the protest-related craziness that is sweeping the country is, overwhelmingly, a leftist phenomenon.

Black Lives Matter nuts burn stores and shoot cops. They even go after journalists, who are probably their best friends on earth. Anti-Trump people show up at Trump rallies in gangs, wearing masks, and they attack people who are simply speaking and waving signs. On Youtube, you can find all sorts of security videos of leftists stealing Trump signs from people’s yards. It’s hard to find similarly incriminating material featuring right-wing criminals, because by and large, conservatives are more peaceful and respectful of the law.

Liberals make fun of Trump for having a sparsely attended inauguration, and for issuing blatant exaggerations of the crowd’s size. Well, think about it. Washington is a black city. It’s not a little black; it is overwhelmingly black. When people decided whether to attend the event, they had to decide whether to face the high risk of violence, in a violent town populated by people who hate their kind. No wonder people stayed home. And sure enough, conservatives were physically attacked.

The goal of liberal violence (strange term) is to keep conservatives from gathering and speaking. If you can shut people up and keep them off the streets, you can create the illusion that their numbers are small, and that leads others to dismiss them and join the other side.

It’s a bad time to be a conservative at a public event, and naturally, some conservatives have decided the smart move is to respond to violence with violence. This, I believe, is the reason for the existence of Based Stickman.

“Based” is clumsy slang for “emotionally and mentally anchored.” “Stickman” just means “guy with a stick.” Based Stickman is a conservative who shows up at events, holding a stick, refusing to be pushed around by leftists criminals. He carries a wooden shield with a flag on it, along with a baseball helmet, knee pads, and what looks like a Home Depot respirator.

One of the big problems with Based Stickman (Can I call him “BS” for short? No, I think I’ll go with “Mr. S.”) is that he gives dishonest leftists a nail to upon which to hang their ridiculous “Conservatives are violent” canard. Unlike most leftists who get physical at events, Mr. S. doesn’t hide his identity, and he doesn’t try to blend into the crowd. Unlike leftists, he doesn’t intend to commit crimes, so he has revealed himself. As a result, he’s like a big, conspicuous officer leading a patrol in the Battle of the Bulge. He’s a great target for pot shots.

Propaganda stories are popping up, using the scary Mr. S. to decry the obvious (yet nearly nonexistent) wave of conservative violence.

Earlier this month, Mr. S. was involved in a scuffle. Leftist criminals wearing masks were going after conservative activists, and one rushed Mr. S. at high speed. Mr. S. cracked him on the head with a stick, breaking it on the skull’s narrow point. There was an arrest, but Mr. S. was not charged.

Of course, liberals are calling for his re-arrest, prosecution, deportation, dismemberment…whatever they can get. They don’t seem to have a big problem with the guy who attacked. They are using Mr. S. as a brush to paint us all with guilt. There is a good chance it will work. It will definitely work among simpletons, and let’s face it: the simpleton bloc is a big chunk of our population.

Here’s another, probably worse, problem with Mr. S.: he is convincing other conservatives that they need to get costumes of their own and beat up the criminals sent to beat conservatives up.

I completely understand the desire and need to protect protesters, even if the police don’t. I can even understand taking a shield, a stick, and a helmet to rallies. As defensive tools, they can save lives and discourage attacks. What I don’t like is the notion that we should to go rallies hoping or intending to commit acts of violence. Liberals do that as a matter of policy, and it makes them morally inferior. We should not completely abandon the moral high ground.

Once we start doing adopting liberal shock-troop tactics, there will no longer be such a thing as a pro-Trump rally. There will only be gang rumbles, and everyone involved will look like a moron. The natural consequence of a situation like that is a state in which the US is simply a battleground where political opponents mass and try to kill each other. I don’t think it could turn into a bona fide civil war, but we could end up with a pointless, endless guerilla war, resulting in martial law and an even greater destruction of personal liberty. The violence would certainly spill out of rallies and protests and into our daily lives.

The reason leftists have so much power over us isn’t that we’re not violent enough. It’s that we aren’t close to God. A people which is close to God will be dominant, without the need for brutality and bloodshed. Leftists are the enemies of God, so it makes sense for them to rely on pepper spray, cowardly masks, fists, and boots. Conservatives are closely identified with Christianity. We should be battling in prayer, and we’re not. If you go to God with your problems (preferably before they arise), you get help. If not, you should go get yourself a stick, and while you’re at it, change sides, because you’re not helping the team at all.

I always write about the hard times ahead. I tell people leftists are going to win. There are places where they aren’t completely in control, and we can retreat to them, but they will get there eventually. We’ll see naked people in gay pride parades in places like Idaho and northern Florida, and our guns will be taken away and melted down. It’s going to happen, and I am resigned to it. But I don’t tell people to fight it in the streets. That will never work.

A lot of conservatives think we can win. They think we’re doing really well. They point to the Trump victory, the high number of GOP governorships, and our control of Congress. They’re dreaming. We lost the popular vote, and the politicians we call conservative are actually moderate enemies of God. They are moderate socialists, enemies of the Jewish state, enemies of Christianity, and, generally, supporters of gay marriage and every type of sexual sin. How can people not see this?

When Trump tried to get rid of Obamacare–a socialist Ponzi scheme–he didn’t try to end it altogether. He tried to replace it with a different socialist scheme. Trump is more supportive of Israel than Obama (i.e. more supportive than Yassir Arafat), but he wants to divide the Jewish state and hand much of it over to Muslims. Trump has no problem with gay marriage, and he and Congress are doing nothing to protect women in locker rooms and restrooms. They are doing nothing to protect Christian businessmen from nuts who insist they work at events they find morally repugnant.

We’re at a party in our own end zone, hosted by the other team, and we think we made a touchdown. Come on. We already lost the game.

The delusion of conservative hegemony is strong even among liberals. What are they smoking? Well, we know the answer to that. But anyway, if they think they’re losing, they’re completely wrong. They beat us. We abandoned God, and he stopped fighting for us. Anyone can beat us now. Liberals should be dancing in the streets instead of moaning about Trump.

Leftists won, and they are in the process of swallowing and destroying us. Dressing up like Captain America will not help. It just shows how proud we are, thinking we can beat our enemies with our own strength. It makes things worse. God resists the proud, and he helps the humble. That’s what the Bible says. Relying on effort and violence will accelerate our defeat.

You should have guns in your houses, and you should get away from big concentrations of the cruel and entitled. That’s just common sense. They’re going to come for us, and we will need to protect ourselves as long as the government permits it. But thinking we can band together and crush them in the streets is insane and counterproductive.

It’s good that no one reads this blog any more, because if I had a big readership, I would attract all sorts of abuse from carnal conservatives. I remember how they swarmed me after I rightly criticized Ann Coulter, Ted Nugent, and PJ Media. The blather of the blind filled my comments, and they wrote ridiculous things about me on their own blogs. They’re gone, and I say “good riddance.” Talking to them was like taking goats and pigs to the Louvre.

Imagine the nonsense I would have to put up with if my former readers were here. I’d be getting death threats from junior stickmen.

I am not a fan of Based Stickman. I’m not even a fan of conservative demonstrators. I think it’s good for people to defend themselves, but maybe at this point, instead of going to demonstrations where we will be beaten, we should be having huge prayer rallies with security to keep liberal criminals outside.

In other news, I learned something surprising about my old church, Trinity in North Miami. According to the grapevine, they are circling the drain. For years, the business (“business”) has run on fumes, but it wasn’t until recently that the main pastor, Rich Wilkerson, stood up in front of the church and admitted the church had severe financial problems. Key people have been leaving for years, and I am told that the services have shrunk to the point where they don’t even use the overflow room that used to fill up during 11 a.m. services.

Here’s the thing: Trinity is a money church. It’s a prosperity gospel church. They teach that if you give God money (God needs money?), God will make you not just successful, but rich. They teach Steve Munsey’s ridiculous lies about God rewarding offerings given on Jewish holidays. If Munsey is right, then how could Trinity fail financially?

I am told Wilkerson admitted the church was in big trouble, but that he hasn’t mentioned the big elephant in the sanctuary. He hasn’t stood up and said, “I had been told the prosperity gospel was a crock, but I taught it anyway to get offerings, and God has just proven it does not work. So let’s repent, and please stop impoverishing yourselves to prop us up.”

Trinity is a corporation, so presumably, no one there who took a salary or other benefits will have to shoulder the church’s debts. I explained that to a friend of mine. I said the pastor’s family was probably protected from liability because of the corporate structure. Running an unsuccessful corporation can be a great way to get rich. You overpay yourself until the company fails, and then you keep what you took and tell the creditors to get lost. Call me cynical, but I dimly suspect prosperity preachers are aware of this.

Doesn’t the Bible say the blessed will give and lend instead of borrowing? Debt is a curse. It’s a form of slavery. When you take on debt, you agree to keep working to pay it off, even if you hate your job.

Trinity used to meet in a smallish church on 125th Street. At some point around 2000, the pastors bought a big office building farther north, and they turned it into a church. I believe the price was something like $10 million. Anyway, it was expensive, and it was not suited for use as a church. They spent a ton of money remodeling it, and then they expected their low-income congregants to pay for it. They should have bought a modest warehouse somewhere. I suppose now they’re reaping what they sowed.

If God tells you to buy a building you can’t afford, then he will also bring the money to support your ministry. If you buy it without consulting God, it’s your baby, and God will not help you.

It is my belief that they knew their doctrine was fantasy, so I don’t feel sorry for them at all. It’s a shame they led so many people into discouragement and failure. It’s bad to harm the rich, but promising the poor help and then leaving them worse off is a greater offense.

Right now, if you look at their Facebook page, you’ll see them doing what they always do: fundraising. They have an Easter play called “Jesus of Nazareth,” and it’s always a huge production. They used to have free admission, but now they charge. They’re advertising the play on their Facebook page right now. That page has always been loaded with ads and promotion. There has never been much there about Christianity. Now that they’re in trouble, instead of using social media to repent and call for prayer, they’re doubling down on raising cash.

The inner circle folks viewed me as a disloyal and toxic person for my public criticism of the Munsey nonsense. Some people who merely attended the church agreed.

Who was right, and who was wrong?

I did my best to pass on the helpful things God told me. I know other people did, too. The inner circle should have listened.

Steve Munsey’s foreclosed church is known for the Starbucks Munsey put in the lobby. Trinity didn’t have a Starbucks, but under the Munsey influence, they tried to run a cafe. A friend of mine–I can’t believe she did this–accepted a position running it. I’m talking about a great person who ostensibly had a fine career with a good company. Now I’m being told the cafe isn’t being funded any more.

The better you do in your walk with God, the more you have to deal with seeing your friends and relatives suffer from bad decisions God could have prevented. I can almost hear Noah yelling, “PREACH!”

Trinity could have been a wonderful church. Oh well.

If you’re going to buy a big stick, don’t take it to rallies, and if you’re going to preach the prosperity gospel, make sure you incorporate first. That’s my advice for today.


Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

No one Cares, but Still!

An interesting story is in the news. Three armed criminals broke into a house in Oklahoma, and a young man who lived there shot all three dead with an AR-15. He didn’t just nick them. Two died in his kitchen, and one died after running outside.

The robbery was planned by a woman named Elizabeth Rodriguez. She drove the would-be assailants to the crime scene, and when she heard shots, she drove off. Then she did something remarkable: she went to the police and said she had “information” about the shooting.

Before too long, she had confessed. Guess what she’s charged with now. Accessory? Accomplice? How about this: three counts of first-degree murder.

I’m trying to figure her out. Why would she go to the police? Was she thinking she could get the victim in trouble for shooting her friends? That seems likely. I don’t think she would go just to turn herself in. She probably could have gotten away. I think she was angry because her friends were dead, and she was hoping to stick it to the victim by turning him in. She probably thought driving a car wasn’t a big crime. Like many criminals, she probably didn’t know she could be charged with murder in this situation.

If you assist with a crime, you can get in real trouble if someone dies, and it doesn’t necessarily matter who that person is. If a cop shoots your partner, you may get the needle.

I saw her mugshot. She looks miserable. That’s understandable. Imagine the feeling. Three of your friends just got shot to death. The killer is being praised as a hero. You’re charged with three counts of murder one. And you did it to yourself. You didn’t even Google the applicable law before getting in the car.

I don’t have any sympathy for her or the other criminals, but it’s still a sad story.

Apart from the mindset of the woman who informed on herself, the story is interesting because the victim used a semiautomatic rifle to defend himself. We’re always being told “assault rifles” aren’t legitimate self-defense tools. Even gun-loving “experts” say it. Here we have proof it’s not true.

The AR-15 is not an assault rifle, because it’s semiautomatic, but let’s not get bogged down with that. Gun-grabbers hate the AR-15 even more than other guns because it has a high capacity and it looks mean. They claim high-capacity, mean-looking rifles are no good for home defense.

For a long time, I’ve been saying pistols were not great for home defense. I’ll go farther than that. They STINK for home defense. If you can shoot a burglar over five feet away in a dark house with your hands shaking, you are probably in the top one percent of combat shooters. Most people will hit the wall, their own legs, their own feet, the ceiling, the toaster…anything…more often than they will hit a criminal. Pistols are hard to aim, and they’re even harder to bring back on target after a shot. On top of that, pistol ammunition is very weak, and pistols don’t hold many rounds.

I use semiautomatic rifles for home defense. I’ve been recommending them for years. My rifles hold 31 rounds. The ammunition is to pistol ammunition as a diesel truck is to a Vespa. Rifles are easy to shoot accurately. You can even shoot through concealment with confidence. Drywall won’t save you from an AK-47, but it will slow a .38 down until it falls straight down when it exits a wall.

The National Review is backing my philosophy up. They just published an article praising rifles.

It’s funny how long it can take common sense to overcome old wives’ tales.

The article links to yet another article in which knowledgeable gun users list their favorite home defense guns. Rifles figure prominently in their lists. That seems like a new thing.

One or two of the people interviewed said overpenetration was an issue. That means they’re afraid of shooting friendlies through walls. That’s something to think about if you’re in an apartment building or a big house full of kids, but if you’re in a typical house with one or two other people, it’s not a problem. You know where your kids sleep. If you think you’re so good you can shoot a burglar with a pistol, you should also be confident you can avoid shooting into your son’s bedroom, right?

Overpenetration is a mushy topic, anyway. In the case of handguns, it’s a myth.

Overpenetration doesn’t just refer to going through walls. It also describes situations in which bullets exit bodies before they expand or break up, possibly hitting people behind the perps. It’s supposed to be bad, because failure to expand results in less damage, and premature exit endangers the innocent.

Expansion, yawing, and dispersion make wounds bigger. Handgun rounds–even the cutesy ones that come from manufacturers that brag about scientists and laboratories–don’t necessarily expand or break up much inside people (or at least they didn’t when I did my research;things change). Bullets don’t usually do those things unless they’re moving fast, and pistol rounds are slow. A .45 round goes about 850 feet per second. A round from a hunting rifle, which can be counted on to expand, goes about four times that fast.

When it comes to pistols, according to the FBI, what you want is the most penetration possible. Pistols cause damage by drilling long holes in people, and the longer those holes are, the more the damage they do. A lot of things can slow a pistol round down. Leather jackets. Heavy clothing. Hands. In a pistol, you want something that goes clean through, even if it’s dangerous to someone who has the incredible bad luck to be directly behind a criminal. For that reason, I don’t really care about pistol overpenetration.

I carry a 10mm pistol loaded with Speer Gold Dot “expanding” rounds that go about 1250 feet per second. I don’t know if they’ll really expand, but they have a very good chance of making very long wound channels. They have crazy muzzle energy.

Rifle ammunition is complicated. It comes in quite a few flavors. The one the military uses, which is called full metal jacket, can be ignored. It’s not very good. The military uses it because it’s bad. I believe the idea is that it’s cruel to use better ammunition. Something like that. International agreements or wounding instead of killing or something. You don’t want military-style FMJ in your house. You want something that gets the job done. I mean, seriously, the military can’t use poison gas, but if you have some in your garage, and you need to use it on a burglar, the law says go ahead. There is really no limit to what you can do to incapacitate a burglar. If a deep fryer is all you have, you’re allowed to use it.

I don’t know if there is such a thing as rifle ammunition that won’t go through walls, but I don’t care, either, because in my situation, it doesn’t matter. For that reason, all I care about, other than price, is causing damage. I decided to go with Tulammo hollow-point ammunition. It’s cheap Russian ammo. I looked at Wolf, which is another Russian brand, but shooters said it didn’t break up as well in tests. Tulammo performed better, so I bought a thousand rounds. I think this is a fine choice for a bedside rifle. When it hits a burglar, the core and jacket separate and go in different directions, and the bullet yaws pretty well. It’s not the best ammunition on earth, but it’s a whole lot better than a 9mm pistol. It’s on another level, entirely.

I’m looking around the web, and since I made my choice, people have tested Tulammo soft point and 8m3 ammunition. The latter is new to me. It’s hollow point ammunition with scoring inside the rounds to make them come apart or yaw or something. Evidently, the Russians used to sell it, and they quit, and now an American firm has gotten them to start up again. In gelatin tests (literally shooting big piles of unsweetened gelatin), the soft point ammunition performs very nicely, and the 8m3 looks even better. I may upgrade to it. It’s not expensive, which is nice.

Now that Trump is in office, it should be a lot easier to get firearms and decent ammunition at sane prices. BONUS!

To get back to the subject, I feel vindicated. I’m so used to being told I’m an idiot for using a rifle for home defense, it feels strange to see other people recommend it.

It’s pretty hard to come up with a perfect home-defense solution. You want velocity and energy, so you want a long barrel. You want to not go deaf, so you want a suppressor, which means a shorter barrel. You want maneuverability, so you want a short barrel. You want to be able to aim easily…back to a long barrel. You have to decide what makes sense. For me, that’s 31 rounds of very good rifle ammunition, a folding semiauto, and a big green laser so bright it bothers people on Mars.

I guess now I should blaspheme even more and resurrect another offensive suggestion I’ve made: the Thompson semiauto .45 ACP rifle, better known as the civilian version of the Tommy gun. It holds a huge amount of ammunition. Because it shoots pistol rounds, the recoil isn’t bad, and the penetration in homes is limited. It even comes with a forward grip. I think if you could get some big, reliable magazines, a Tommy gun would be excellent for spraying burglars. The .45 may be slow, but it’s also wide, and that’s helpful when you’re looking to incapacitate. Also, the longer barrel gives you more velocity than a 1911.

Anyway, do not use a pistol to defend your house. That’s my suggestion. And now I have friends.

Bugging Out

Friday, March 10th, 2017

Make Sure you Pack the Skillets and the AK-47

It has been a hard week. I spent two days in Ocala, looking at houses with my dad and my old friend Mike.

I would have blogged the trip from Ocala, but trip blogging is just an oblique way of begging thieves to rob your empty house, so I kept quiet.

For several weeks, I’ve been digging up properties online and talking to a realtor. I ran into some obstacles. First of all, Florida contains a whole lot of extremely ugly houses. I’m not picky, but there is such a thing as a house too ugly to live in. I found a number of places I could not stomach. Very sad, because sometimes great properties have bad houses.

I had another problem: a surprising number of people put two-bedroom houses or trailers on nice farms. I can’t figure that out. I suppose some of the smaller homes used to be caretaker shacks on larger farms, and once the farms were cut up, the main houses went with other parcels.

Third thing: some of these places were just too remote. I’m all for breathing room, but half an hour is too long for a drive to the nearest drugstore. Also, my dad will be with me, and I don’t think he would be thrilled about living in a place where there are only three or four decent restaurants within a half-hour’s drive. And if he needs medical care, it would be best to be fairly close in.

One place had a shop building that almost made me faint. It was maybe sixty feet long and thirty feet wide. I was told it was an RV barn. Think what I could do with that.

I found a couple of places that stood out. One is a mint-green farmhouse a rich couple used as a vacation home. They fixed it up perfectly, and then they rarely used it. It has a small barn, a beautiful shop with a concrete slab, and the nicest house I have ever been in. They even bought a new tractor and a small four-wheel drive utility vehicle. The machinery still has tags on it. It has never been used.

The mint color is odd, but I can fix that myself for a few hundred bucks.

I’ve never seen construction to equal that house. Everything fits perfectly. The woodwork is finished to perfection. The garage has a brand-new epoxy floor. It’s stunning. It would be impossible to build such a house in Miami, because no one here could do it even if they wanted to. People here have no skill.

I don’t know how they did it.

You could put a dirt berm up behind this place and shoot rifles all day. How sweet would that be?

Unfortunately, it’s pretty far out, and I don’t think the price is realistic. The owners got hammered, paying $100,000 more than what it’s probably worth now.

It’s not in the high-rent area of the county, but they’re asking a high price, and I doubt it will appreciate quickly.

The other place I like is a frame house on 16 acres of woods. I don’t want that many trees, but you can have your land timbered selectively, and because the wood is useful, you make money on the process. I could mark the trees I want gone and open it up without destroying the privacy.

The house has no outbuildings (bad), but it does have a nice 3-car garage with a gun room built into the side of it. The gun room has a heavy steel door. A smart person could open it up in a few minutes with an angle grinder, but most thieves are stupid and in a hurry.

Can’t hurt.

We would have to add a shop building. That would take time. I suppose my stuff would fit in the garage until then.

This house is closer in. No issues with distance.

I think the second house is best, but man, that first house is something. It’s magnificent. It’s like someone knew I was coming and built it for me. “Here’s your unused shop, complete with electricity and concrete slab. Here is your new tractor. Here is your huge garage. Here is your steel gate. Here is your emergency generator. Did we forget anything?”

It was wonderful to not be in Miami. The people in Marion County were great. Everyone was polite, and I only heard one conversation in Spanish.

Mike used to live in Ocala. His parents had a thoroughbred farm there, and after that, he and his wife lived near the city. He was a great resource. He knew where the best soil was. He knew what different areas of the county were like. On top of that, he’s an incredile schmooze, so he got people to open up and tell us about the properties we looked at. One lady operated a soap company out of her home. She made him take free soap and tried to get a date. She said he was cute.

Not to be outdone, I also attracted attention from females. While we were walking around the soap lady’s farm, a white horse noticed me and trotted over to the fence like she couldn’t believe I had finally arrived. She was thrilled to see me. She stuck her head over the fence and tried to get me to come over. When I walked around a barn and reappeared on the other side, she saw me, and she ran over to flirt some more.

I tried to take a dignified photo of her from the side, but she lunged at me, and this is what I got:

Mike was not happy. He has been around horses for most of his life, and she didn’t give him the time of day.

I have to decide what to do. Try to buy one of these places, or wait for something new?

There are worse problems to have. I could be upside-down on a Miami mortgage, forced to rot here until I pay it off.

Adios, Al Fin

Thursday, February 9th, 2017

Talk to my Taillights

This is a momentous day, or rather, yesterday was. I was working on the problem of leaving Miami, and I realized there was no point in limiting myself to South Florida. Things have worked out so that I will be able to go where I really want to go, farther up the state.

Four years ago, I decided to leave this area, and I went to Ocala and looked at houses. My father was extremely disturbed by this, and I agreed to linger here while he got his affairs in order, with the understanding that we would both leave eventually. Finally, things are more or less organized, and I have realized I can manage his properties just as well from Ocala as I can from places closer to Miami.

It’s funny, but when you’re used to certain problems and certain options, you may not be aware of it when your options change. You have to sit down and reassess things. Sometimes you will think you’re still trapped when the cage door is actually open.

I was looking at properties in Broward County, which is where Fort Lauderdale is. To the west of the city, there are semi-rural neighborhoods where you can cover your lawn with Trump signs without having your house egged. It’s a nice area; no doubt about it. Still, the good houses are already taken, and if you want two acres (the minimum amount of land required to maintain sanity), you will pay out the nose. Also, Broward is 28% Hispanic.

Am I saying I don’t want to live around Hispanics? Not exactly. I’m saying I don’t want to live in a foreign country, which is what Miami is. This county is about 65% Hispanic, and that doesn’t include illegals and tourists. When you go to a mall, you can expect the people around you, most of whom were born in America, to speak Spanish to each other and the clerks maybe 75% of the time. That gets old.

I actually lived in a foreign country where I heard English spoken more often. I spent four months in Israel, and virtually everyone spoke English.

When you turn on the radio here, you may try five stations before you hear anything but Spanish.

If you think wanting to live in an English-speaking country makes me a bad person, wait till you read this: I am also tired of Hispanic culture.

Here in Miami, people talk really loud, all the time, and when they sit in groups, everyone talks at once. People are angry maybe 60% of the time, for no reason at all. People are very aggressive; I think that’s a Cuban thing, not a Hispanic thing. Other Hispanics are less confrontational. Anyway, people here are extremely emotional, and they have no respect for rules (even good ones). It had probably been forty years since Castro’s victory when Miami Cubans learned it was not okay to walk straight to the head of lines in stores and restaurants.

In Miami, one has the persistent sense of being threatened. Everyone wants to deny you the right of way in traffic. Everyone wants to get in front of you and get to whatever it is you want before you do. Everyone wants to get over on you in business. People tailgate and drive with their high beams on. People talk in front of you in Spanish so they can take advantage of you (pretty funny when they do it to Cubans who don’t look Cuban). It makes you feel like you’re Captain Kirk and you can never lower the deflector shields.

I know a Cuban lady who demanded a transfer out of Miami because she couldn’t stand the way people treated her American husband. She told me horror stories. They would be waiting in a restaurant, and the people who worked there would talk to Cuban customers, calling her husband dirty names and saying they would make him wait while the Cubans got tables. They didn’t know she understood.

It’s not like every American is treated badly all the time. Many, many Hispanics treat us very well. There are hundreds of thousands of wonderful Hispanic people here. But it doesn’t take many bad apples to ruin things, and it’s difficult for a person who has lived among nice people and knows how much better life is supposed to be.

People here hate it when you criticize Miami. They love it because they have never been anywhere else in America, and because most of them are in the top caste. If you’re Hispanic, life is good here. Everyone speaks your language, you have big advantages in business, and people will treat you better than they treat Americans (especially black Americans). If you’re Cuban and you grew up here, no wonder you think it’s paradise. You’re like a Brahmin in India. You don’t know what it’s like to be blackballed.

I have a black friend who moved to Orlando. He’s a hard-working man who is doing a terrific job supporting five great kids. He doesn’t speak Spanish. He applied for 27 jobs here and got no calls. He applied for three in Orlando and got three offers. His wife, who speaks only English and Creole, got a good job, too. Hello? Can anyone guess the reason?

My friend says he absolutely hates to visit Miami. It depresses him and makes him angry. He and his family are thrilled with Orlando, even after two years of getting used to it.

Broward County is 28% Hispanic (and that figure is increasing fast), but up around Ocala, the percentage is more like 8%. That means everyone has to learn English and make an effort to fit in with the existing culture. I’ll take that.

My dad has dementia, and it won’t be long before he will need a place to go every day to be with other people his age. In Miami, he would be surrounded by old people he couldn’t talk to. They would talk to each other all day in Spanish, and then once in a while they would talk to him in English. That’s no good. I always say no one wants to get old in Miami.

I looked at properties on the Internet, and I was dazzled. I got brave, and I removed the “2 acres+” filter from my searches. I changed it to 5 acres. Then 10. Then I went nuts and changed it to 20. I found a place with 56 acres. I found one with 107 acres.

I found houses that had magnificent outbuildings built to be workshops. You know why? Because people up there are like me! Oh, my God. It was too good to be true. One place had several welding stations, 200-amp service, and a lift. It even had a bunker with a steel door. It’s like I dreamed that place. All it needs is a machine gun nest.

That was a joke…or was it?

Yes, it was a joke. Calm down, DHS.

Of course, if it wasn’t a joke, I would definitely pretend it was a joke in order to fool people. Just saying.

I’ll finally be able to practice shooting in my own yard. I’ll be able to practice correctly. No slow fire. Think how good I’ll be. I will be positively dangerous.

My new mission in life is to get my dad’s house ready so he can rent it out after the move. I am doing that as quickly as I can. I would like to fix it up so he can charge a lot, but he is resisting moving out until it’s done, which makes the whole process much harder. My current strategy is to get it done, quick and dirty, and get the hell out. If he has to charge 30% less, well, life will go on.

I gave up on local contractors. I went to Home Depot and told them, essentially, “Give my dad a new kitchen right now.” They’re coming in the next few days. I’m going to have his rotten deck pulled out. I’m not going to worry about the terrible 1950’s windows or the 9000 other problems that will take too long to fix. Once we’re gone, maybe I can do more.

Why is all this happening so fast? I can answer that. A stronghold is being broken. I chose to live in this rotten city, and I chose to rebel and do my own thing, so God required me to have my nose rubbed in this place. I’ve turned back to him, and he has restored things in my life one by one, on his own schedule. I have started apologizing to him for choosing Miami. Now things are breaking loose.

One of the neat things about God is that he may be very quick to break a stronghold that looks like it will last forever. That’s important to know, especially for people like convicts who think they will never be free from the consequences of their actions. God gave birth to Israel in one day. He shook a prison and freed Paul and Silas. He still does things like that.

I can’t wait to leave this area. I won’t miss one thing about it. Not for one second. I will never come back without a compelling reason.

Won’t I miss the culture of a big city? Excuse me while I laugh. Miami has no culture at all, unless you count the new rap culture of Miami Beach, which is now the top vacation destination for ghetto thugs. There is no real orchestra here. There is no classical station. There is virtually no jazz. The museums are hilarious. There is no architecture, unless you count a few cheesy Art Deco hotels. No, I don’t think I’ll miss that.

I definitely won’t miss the gay scene. I wonder what life is like on South Beach now that it’s an uncomfortable mixture of gays and rap fans. I know everyone is complaining, and charges of racism are flying around.

It’s not about race. It’s about shootings, beatings, noise, property damage, intimidation, and theft. It’s about scared Europeans who spend more money, who go someplace else now.

Why am I writing about this? Not my problem.

If you want to be helpful, do me a favor and pray God will help me get all this done, and that he will guide us to a peaceful home. I would appreciate that.

Now I have to call a guy to rip out the deck.


I arranged for a demolition guy to remove my dad’s deck, so I feel pretty good about that. I felt like expounding on my remarks about Miami culture, so here I am

God has helped me to turn my back on my own culture. I used to be proud of my Eastern Kentucky heritage, for some reason I no longer recall. Now I realize Eastern Kentucky is full of racism, alcoholism, ignorance, violence, and God knows what else. It’s a white ghetto. It keeps getting worse because people who have a better mindset keep leaving.

Eastern Kentucky is not going to get better. Lyndon Johnson’s vote-buying money didn’t fix it, missionaries didn’t fix it, and if Trump takes a shot at it, he won’t fix it, either. People up there cause their problems, and every day, they choose to cling to ways that keep their problems in place. I am not stupid enough to worry about people who don’t care about themselves.

A side effect of my sudden willingness to criticize my own culture is a willingness to criticize other cultures. Miami is very messed up, and I am trying to be honest about it. I may sound harsh or even bigoted, but when something is messed up, and you speak the truth about it, you aren’t going to say positive things.

To show that I’m not always negative about other cultures, I will also say that I now think certain American cultures are superior to my own. On the whole, I think people in the middle of the country, in places like Iowa, Nebraska, and the Dakotas, are the least dysfunctional. I think their culture is flat-out superior to Appalachian culture and Southern culture as a whole.

People in the heartland commit less crime, and they generally treat each other better. They may not be the most exciting people on earth, but on the other hand, they cause less trouble than the rest of us, and they haven’t completely lost their humanity, even in polarized 2017.

A bigot thinks his culture is the best in the world. That’s not me.

Southern culture, like the culture in Ocala, isn’t the absolute best, but it’s pretty good, and it’s a thousand percent better than what we have in South Florida.

A wise person doesn’t cling to backward ways out of pride. I would like to be wise eventually.

If I offended anyone, well, I don’t apologize. Wronging someone and offending them are two different things.

President Trump

Friday, January 20th, 2017

“You’re Awake, by the Way.”

I watched the inauguration. I could not resist. It seemed like it had been such a long time since I had seen an American president who wasn’t hopelessly naive, corrosive to the nation he was supposed to defend, completely dishonest, or in the pockets of beltway elites.

I don’t have too much to say about it. I sat through Trump’s speech. I consider that a personal victory. Virtually all speeches are boring.

Most of the people on the capitol steps appeared to be taking things in stride. Hillary Clinton was an exception, but even she only looked moderately whipped and resentful. The one person who looked truly miserable was Michelle Obama. Women are less forgiving than men. Maybe she is having a hard time with the transition.

Paula White was one of three preachers who spoke before Trump. I was highly disturbed to see her up there. Paula White is a disgraceful know-nothing who worships money and poisons people with false doctrine. Still, as a friend pointed out, her brand of Christianity is better than the beliefs of the outgoing president.

I thought Trump’s speech was good. As others have noted, he talked very little about himself–a big change from Obama’s notoriously self-absorbed teleprompter makeout sessions–and he spoke a lot about what his administration plans to do for America. He was ruthless to the elites, saying, essentially, that they had gutted America, and he said he was going to give the country back to the people and put Americans first.

I don’t know how much power he will have to do those things, but he is the first major player since Sarah Palin to even bring up the subject. It’s nice to be acknowledged, even by a person who can’t help you.

Trump was sworn in by Chief Justice Roberts. That tells us nothing, since that job always goes to the Chief Justice. Mike Pence was sworn in by Clarence Thomas. That made me happy. The honor could have gone to Alito, but Thomas was a better choice, because it was nice to see one black American who was not convinced Trump is the devil. Trump is going to be very good for blacks because he is going to take on illegals who drive blacks out of the job market, but for some reason, they are positive he takes orders from the Klan.

I completely understand why Hispanics are mad at Trump. Many of them care much more about getting their family members across the border than they do about our country, so their anger at Trump is to be expected. Many Hispanics in America ARE illegal aliens, right now. The hatred from blacks is different. It has no basis at all.

Trump said something about unifying America. That won’t happen. It’s nice to dream, but the devil’s people felt they were entitled to win this election, and now that their conquest of America has been delayed, they are in full tantrum mode. That’s not going to stop. Trump will be the most maligned president in modern history. Name it, and he will be accused of it. He was just accused of hiring Russian whores to urinate on a mattress that had been used by the Obamas, and if you check the web, lots of people refuse to back down on the debunked claim. When it comes to Trump, any accusation will have legs, whether it has legs or not.

Right now some horrendous press dishonesty is on display across the nation. The government is investigating Russian hacking, to see if we need to take measures to protect ourselves in the future. Fair enough; good idea. The problem is that media outlets are putting out dishonest headlines like, “Feds to Investigate Trump’s Connection to Russian Hackers.” That’s obviously an attempt to mischaracterize what’s happening. No one is seriously suggesting Trump worked with the Russians, and Julian Assange has made it clear the materials he published did not come from Russia. The news people don’t care; they’re promoting the illusion anyway, knowing most people don’t read anything but headlines.

Liberals love abortion, and they’re proving their love right now by doing their best to abort the Trump presidency before it starts. They treated Bush disgracefully, but compared to Trump, Bush was a media darling.

There will be no unification, and the only effort at unification will come from the right. It will be misguided, and it will be used against us. Accept that now, and the insane spectacles of the next four years may be easier to bear.

I don’t expect Trump to do well, because sooner or later, the Bush/Obama/Federal Reserve house of cards has to collapse, and Trump is likely to be in office when it does. When it happens, the press will agree Trump caused it, just as they agreed Bush caused the Clinton subprime mortgage recession. Trump may get four good years, but I don’t think the air castle will stay aloft for eight. Sooner or later, hard times will come, and it will “prove” socialism and open borders are the path to wealth and joy. Then instead of merely courting a dangerous nut like Bernie Sanders, we’ll elect one.

I’m just glad Trump made it to the inauguration. He wasn’t assassinated. Jill Stein’s Clinton-backed recounts didn’t slow him down. He is, officially, the 45th president. We won’t be able to relax now, but maybe we can go from Defcon 2 to Defcon 3 and keep our food down for a while.

I can’t wait to see his executive actions, his first Supreme Court appointment, and his other judicial appointments. I can’t wait to see the prices of guns and ammunition go back down. Maybe the Border Patrol will be allowed to go back to work. That would be strange and lovely.

Let’s enjoy it while we can. Sooner or later, the same type of people who took over Cuba will rule the United States, and however unappealing the present looks now, it will seem like paradise in retrospect.

Go, big orange! And please stop tweeting.

Yuge Decision

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

My Vote is in the Hands of People who Actually Admire Barack Obama

My ballot is in the mail. I can’t quite believe I voted for Donald Trump. Who’s next? Simon Cowell? John McAfee? Will annoying tycoons be standard fare for future voters?

I suppose they’re no worse than the corrupt, egotistical people who usually run for office.

I voted by mail today. I kind of wonder what will happen to the ballot. The lady who carries my mail is black, and I happen to know her family is not conservative. One of my best friends is her nephew. Maybe I should have put a Hillary sticker on the envelope.

Funny things happen in and around Miami. Democrat operatives walk into black polling places openly and yell at people, pushing them to support Democrats. No one does anything about it, because apparently, acknowledging the very existence of black people is now considered racist.

Now that I think about it, a lot of nutty stuff goes on in black neighborhoods. It’s as if there’s a special exemption from normal behavior.

The friend I mentioned above told me about Martin Luther King Day. Many people in Liberty City and the other black areas look forward to this day, because it’s a day of wild drunkenness, dope-smoking, theft, fornication, and other non-helpful activities.

My friend told me his dad used to have everyone stay home on MLK Day, so they could be there, armed, to protect the house. He also said it’s a day for settling scores. If there’s someone you want to mess up, you wait for MLK Day. I guess the idea is that the cops are so busy on that day, they can’t enforce the law very well.

One other fun MLK Day activity: large groups of people on illegal, unlicensed dirt bikes ride around the streets at high speed, running red lights and causing problems. This is an accepted activity year-round, but on MLK Day, the gangs get bigger and bolder.

In the black areas here, many people ride dirt bikes on the street. An NFL player from the area died on a dirt bike recently. The cops don’t do much about it. The rules are different in some neighborhoods.

Everywhere else, a bike has to have turn signals, a license tag, and headlights. I don’t think 2-cycle motors are allowed on the street; I’m not sure. In Liberty City, you can ride a bike powered by an unshielded nuclear reactor if you can build one.

Very strange. It’s even stranger that no one knows about this stuff. The press never mentions it. It would be racist!

Life is so weird.

You have to wonder what Martin Luther King, Jr. would think. “I got shot in the face so we could do THIS.”

In order for my vote to count, the mail lady has to agree not to throw it out. Then the Post Office people have to agree not to throw it out. Then the people who count the ballots have to choose to record it. Then the people who run the computers have to agree not to hack the system. It’s a wonder any Republican votes are counted. Maybe my 3/5 will be recorded. I hope so.

Anyway, it’s out of my hair.

I keep feeling like Trump is going to win. I feel it when I pray. I certainly hope it’s not my imagination.

I had some help marking my ballot. The ballot always contains a bunch of obscure local crap I don’t care about, so it’s hard to know what to do. I found out The Daily Kos has helpful information. If you go to the site, you will find recommendations for your area. All the nutbars, left wing nuts, potential terrorists, and champions of sexual deviation will be on the list. I took a look and voted against them. Thanks, Kos.

I voted for medical marijuana. Do I think it’s a good idea? I don’t know. Do I think it will be abused. Yes. I know it will be abused. Very heavily. Do I care? No. I’m tired of watching us make drug dealers rich. Let people over the age of 21 smoke anything they want. They can have heroin and bath salts too, for all I care. I would like to see an America where it’s not possible for a moron with gold teeth and a MAC-10 to get rich selling poison. Drug users will use drugs regardless of the law, so let them have at it.

Having dealt with a hopeless addict for a very long time, I have learned that other people’s behavior doesn’t affect addicts much. Keeping drugs away from law-abiding citizens sounds like a great idea, but we’re not trying to get drugs in the first place. Addicts will cause their families to go bankrupt in order to get drugs. They will commit several violent felonies a week to get drugs. They will abandon their children. They will sell everything they have. Obviously, they are willing to go to drug dealers.

Yay, “medical” marijuana. Stoners of the world: enjoy. Come back when you’ve wrecked your lives and want to repent.

The product is not the problem, any more than guns are the problem. You could move me into a house made of heroin with a sinsemilla lawn, and twenty years from now, I would still not be an addict. Other people become heroin addicts–trying heroin for the first time–in federal penitentiaries, where you would expect drugs to be very hard to find. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and where there’s no will, there’s no problem.

What will happen if Trump wins? Can you imagine the rioting? Maybe this is the day we’ve been buying guns for. Obama ruined race relations and class relations, and he inspired a gun-buying craze that lasted eight years. If Trump wins, some of us may have to use the stuff we bought, in order to avoid being dragged out of our vehicles and homes and being raped and murdered.

On the whole, it would be considerably better than President Hillary. If she wins, she will spend the first four years testifying, committing perjury to avoid incarceration. What a drag that will be. If you think politics is annoying now, wait till we get four years of something that makes the Watergate ordeal look like a weekend at Disney World.

I remember Watergate. It ruined TV. Week after week, the hearings were on. It was very unpleasant. Hillary’s misdeeds are much worse than Nixon’s. His people burglarized a shrink’s office, and then he lied about it. I think they also bugged DNC headquarters. Anyway, it was not a complicated affair. Hillary has a giant cauldron of scandals that will take years to investigate, and unlike Nixon, she will not have the grace to concede. Democrats don’t do that. You have to haul them away in shackles. They keep expecting the press to save them, and it almost always does.

Can’t we just throw a bucket of water on her?

Six days from now, the pain of election anticipation will be gone, and we will be dealing with the new pain of a new administration. If it’s not Hillary and her flying gay and illegal monkeys, it will be Trump and his wake of riots.

Liberals love to say they’ll move to France if a Republican is elected. Sadly, they never follow through. I would like to move if my candidate loses, but I don’t want to go to France. Take me to heaven. You can have my stuff. I am ready to go.

Heaven isn’t very diverse. There are no gays there. Now that I think about it, there are no heterosexuals, either, because there is no sex. There is no Islam. There is no atheism. There are no illegals; if you don’t meet the entry requirements, you go somewhere else. There will be people of all races, but we won’t be at each other’s throats.

Sign me up. I want to be gentrified.

Pray my ballot survives. I give it one chance in three.

The Gun Game Gets Even Weirder

Sunday, August 14th, 2016

Steel Grips; Glass Houses

I was going to write a post and simply say Jesse James had won the 1911 game, but now I’m not so sure.

Jesse James is a famous bike builder and hot rod designer. You probably know that. A few years back, he entered a competition with Paul Teutul (both of them), and I believe he came in second. Paul Jr. built a bizarre chrome bike that looked like the kind of bicycle the Silver Surfer would ride, and Senior built something that may have been a halftrack Roto-tiller. I’m still not sure what it was. Street snowmobile, maybe? Definitely not a motorcycle.

Anyway, James had some amusing things to say at the time. He claimed the winning bike had a 3/4-gallon tank, so it was useless for actual riding. That much gas will get you maybe 30 miles. You would lose your mind, filling it up five times a day. Paul’s defense: it actually held a full gallon.


To criticize Junior’s use of prefab parts, James said something like, “Here’s the sound of progress at PJD: ‘beep beep beep.'” He was imitating the UPS truck, backing up to drop off tanks and frames. I cackled.

I was always impressed by Junior’s work, but who would ride one of his bikes? They were made to go in glass cases in the lobbies of corporate headquarter buildings.

The bike James built was much better than the one that beat it, even if it was not as creative. It was well-proportioned. It was tasteful. It looked great. And it probably went farther than 30 miles.

James does a lot of his own work, instead of ordering things. He has a forge in his garage. That’s hard core. He has a mill, some kind of crazy press for forging hot metal, a planishing hammer, and probably every machine tool and welding tool known to man.

That impresses me. Making things the easy way sucks the soul out of them. If people can’t see the brush strokes, is it still art, or is it something more like printing?

His new thing is a firearms company, and he makes 1911 pistols and AR-xx rifles.

I went to the site to look it over, expecting to see a bunch of dubious crap, but I have to say it: he makes the nicest-looking 1911s I’ve ever seen. He makes Damascus slides for them. You really have to see it for yourself. Magnificent.

He told an interviewer he made something like 80% of the parts. I thought that was great. And I figured it was true, because a guy who gets highly worked up about making things by hand would not put his name on other people’s stuff just to make money.

Well, guess what? The pistols are made by STI, a well-known gun company that competes with outfits like Wilson and Les Baer. In another interview, he admitted it. He only makes certain bits.


The fact that he would maybe not be totally truthful about it sours me on the whole deal. Not that I was planning to spend $5000 on a pistol.

I looked around to see what other people said about the guns, and the buzz doesn’t sound good. One guy claims they won’t fit in most holsters. That’s a serious problem. Who wants a $5000 pistol he has to carry in his hand? I mean, sure, I know nobody is really going to shoot one of these things, but you want to think it’s possible.

Also, he makes steel grips for his pistols. There is no way that’s a good idea. If it were a good idea, Colt would have done it, because it’s cheap. Steel is heavy, it’s slick, and it rusts. Come on. The grips look fantastic, but there is no way they work in real life. And even if they’re comfortable and grippy, who ever said, “You know, I just wish my carry 1911 were five ounces heavier”?

I knew Jesse James was not a candidate for sainthood, but at least I respected his honesty about his work. I figured that was sort of an anchor for him. Now that’s over. Also, I think a man who makes pistols with iron grips has to be careful about criticizing a man who makes a bike that only goes 30 miles.

I guess I should add that the bike Jesse James built has a smallish tank, and it probably won’t run for more than two hours. Hmm.

If you get a minute, go over to his site and check the guns out. I still think it would be neat to have one. My guess is that they’ll increase in value, and they would be great collector’s items. The site is JJFU.com.

Cop-Killing is the New Hula Hoop

Monday, July 18th, 2016

Fabrics Rip Most Easily Where They’re Already Torn

It’s exciting to have God show you things, but the excitement can make you forget the seriousness of the subjects. Something for me to think about today as the murders of innocent policemen continue.

God showed me that our society was going to decay and fall into chaos. Now the edge of the tapestry has started to tear. I’m glad I was right to believe what I heard, but it’s sobering to think about the destruction and suffering that are descending on us.

We have three new mass murderers to add to our history’s list: Lakeem Keon Scott, Micah Johnson, and Eugene Gavin Long. There are also a few new murderers who only shot one cop, and there are a number of people who were arrested before managing to kill anyone.

We now have enough incidents to constitute the beginning of a fad.

Demonic activity is increasing in America. Crazy behavior is on the upswing. Black Lives Matter and the cop killings are part of it.

God showed me that the devil makes the fastest progress in people who are already defeated. That’s why we’re seeing strange activity from sexual deviants and minorities. These are people who were in spiritual trouble before the ship started sinking, so they are the fastest to drown.

Obviously, I’m not saying every minority member is going to go crazy. But if you know blacks and poor Hispanics, you know a high percentage of them live in defeat. The ones who aren’t rooted in the Holy Spirit are particularly susceptible to demonic influence, just as drug addicts and alcoholics are.

On average, white people are a little better off, but we will fall, too. We deny the Holy Spirit. When we acknowledge him, it’s mainly in churches dedicated to greed. We may take longer to fall apart, but it’s coming.

Minority racism is a real problem in America, and because we are terrified of criticizing minorities, no one does anything to correct it. Minority “thinkers” have even crafted an evil excuse: they say you can’t be a racist if you “have no power.” So if you’re black, you can’t be a racist.

What hogwash. If a black person can’t be a racist, what do you call a black person who hates non-blacks and calls on others to kill them? What’s the name for that? Is it a good thing? If you’re black, and you have a son with this issue, do you pat him on the head and tell him how glad you are?

Liberals always like to play with words.

Last night I went to Eugene Long’s Youtube page, to see what he said about race. I saw appalling comments from black people, defending him and calling him a martyr. It’s not a rare mindset. We like to think it is, but it’s not. Ask a black friend and see.

There are a lot of brainwashed people out there who seriously believe violence is the answer to anti-black racism. They think there will be a war, and that they will win. They seriously believe 12% of the population can defeat the rest. How do you counter that kind of insanity?

Assuming the rest of us are defeated, where will jobs come from in the new America? If you take our businesses, where will you work? Will 12% of the population be able to replace us as executives and business owners? Will 12% of the population be able to provide an all-black police force that keeps us in line?

There is no plan. There is no forethought. Just a sense of being defeated, coupled with violent rage looking for a target.

None of it makes any sense.

The president is not helping. Nothing new there. He should be saying the FBI will go after every cop-killer, and he should be saying the killers are cowards and morons. Instead, he says it would be helpful if the police admitted fault and tried to change.

I believe the violence will escalate, because there is no reason why it shouldn’t. There is a huge pool of potential offenders, raised on angry music and race-baiting. The supply has barely been tapped. If things do escalate, it will be the biggest setback black people have ever experienced in America.

We are in danger of ending up with a country in which no non-black person is safe in any area where there is a large concentration of black people. It won’t matter if many or most black people are against the violence. It only takes a few nuts to render a neighborhood radioactive. What happens then? If you think it’s hard to get businesses to locate in black areas now, wait till Wal-Mart has to start armoring the cabs of its trucks. Non-blacks will quietly pull back, taking money and opportunity with them.

What are human resource people thinking right now? If they were looking for excuses to exclude black people five years ago, what will they be thinking now that murdering cops and whites is becoming a trend? There are laws against racism in hiring, but in the end, they only work if people cooperate. You can turn a lot of applicants away without getting caught. It will happen. Wait and see.

Voluntary social segregation–the kind you can’t forbid with laws–will increase. People will be afraid to get to know each other. Who will suffer most? Not the 88%.

When bad things happen to America, black people are generally among those who get hit hardest, and it’s not because of racism. Human beings cause most of their own problems. AIDs and other social diseases, drugs, crime, illegitimacy, poverty, prison…these things land disproportionately on black people. When the devil attacks, the vulnerable are the first to fall. No one should be surprised to see America’s collapse starting this way.

God showed me that we have to be very serious about being the head and not the tail. Greedy preachers love to preach the line that says God will bless people by making them the head and not the tail, but they don’t understand what it means. They think it means you give Kenneth Copeland or some similar slimeball your money, and then God fights your enemies and makes you win the lottery. That’s not it at all. It means you have to stand up for God and be a leader, and that if you do that, you will be dominant on earth. You may not be dominant in the way you desire, but you will be blessed and protected.

If people you hate have power over you, it doesn’t mean there’s a white Illuminati conspiracy to keep the black master race down. It means you’re the tail and not the head, because you aren’t aligned with God. If this is your problem, you don’t just have an opportunity to correct it; you have an obligation. You are supposed to serve God effectively on earth, and you can’t do that if you’re a follower and not a leader.

I’m not making the conspiracy and master race stuff up. You should hear what murderer Eugene Long said in his Youtube videos. He told ignorant people whites are putting things in black people’s food to prevent them from rising up and assuming power. And they were buying it, with no hesitation.

He said–I am not kidding here–“It hurts our melanin.” As if melanin gave people super powers.

If you’re not black, you may not have heard this kind of crazy talk before, but it’s all over the place. Lunatics like Long don’t just think blacks should be equal; they think blacks are genetically superior, and that they’re supposed to be our masters.

Long belonged to the Nation of Islam, the fringe cult that murdered Malcolm X. They believe white people were created in a laboratory by an evil scientist. They don’t believe we’re human. Look it up.

Anyway, if you’re not submitted to God, you’re submitted to Satan. There is no neutrality. If you’re submitted to Satan, you’re the tail and not the head. People you don’t like will have power over you. You will have suffering you can’t control. That’s the nature of life. Eugene Long was apparently very angry because people he hated had power over him. The answer to that problem is to align yourself with the greatest power there is, and to share in his authority. But to do that, you have to admit fault and examine yourself constantly. You can’t sit around blaming others and claiming the world owes you an empire. Power brings responsibility; it’s a package deal.

Long supported Elijah Muhammad, the man who ordered the murder of Malcolm X. Crazy.

It doesn’t matter what color you are. God wants you. He will help you. He will fight your enemies, including your white enemies. You don’t have to feel like a second-class citizen anywhere.

You can’t fix things by pretending to be a victim and rejecting accountability. No one on this planet is good. No one who has the awareness to ground accountability deserves anything but hell. Denying your faults just prevents God from helping you.

It looks like we are entering an age of interracial guerrilla warfare. As experience has taught us, guerrilla warfare is the hardest kind to defeat. There are no authorities to offer surrender. There is no organization. There are no uniforms. Kill one guerrilla, and another one pops up. If this is really what’s about to start here, it may never stop, and it will devastate American blacks.

Islamists are using guerrilla tactics against us, and we have seen that we can’t stop it. They can’t destroy us, but they can bite and sting us from now until doomsday. It’s a bad situation. It will be worse when a larger segment of the population takes the same position.

Non-blacks aren’t going to reciprocate in any significant way. There will be a few kooks who murder black people in reprisal, but basically, our response will be to stay in our neighborhoods and lock the doors. Even if hate spreads among us, and it probably will, very few of us will be motivated to commit violent acts, simply because we won’t have to. We can protect ourselves by refusing to engage.

Black leaders need to rise up and warn people, but most of them won’t. They can’t stand up and gainsay their own decades-old, moneymaking narrative. If they want to continue to get paid, they’ll have to keep blaming the rest of America. If they do warn others, they’ll probably do it in a backhanded way: “I understand how angry the vile racist oppression in this white-controlled system makes you, but you have to show restraint.”

I envy people who live in the country. If you can’t make people who hate you disappear, at least you can live far enough away so they don’t want to make the drive to persecute you.

I wish I had positive things to say about America. I do not. I have extremely positive things to say about individual human beings. Any individual can get God’s help.


Friday, July 8th, 2016

Evil Rules America

Last night some imbeciles shot up Dallas, killing a number of policemen. One of the murderers told police he wanted to kill white people. Lost individuals are on social media, applauding the racist losers who committed the crimes.

None of it is surprising. For most of a century, liberals have been teaching minorities, women, and gays that every cruel, vicious thing they do to the rest of us is justified. Our president takes that attitude, and during his reign, race relations have reached a new low. White people, men, Christians, and heterosexuals are constantly corrected and insulted, so we have tried to clean up our acts. The people who proudly call themselves victims have been coddled and pampered, and they have been taught to blame others for their problems, so they have deteriorated morally.

I see people on the news asking what we can do to fix it. It’s sad, because they’re living in a fantasy world. We can’t fix it. We won’t. It will get worse.

We abandoned God years ago. American serves Satan, and we do so with increasing openness. God doesn’t take care of us the way he used to, because we are his enemies. Order and hate will continue to decrease until the end of this age.

Our ghettos are full of people who can’t receive truth. They can’t be helped any more. They will believe any lie you tell them, but the truth infuriates them. A black friend told me she was against Republicans because we took prayer out of school. Another black friend told me a mutual acquaintance was against Republicans because we fought for gay marriage. The blindness is a marvel. If you can live in America, surrounded by 24-hour news outlets, carrying a smartphone in your pocket, and still believe Republicans fought for gay marriage, then you are immune to learning.

Black people abandoned God, so they became blinded. White people abandoned God, so we lost our protection and help. Every segment of society is cursed in various ways, and irrational hate and violence are two of the results.

The infantile individuals who shot up Dallas are not intelligent enough to understand what they’ve done. They dealt a devastating blow to black people in America.

The only way to do well in this world is to submit to God, learn, and improve. You have to take accountability. The second you start blaming others for your problems, you lose. Instead of growing stronger, you grow weaker. The Dallas murderers will inspire other black people to mistreat the police and people of other races, and the net result will be more poverty, more isolation, and more black-on-black violence.

Black people make up something like 12% of the population, and they don’t have much of the wealth. They don’t have many guns. They don’t have much property. They are not powerful people. Now they are being encouraged to fight against the strong, wealthy, government-backed, heavily armed, job-providing 88%. That’s not going to work. You can’t fight a civil war with 12% of the population.

As things get worse, black people will suffer. They will riot and destroy their own areas. They will destroy their businesses and careers. They will drive other people, and their money, out. They will be hit with business-killing curfews. Many will be crippled by felony charges that make them unemployable. People will be less willing to befriend them and help them assimilate.

A few non-blacks will suffer, but let’s face it; my neighborhood will be just fine, and so will nearly all non-black neighborhoods. We have weapons. The police are behind us. The National Guard is behind us, even under Obama. Deranged rioters and murder gangs don’t get on the bus and go to other neighborhoods. They walk outside, right where they live, and raise hell. They won’t be a problem here.

I have a black friend I pray with every week. He used to be on board with the victimhood movement. He thought George Zimmerman was a murderer. That’s over now. He is very frustrated with Black Lives Matter. He says he feels like he can’t talk to his black friends, because he disagrees with their mindset and they are incapable of listening. It must be a very unpleasant position to be in. He has seen the light, and he has knowledge that can help people he cares about, but if he tries to speak up, he’ll get nothing but abuse and accusations.

I’m not stupid. I know there are many, many black people in America who are celebrating today. The press will pretend it’s not happening, but social media is a fluoroscope that reveals all. Self-destructive attitudes are on full display right now. It won’t be acknowledged, accountability will be rejected, and things will get worse.

Talking heads will be on the air all week, trying to find a way to blame white people. When you blame people, you imply that they have power. White people are out of line with God, and to that extent, we are responsible for what’s happening, but come on. This mess is primarily the result of the actions of black people.

I can relate to my friend’s problem. I feel the same way about human beings, generally. We are full of blindness and unjustified anger, and we love it. When God tells me something good, it’s very hard to share it successfully with anyone. More and more, I am an outcast.

How could I succeed now if I tried to integrate with secular society? I’m very outspoken about homosexuality; that, alone, would suffice to get me blackballed in business. I call Bruce Jenner a man. I call Islam a cult. A person like me is unwelcome everywhere. I’m even unwelcome among tongue-talking Christians, because I tell them their leaders are lying vultures.

The world hates truth, and if you speak the truth, it hates you. The fact that you want to help just makes it worse. The world is evil, and help makes it angry. Satan is the god of this world, and if you try to graft yourself into it, he will see to it that you are rejected like a transplanted limb.

Jesus said the world would hate his disciples. He was not joking. There was a time when America was relatively safe for Christians; this country was unusual, in that God had a lot of power here. That day is gone, gone, gone. And it’s not coming back.

People are going to look for secular solutions to the BLM problem, and that will not please God. It will make things worse. He let us have this predicament as a lesson, to help us turn back to him. Instead, we will throw it back in his face and continue to offend him.

In all likelihood, we are about to see a terrible time for black Americans. It’s very sad. They pinned their hopes on a president and an ideology that make things worse.

If I lived near the edge of a black area, I would be looking for a realtor right now. Anger will increase, and I am a natural target.

I feel bad for black conservatives, but then when has that not been true? I feel bad for any black person who is against the violence. The bad behavior of the hateful makes the rest of us wary. The government can’t profile, but the rest of us will, even if we try not to, and many innocent people will be ostracized out of fear.

It’s disturbing to see how right I have been about the direction the world is taking. My information definitely came from God. I used to joke about wanting a walled compound in central Florida, but it’s actually a very good idea. Miami is full of Cubans who didn’t like blacks much to begin with, and it’s full of black people who are getting angrier by the minute. People who live in the country live with less tension.

The good news is that help is available. You can’t fix your “community.” You can’t even fix your relatives. But you can fix yourself. You can get power, peace, and correction from God. You can get his protection and help. It has gotten to the point where a real Christian is like a bubble boy; that’s sad, but the bubble is still a great gift. You can get close to God, submit, develop a prayer life, and find insulation from the crazies and killers. If you haven’t done it yet, you need to turn the PC off and start today.

I wish I had something nice to say about the world, but it would be a lie. Accept the situation as it is and receive the best help available. Denial will only make things worse.


I feel like adding a few things to what I wrote.

People will read this and call me a racist or say that I don’t care about police abuse of black people. It’s always easier to make a false accusation than to use your brain.

The cops have all sorts of problems. Everyone over the age of two knows that the job attracts a lot of sadistic, corrupt control freaks. I haven’t dealt with the police all that much, and even in my limited experience, I would say 20% of them were snotty and possibly dangerous. I had a black cop wake me up by banging on a car window with a nickel-plated .357 close to my head; that wasn’t just rude; it was a felony. And I know racism is a serious problem in police departments.

Some of the people the BLM crowd is upset about were murdered. Tamir Rice was murdered. So was the guy who was shot while running from the police on foot in South Carolina. I believe the Eric Garner case was manslaughter. It happens. It happens more often to white people, but in any case, it happens, and black people are probably more likely to be victims.

I think it’s swell to keep an eye on the cops, and I think any cop who interferes with a person shooting video of a police interaction should be put in prison for several years.

That doesn’t mean the BLM people aren’t crazy or counterproductive.

We are not going to be able to do much about the police, because policemen have always been dangerous. That has been true in every country, since the dawn of history. Cops are one of the main reason the Bill of Rights was written. The job attracts crazies and crooks. No matter how much we screen and observe, there will be more Tamir Rices. We should make reasonable efforts to change that, but realistically, we are not going to see results much better than what we have now. It’s actually surprising to me that we have as few problems as we do.

Changing yourself is another matter. You can do that. You can stop selling drugs. You can stop carrying illegal weapons. You can stop stealing, raping, and killing. You can refuse to join a gang. It’s not that hard. The difference BLM would make by teaching people to shape up dwarfs the difference they will make by blaming the police and white people.

Look at the people the cops have been killing. Almost all of them delivered themselves into the hands of the cops. Almost all were in the hands of the police because they had just committed crimes. Even the man who was shot in the back had committed a crime. If you really want to save lives, isolate yourself from the threat by behaving responsibly.

Also, BLM critics are 100% correct when they say BLM is hypocritical because it ignores the threat blacks pose to each other.

If you’re a black person conceived in the city of New York, you will probably be murdered…by your mother. You are more likely to be killed by your mother than born alive. If BLM really cares about black lives, why not attack the white-funded, white-dominated abortion industry, which deliberatedly targets black babies? The whole purpose of the abortion industry is to reduce the numbers of live black births.

I know people will say this is trite, but it’s trite because it’s true: it would also make sense to fight black crime. Right now in Liberty City, a few miles from here, a black man who is angry at another black man can shoot him in his front yard in front of witnesses and not worry about a conviction. People do not cooperate with the cops. People who talk are in danger of being killed, not just by the people they inform on, but by all sorts of people in their area who have no direct interest in the crimes in question.

If you’re a black man, you’re about as likely to be shot by a cop as you are to die in a bathtub accident. It’s not that common. But you stand a pretty good chance of being killed by your mom or another black civilian.

So to sum up, BLM is avoiding approaches that can help, and they are working very hard on an approach that will produce extremely limited positive results. In the process, they’re burning neighborhoods, looting stores, shooting cops, and teaching destructive values that lead people to self-destruct.

The things I’m saying are useful and helpful. I’m sorry they don’t taste like Froot Loops, but medicine usually doesn’t.

Stuff to Think About When Choosing a Husband

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

Must Love Cats; no Jihadis

Today I read something interesting. The wife of gay Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen–according to a news headline–may be arrested for failing to report him to the FBI as a terrorist threat.

I was surprised when I read that, because I sat through three years of law school, and I had no recollection of anyone telling me I had a legal duty to inform. You can’t conspire to commit crimes, and you can’t help people commit crimes, but as far as I know, you have no duty to warn people that crimes will be committed.

I have done about five minutes’ worth of sloppy Internet research, so I could be wrong, but I found no sites suggesting anyone has an obligation to inform the FBI of threats of terrorism. I found a site about lawyers which said the closest thing we have to such a law involves “misprision of felony,” which makes it illegal (under federal law, not state) to fail to report a felony to authorities.

This law was used to convict one of Timothy McVeigh’s pals.

The article says:

However, misprision of felony requires more than just a failure to warn. Keeping quiet about criminal plans isn’t enough. To be convicted of misprision, there must also be proof of a positive act to cover up the crime, like lying to the FBI, hiding evidence, or harboring the criminal.

She probably didn’t lie to the FBI, since she didn’t talk to them at all. She probably didn’t hide evidence. We don’t have any reason to believe evidence was hidden. So what’s the most likely problem? “Harboring the criminal.”

Can a housewife be said to be harboring a criminal because she shares a home with a husband who is a terrorist?

I have doubts about this. Is it harboring to fail to try to throw someone out of his own house? I’ll bet it’s not. And she may not have known he was a terrorist until after the crime. Knowing he wanted to kill people isn’t the same as knowing he was a criminal. If you conspire with other people to commit a crime, you break the law. It looks like Mateen didn’t conspire, so what crime did he commit prior to the murders? I’m not sure, but planning to kill people, all by yourself, probably isn’t a crime. We jail people for attempted murder, but has anyone ever been convicted of planning to murder, without acting, without partners?

If the FBI knows it can’t convict this lady, what’s going on?

One possibility is that they simply want to look good. They don’t apply realistic, useful scrutiny or restrictions to Muslims who are likely to commit crimes, preferring instead to take the ineffective, politically correct approach, putting the entire population under surveillance. Mateen and his crazy dad fell through the net. Now the FBI has a PR problem. Arresting the wife could make them look like they’re really trying, even though we know they are not.

Another possibility is that they’re trying to scare the hell out of this woman so she’ll talk. It would be unethical to file charges you know are bogus, but law enforcement people do things like that. They did it to George Zimmerman.

She should definitely be investigated. She may be a trove of useful information, and she may be an accomplice, like the wife of Syed Farook. I don’t know if slamming her with ineffective charges will help.

Or I could be wrong, and she may be guilty of violating some law I don’t know about. I’m not a criminal lawyer. But the McVeigh case suggests I’m right. If they had had anything else on Michael Fortier (McVeigh’s friend), they would have used it. Presumably, the same set of laws is at work now.

People are jumping on Trump, who said he appreciated people telling him he was right. Trump has been saying we need to restrict immigration from certain Muslim countries. One clever person said Trump’s idea would not have helped, because Mateen was born in the US. That may sound smart at first, but it’s not. Mateen is a great example of a non-assimilated Muslim with loyalties to other countries, even though he was born here. The mass of Muslims who come here necessarily includes a number of people like him. We can’t deport people who were born here, but it certainly makes sense to vet Muslims we don’t have to take in. Mateen makes Trump’s case stronger, not weaker.

It’s depressing to see leftists using this as an excuse to pimp gun control. Passing laws against semiautomatic rifles would be silly. Terrorists will always have guns. Terrorists aren’t legally allowed to have commercial jets full of kerosene and hostages, but they had them on 9/11.

It seems like the public hates gun control, so I don’t think the new push will accomplish much. Mass shootings (which are getting rarer) make people want to buy guns for protection. Leftists haven’t figured that out yet.

The world is getting so crazy. The preppers look smarter and smarter all the time. The more time passes, the more my ambitions lean toward finding a snug burrow in the country where I can hole up and be left alone until I die.

In a world like this, one of the best defenses is to be invisible. So of course I blog. One day I should probably rethink that strategy.

To Err is Human

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

To be Gay, Divine

First, I feel like I should say something about comments.

Sometimes I close comments on stuff I’ve written. Once in a while, I’m sure I’ve learned something from God, and on top of that, it’s the kind of thing I know will draw contention and fussing. On those occasions, I don’t want the message to be diluted by squabbling. If you want to get a clearer picture of what I’m trying to avoid, imagine the gospels with black letters, red letters for Jesus, and blue letters for hecklers. Most of the print would be blue, the gospels would be a thousand pages long, and no one would benefit from them.

It would be like reading the comments at PJ Media.

You may think you’re THE person I’m trying to discourage, but you are wrong. Depending on the topic, there are various people and types of people I don’t want to get into it with.

I like the new policy, so I’m going to stick with it. I hope that doesn’t offend people. All that much. You can’t comment at all when you watch TV or read a book or newspaper, so it shouldn’t be that hard to bear. You ought to be used to it.

By the way, the kingdom of heaven is not about opinion and discussion. Our opinions are completely worthless. They don’t count. Jesus didn’t form a consensus and then preach it. He told people how things were, and they were free to accept it or reject it. If I put up a post saying Chevy is better than Ford, your opinion means something, but if God shows me something and I repeat it, not so much.

I try to draw distinctions between things I know and things I merely think are probably true. I’m probably doing a poor job of that.

Second, the main thing I wanted to write about: it looks like I may actually be homophobic now, instead of merely being accused of it by annoying people who demonize their enemies.

I’ve always thought the word “homophobic” was silly, because outside of prison, the YMCA, and certain scouting organizations, very few people are afraid of homosexuals. There are lots of people who hate homosexuals. There are lots of people who disagree with homosexuals. Actual fear is not that big a factor. I don’t know anyone who is scared of them. What are they going to do? Gang up and say mean things about your hair? Refuse to plan your wedding? They are not fearsome people.

That’s changing, though, because these days, they are working proactively to impoverish others. They drive people out of jobs and honorary positions. They get courts to fine them into extinction. They get people’s businesses closed over cakes they don’t really want.

Sooner or later, anyone who thinks homosexuality is a bad thing and says so will be removed from all major social media platforms. You won’t be able to promote your business on Facebook or Youtube, and you won’t be able to post a photograph of every single meal you eat, which is not really that important, but still.

It’s a fascinating thing. Homophobia didn’t really exist in the past. The word was just a disingenuous rhetorical device based on victim-mentality fantasy. Now it’s starting to be a real thing, but it’s not the kind of homophobia gays had in mind when they coined the word. It’s fear of having your livelihood and savings taken away.

Maybe I’m not actually homophobic, because I don’t think I’m in a very vulnerable position. But I am concerned about other people who will receive the blows. I must be homophobic by proxy.

I started thinking about this because I looked at the news and learned that the Orlando murderer, Omar Mateen, was gay. I’m not sure I can recall the dots I had to connect to get from Mateen to the new homophobia, but it happened somehow.

His ex-wife says he was gay. Regulars at the bar he shot up say he visited a number of times. He used a gay “dating” (fornication) app. The man was gay.

Interesting tidbit: the ex-wife says the FBI told her not to reveal this.

What possible reason could the FBI have for doing a thing like that? It should concern us.

One of the weird things about the gay PR machine is that they exclude all truly unpleasant people from the fraternity, regardless of the facts. They say gay priests are “ephebophiles,” even when all their victims are male. They say men who rape other men aren’t gay.

Heterosexuals don’t have similar defenses. A priest who has sex with girls is just a bad old heterosexual. Same thing goes for a man who rapes women or little girls. Only gays pick and choose the people they deign to include among their officially sanctioned ranks.

There is a weird collusion going on, protecting homosexuals from criticism, and it sort of looks like the FBI may be in on it. I wonder.

What difference does it make if the worst mass killer in American history is gay? It doesn’t really reflect on other gays. I don’t sit around fretting over the fact that Hitler and Osama bin Laden were straight. Besides, it’s not like we didn’t know gays were capable of violence. Wayne Williams is gay. Andrew Cunanan and John Wayne Gacy were gay. Jeffrey Dahmer was gay. I understand why gays want to project a good image, but irrational, transparent denial of readily apparent facts is not a good approach.

Journalists are not happy about the news. I guarantee you that. They will work to play down the gay angle. They will somehow turn heterosexuality, Christianity, conservatism, and probably even global warming into the problem. They may even go so far as to play up Mateen’s Islamist extremism. Wouldn’t that be something? Obama and the press love to muffle that sort of thing, but now they have to choose: gays or Muslims? Who goes under the bus?

Here’s a crazy idea: how about telling the truth and not worrying so much about the fallout? Life will go on.

Pretend I didn’t say that. It’s insane to even suggest it.

I think they’ll side with gays and go for the Muslim angle. Angry Muslims can’t hurt a career all that much. Actually, they’ll work the ridiculous gun control angle harder than anything.

I checked CNN’s site a minute ago, just to see if they’re as crazy as I thought. And they are. Knock me over with a feather. In the headlines, there is no mention whatsoever of Mateen’s homosexuality. Zero. Never happened. Fox, on the other hand, is touting it, in a somewhat oblique way: “MULTIPLE MOTIVES? Orlando massacre gunman said to have been regular at gay club where he killed 49.”

It amazes me that people criticize Fox. If you don’t look at Fox, you get about half of the news. They get a little weird sometimes, like when they decided to call suicide bombers “homicide bombers,” but they don’t leave you completely in the dark.

The Daily Mail is also all over it. So is The New York Post.

Spin doctors will probably take this approach: Omar Mateen’s religion did not help him to adjust to his orientation, because God isn’t real, so Mateen became filled with self-hatred and confusion and lashed out at the people who tempted him. So God, though nonexistent, will be the real murderer. As usual.

Actually, I agree with part of that. People are full of compulsions they can’t shake, and religion is very weak in the area of setting people free. If Christians had any real power, we would be able to help people change, but as it is, we do a very feeble job. We can’t even help people stop biting their nails; why should we expect them to come to us for deliverance from much stronger compulsions?

No wonder young people go with their existing inclinations instead of trying to alter them. They have no hope. But God isn’t the problem; we are. We turned away from him, we gave up power, authority, and knowledge, so now we’re the tail and not the head.

If I had had gay urges before I knew God, I probably would have gone with them, too. I had no moral objections about homosexuality when I was young.

We live on one of the lowest levels of existence, very far from God’s world. The only frames below us are hell and the lake of fire. Above us, there are a number of levels of heaven. We expect God to live here and fix everything. We think of the world as his, and we criticize him because life here isn’t perfect. But the god of this world isn’t Yahweh; it’s Satan. Things are going extremely well, considering who we put in charge.

Fascinating stuff.

Christians need to build themselves up in prayer and seek correction, power, and authority. We don’t do those things, because we don’t really want to serve God or be transformed. We want him to come down here and pamper us while we serve the devil. We don’t help people change, so they become our adversaries. It’s not rocket science.

The world has failed irretrievably, and human beings, including Jews and Christians, are the reason. When the end comes, we will have to take part of the responsibility for the behavior of the lost. Unfortunately, we can’t help them bear the punishment. Nobody deserves help, but some of us will get it anyway, and the rest won’t.

The View From the Lifeboat

Monday, June 13th, 2016

Pondering the Orlando Killings

I have been thinking about the Orlando gay bar massacre.

Jesus told us not to cast our pearls before swine. He was addressing the general principle that some people are so irrational, it’s a complete waste of time to try to help them. In order to help people change, you have to be able to communicate with them, and it’s impossible to communicate with people who don’t listen.

There are peoples and segments of societies that are so screwed up, they can’t be reasoned with as groups. Many of the world’s Muslims now fall into this category.

Twenty-first-century Muslims kill journalists. They kill missionaries. They crucify children. Now one of them has murdered 49 homosexuals and friends of homosexuals. Muslims kill people who pose no threat to them, and they kill people who can be useful to them.

Gay men are overwhelmingly liberal, and liberals are the friends of jihad. I’m not saying liberals hope Islamists take over the world. I’m saying liberals make waging jihad a lot easier. They blame the West. They recommend unprofitable approaches of negotiation and appeasement. They tie the hands of officials and soldiers who would otherwise take effective steps to fight Islamism.

When Omar Mateen shot up the Pulse disco, he was killing, and making enemies of, people who were useful to his cause.

It’s hard to think of a more senseless crime. Gays aren’t rising up against Islamism, even though they are imprisoned and killed in Muslim countries. Gays tend to vote for politicians who tout diversity to absurd extremes. The gayer America gets, the better things will go for jihadists. By murdering gays, Mateen probably opened the eyes of many people who were helpful to his movement and turned them into enemies.

Now I’m wondering: will this crime produce blowback against those who mindlessly advocate blind tolerance for Muslim extremists? Also, will it produce blowback against Christians and religious Jews, who are also opposed to homosexuality?

The current political climate has similarities to the climate in Germany before World War Two. The Germans and Austrians blamed Jews for all sorts of things. No one wanted to listen to reason. These days, Christians receive the kind of criticism and ostracism jihadists should receive. Our own government, with no cause, sets us aside for the same kind of scrutiny they give potential jihadists. My guess is that somehow, we will catch some of the overspray from this massacre. Some people will surely blame us to the exclusion of Muslims.

I don’t approve of homosexuality. When I was young, I thought it was perfectly fine, but I got to know God, and I realized homosexuality interferes with one’s relationship with him. Then I saw that homosexuals were colluding to persecute Christians and dissolve American Christianity. I am not happy about those things, and I plan to speak honestly about it for the rest of my life. But you’re not going to see me or other Christians, in significant numbers, advocating violence against homosexuals.

I have very little interest in fighting the enemies of God with earthly weapons, including political solutions. I will recommend voting for politicians who will help us, but I don’t contribute to campaigns any more, and I no longer take part in the venomous, infantile political tussle of the Blogosphere (if it still exists). I believe in owning guns for self-defense, but there is no way I would use one to advance my religion. Truthfully, I am becoming less attached to this world, and I realize America is already lost. All I want, while I am confined in this world, is to be relatively comfortable in my own little realm, and to accomplish whatever it is God keeps me here to do.

Christian terror is extremely rare in America, militia groups and other nuts notwithstanding. Once in a while, someone shoots an abortionist, but that’s about it. You don’t see us popping up in the audience at Ellen Degeneres’s show with suicide vests. I don’t think we will ever see much Christian violence in America, and Jews don’t seem to have much interest in it either.

Right now, it looks like the most violent factions in the United States are Muslim extremists and Democrats who go to Trump rallies.

To get back to the principle of pearls before swine, it’s the reason hell was created. It’s not for mean people. It’s for people who won’t listen.

Anyone who still has breath can be saved, if he will listen. Jared Fogle can be saved. Charles Manson can be saved. Kim Jong-un can be saved. If they will listen. Everyone has sinned; the fact that one person has sinned more than another doesn’t make him ineligible for salvation, because you don’t earn salvation by being good. After all, Paul made a living murdering Christians.

The problem is that there are many, many people who use their free will to tune God out. Those people have to go to hell, largely because they are unfit to be associated with in the hereafter.

Here on earth, God will let you be a cruel, insolent sexual pervert and pagan with a thousand obscene tattoos, a split tongue, and fake horns under your skin, but heaven is a clean and peaceful place where that kind of irksome being is not permitted to exist. It’s bad enough, putting up with creation’s brats for seventy to a hundred years here on earth. God is not going to subject himself to their presence for all of eternity.

Would you?

One of the best things God has shown me is that it’s okay and even mandatory to reject certain people. I have improved my life much more by rejecting people than by including them. The people who enrich my life don’t bring me pleasure comparable to the misery caused by people who are toxic. Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

The other day I was thinking about that, and some part of me felt like I should feel guilt over it. Then I thought about Noah. What happened to his relatives? Not all of the people who drowned were strangers or mere friends.

Only eight people are known to have been saved in the ark. Some say Og the giant clung to the outside, but that’s a legend, not scripture. Noah didn’t appear spontaneously from dust; he was the son of Lamech, and Lamech was the son of Methuselah. These people had family. What happened to them?

Noah had a wife, three sons, and three daughters-in-law. They had relatives, too. Surely they must have loved some of them. But when the rains came, none of the relatives were saved.

How awful it must have been, sitting in the ark, knowing that everyone you grew up with was outside dying. But when it was over, the world was cleansed. A lot of horrible, cruel people were gone. Persecution of the righteous was temporarily over. War was gone. Pagan worship was gone. Cannibalism was gone, if we are to believe what we read about the giants.

Sometimes you just have to flush.

I don’t know if Omar Mateen ever had a chance. Maybe he never heard the right words, but on the other hand, he may have been so arrogant and sadistic it was never possible to reach him. If so, he has a lot of company. In any case, he is accountable, and there is no help for him now, nor will there ever be.

Whatever the families of the dead are going through today can’t compare to what is surely happening to Mateen in the hereafter. I suppose many of the victims are in the same situation, though.

It will be nice when the battle for this world is over. It will be wonderful to see an end to disharmony and misery. It’s tragic that so many people won’t get to see it.


It’s so easy to get it right these days; disturbing. I feel like a Jew who decided to leave Germany in 1932.

I said people would blame Christians for the Orlando killings, and here is an example that just popped up while I wasn’t looking for it. It’s so crazy, it motivated me to do something out of character. I’m posting a link to Pajamas Media.

The Supernatural Trumps the Natural

Monday, March 21st, 2016

It’s Our Cruz to Bear

I am wondering what most charismatic Christians think of Donald Trump.

I’m too lazy to read blogs, and I don’t really want to get into the mud-wrestling this time around, so I guess I’ll never find out.

The impression I get is that some of us are all fired up for him, and they refuse to hear any criticism. They’re a lot like the Obamites, many of whom would vote for a black man or a handout even if the candidate swore under oath that he was possessed by Satan and shot a baby during a debate.

I can’t get completely behind Trump. He owns casinos. He has never led a Christian lifestyle. If he’s a conservative, then he converted in a hurry, because it hasn’t been that long since he was supporting leftists and talking like a liberal.

He’s proud; I think he beats even Obama on that score. He is incapable of admitting fault. He is childish and vindictive. He doesn’t act like a president. He’s always baiting people on Twitter, which is not the kind of thing you would have expected from Lincoln or Jefferson.

He has said some bizarre things. He encouraged his supporters to physically engage with people who threw tomatoes ate one of his rallies, saying he would pay their legal bills. He said Republicans might riot if he showed up at the convention with a lot of delegates in his pocket and then failed to get the nomination. A guy speaking for his campaign said he (the speaker) didn’t “accept” the idea that rioting is violence, and I haven’t heard Trump contradict him.

People have a tendency to whitewash their allies. Hitler paid “scholars” to “prove” the Japanese were Aryans, which, now that I think about it, is whitewashing in a nearly literal way. Hitler thought a small group of Caucasians should run the world, so he found a way to include a bunch of non-white Asians who were helpful.

Some Christians seem to be doing the same thing with Trump. That’s dangerous. He is not Elijah. He’s the same guy he was ten years ago, “evolution” notwithstanding.

I voted for Cruz in the primary, but part of me felt like voting for Trump. The Donald bullies the people who bully people like me; that’s hard not to like. By “people like me,” I mean conservatives and Christians, not Caucasians. Trump appeals to our desire for deliverance from anarchists, brats, and morons who will destroy the nation if they get enough power.

I feel the urge, but I’m not crazy enough to think it’s rational.

The weird thing about Trump (one weird thing) is that his enemies help him more than his friends. When Obama got into the White House, his determination to dilute our civil rights spurred a gun-buying frenzy the likes of which America has never seen. I call him the greatest gun salesman in history. Similarly, the nuts who disrupt Trump rallies and publish lies about him move people like me to support him, even though we don’t want to.

Right now, we have MEXICANS inside the UNITED STATES interfering with OUR election. And the press thinks that’s okay. How can you battle that kind of ignorance? Some people are too ignorant to understand why they’re wrong. If it’s not immediately obvious to you that non-citizens are not supposed to be involved in our elections, then you are probably not capable of being taught.

It’s insane that these activities are permitted and condoned, while no one seems to mind seeing Trump’s crowd–citizens–deprived of the Constitutional rights to assemble and speak. It has to be a supernatural blindness. No one is that stupid without help.

Here’s something else that makes no sense in the natural realm: by and large, black people hate Donald Trump. They joke publicly about beating him up. But they would benefit more than anyone from a border wall. Illegals are harder on blacks than whites. They compete for jobs blacks usually take, and they nullify the minimum wage and the power of unions by working under the table, union-free, for pennies.

Black people should be out in the street waving Trump signs, but they talk about him like he’s the Antichrist. And they’re excited about Bernie, who would be a huge help to their enemies.

Some people are saying Trump is the new Cyrus. I think they’re probably right.

Cyrus was a heathen emperor who helped rebuild the temple and Jerusalem. He was anointed by God, even though he worshiped false gods. Look it up; I’m not imagining it. Along with figures like Ahasuerus, Darius, and the pharaoh Joseph served, he looked after the Jews and advanced their interests. Did you know that God called Nebuchadnezzar his servant? God doesn’t always pick believers to do his will. Sometimes he picks people who worship other spirits. It doesn’t mean he approves of their religious stances. It just means he has jobs for them to do.

My best guess is that Trump will win, and he’ll look after Christians and Israel for four to eight years. During that time, we’ll have space to repent and evangelize. After that, I expect things to fall apart. God is merciful, and he puts off his justice, so this sounds like the way he would do things. He gave Noah 120 years to preach to his neighbors before sending the rain.

Trump will surely do and say embarrassing things if he is elected. But he’s the most capable person in the race, far and away, so he will be extremely effective at whatever he decides to do. He is running against people who have never done anything productive and who have never managed people in a capitalist (non-subsidized) enterprise, so none of them can do what he can.

Should Christians feel bad about voting for him? I don’t think so. When have we ever seen a man of God in the White House? Let’s be honest; politics doesn’t attract prophets and apostles. It attracts people with gigantic egos and a desire to control. Some of our Presidents have been real Christians, but we’ve never had anyone Spirit-led. Trump is probably as much of a Christian as Bush I or Nixon.

I have learned that God tends to give carnal grunt work and big titles to carnal people. This frees his real servants up so they can do things that are important to him. If you look at churches, the pastors are usually carnal people who like attention and control (just like politicians), and the most effective Christians are generally people who lack titles or church jobs.

God can’t find an apostle to run, and we wouldn’t vote for one, so Trump is about as good as anyone, as long as he will do some things God wants.

Cruz is associated with charismatic preachers. Does that make him a servant of God? Not necessarily.

Cruz’s dad Rafael hangs out with prosperity pimps like Larry Huch and Kenneth Copeland. I saw Kenneth Copeland say he thought God had anointed Cruz to do something or other. I think he said Cruz was going to transfer wealth from the wicked to the righteous, but you can check Youtube and find out. Anyway, God hates the prosperity gospel, and he hates it when greedy, mean, egotistical people like Copeland put words in his mouth, so frankly, I think God is not going to bless the Cruz campaign.

The prosperity gospel is a lie from hell, and if you believe it, you may curse your ability to make money or succeed. Cruz is aligning himself with some truly filthy people, so it may be that God can’t bless his campaign. If Cruz wins, the pimps will come out and say it proves they were right, and people who don’t know right from left will be deceived and follow them.

Trump isn’t polling too well compared to Hillary, but Trump’s enemies are doing a great job of attracting support for him, so when the time comes, he may do well. Also, a lot of Republicans are lying to pollsters, saying they’ll vote for Hillary over Trump. That’s just spite. I think Cruz would make a better president, but if Trump is the GOP candidate, you better believe he will have my vote, and he will also have the votes of 95% of the conservatives who claim they will never help him.

I’m not too agitated about the election. If you follow this blog, you know how upset I used to get about politics. I have come to accept the fact that humanity is lost, and I have zero hope for America’s future, so I am focusing on fixing myself and the people I know. If we’re on solid ground with God, this other nonsense won’t be able to get to us. Sometimes the Ninevites repent, and sometimes you sit in the Ark and listen to drowning perverts and giants bang and scratch on the hull. If all I can do is look after myself and a few other people, then I am content with that.

Things are coming to a head. Thanks to technology and the immorality of the people who design and wield it, free will is about to come to an end. Surveillance (and behavior control) will be universal in a very short time. Without a certain amount of free will, the earth serves no purpose. Men can’t be judged when they can’t do what they want. I don’t believe God will let a 1984-style world exist for very long. I am hoping I’ll be ready when things really go nuts, and even if I die first, serving God and receiving correction and growth are the correct and profitable things to do.

I don’t look at other blogs any more, so I have no idea what my old friends are up to. I would guess that they’re enraged, and that a lot of really mean memes are going around. God bless them all; I wouldn’t go back to that for all the tea in China.

Fix your own ark. Don’t be overly concerned with what goes on around you. You may end up doing more good than you think.

The Tower of Gutenberg

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Print Your Way to Godhood

Interesting stuff is happening here.

I got my garage fixed up to the point where I can actually use it. I call it the Garage of Shalom. The tools are arranged in a fairly orderly way, there is a nice air conditioner, and the floor is usually safe for bare feet. I am mostly done putting reflective foil in the roof so the AC won’t have to work as hard, and I have a 30″ TV I can use to watch tool DVDs.

Last year I ordered some CNC plans for my mini-lathe. This week I’ve been working on it. Yesterday I bought some metal, and I started working on the knurled knobs that will permit the lathe to be used manually.

Knurling is a bit of a pain, especially when, like me, you don’t practice. Also, there is conflicting information out there about how to do it. Let me clear one thing up, in case you’re a beginning machinist: DIAMOND KNURLS WILL WORK WITH ANY DIAMETER WORK. You will hear people say that you have to measure the circumference and take test passes. That’s true with straight knurls, but diamond knurls will line themselves up somehow. This doesn’t come from me; it comes from an extremely skilled elder machinist. So quit measuring.

I know of two types of knurling tools. One mashes knurls against the work from the side. This pushes the work off-axis and requires lots of force. It’s a bad idea. The other type of tool is called a scissor knurl. It’s like a pair of pliers with a knurl on each jaw. You tighten it up so one knurl is pressing into the top of the work and the other is pressing into the bottom. The forces cancel, so the work is not pushed away from the center axis of the lathe.

One problem with knurling is that it doesn’t like being held in a chuck. You may be able to put a knurled part in a chuck with hard jaws without marring it, but don’t count on it. I’ve found three ways to deal with this issue. 1. Leave the knurling for last, so the part is never held by the knurled portion. 2. Make a longer knurled portion than you need, so you can cut it off after you chuck it to do other operations on the work. 3. Use soft jaws to hold the knurled portion. Number 3 is a lot of work unless you have soft jaws sitting around waiting.

This is a photo of the knob I ruined yesterday. It’s about 2″ wide. I don’t feel bad about destroying it, because it was my second try, and I learned a lot while doing it.

05 20 14 aluminum knob knurled and damaged

This knob is supposed to have a 1″-thick part that attaches to the stepper motor or something. Then it goes to a 2″ knurled portion. The thin part is only 1/2″ long. If you try to grip the knob by the thin part when you knurl it, it will spin in the chuck, because in order to get clearance for cutting tools, you can only put it about 1/4″ into the chuck. That means the way to do it is to make a really long knurled portion, turn the part around, cut the thin part, turn it around again, and trim off the excess knurled part.

I tried to do this, but because I used a short piece of stock, I could only put the knurled part about 3/8″ deep in the chuck, so I had to take shallow cuts when finishing the thin part. I went over 0.050″, and the part came loose and fell in the chip pan. It was ruined. But now I know how to do it next time, and the metal I used was scrap, so who cares?

CNC is interesting to me, because it is part of the developing home-manufacturing revolution. This era started with inkjet printers.

Before there were inkjets, we used keyless electric typewriters that had been interfaced with computers. They were called daisy wheel printers, because they used metal wheels with “petals” that had characters on the ends. The wheels rotated, and the petals where slammed into the paper when the appropriate characters were lined up.

This process worked great, if you were satisfied with what a typewriter could do. When inkjet printers arrived, the world changed, because they could put a tiny dot anywhere on a page. Any image that could be built from dots could be printed. Now we use that concept in forming 3D objects. If you can move a printing jet anywhere you want, you can do the same thing with a cutter, laser, or waterjet.

I don’t know if printers were influenced by CNC, which already existed, or if the eventual merging came via some other route, but at some point we ended up with relatively cheap machinery that essentially printed parts. You can buy a CNC router right now that will allow you to draw something on your PC and then “print” it into wood by moving a router bit over the work. This also works with plasma cutters and water jets, and you can also buy 3D printers that form complex objects gradually from extruded plastic.

I don’t know how close CNC lathes and mills are to that type of interface, but if it isn’t being done right now, it will be this year, because it’s an obvious step in the evolution of home manufacturing.

I’m not that excited about 3D printing right now, because the parts it makes are flimsy. Sooner or later, we’ll be able to make metal and composite parts using printers, and when that happens, people like Barack Obama will start wetting the bed, because it will be impossible to control manufacturing of guns and other weapons.

The lathe I’m fixing up will not be all that exciting, but it will definitly be cool. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make precision tapers (Morse, etcetera), but I should be able to do all sorts of threading, and I should be able to make lots of curved shapes that are difficult to produce on a manual lathe. And things that would now take a day to make will take half an hour or less.

I can’t see myself CNCing my mill, because it’s more complicated than a lathe, and I don’t want to lose manual operation. But at some point, I would like to get a smaller mill and set it up. I’ll put up two videos to show why. The first is a manual mill producing a relatively simple part with a lot of effort and preparation, and the second is a CNC mill doing something difficult in a very short time.

That second mill is a home-converted Grizzly G0704. There is a guy who calls himself “Hoss” who teaches people how to do this conversion. If you’re not impressed by that video, there are surely better ones.

Generally, there are two types of parts made by manual mills: simple, clunky-looking parts produced manually and beautiful, complex parts made using CNC. The computer can easily do things that are hard or impossible for a person, and it can replace a lot of expensive tooling. It multiplies the usefulness of the mill by a big number. And you can have all this for a couple thousand dollars. If you buy a new mill that’s ready to use, you only have to spend about twice that much, and if you think about it, for an average homeowner, over the course of twenty years, that isn’t a big expense. It’s two nice refrigerators, and it will allow you to avoid a lot of expensive repair calls, because you’ll be able to make parts when things break down.

And it’s fun.

Many people who make CNC routers call them milling machines. This leads to confusion, I guess. A true milling machine cuts hard metal with great precision, and it’s a heavy piece of equipment, because you need a lot of iron to resist bending and twisting when the forces are applied. Some CNC routers can cut aluminum fairly well, and for this reason, the people who make them like to call them milling machines. If a milling machine is what you want, a router will probably disappoint you. But it’s still a great tool.

Here’s a CNC router at work.

I’m not watching every second of these videos, so I hope they contain enough information to serve their purpose.

These things print objects. That’s what it boils down to. And you don’t have to apprentice for ten years to run one.

I have to wonder if the government has any idea what’s in store for it. The press was not ready when blogs came along and put it in a chokehold. They can’t control information any more. Now the government is facing the same problem, in a different area. It can’t control manufacturing. It never could, but it is now losing control to an unprecedented degree.

People are drawing up plans for firearms. The government is trying to prevent the plans from getting out, but even the NSA, which keeps its nose up our rear ends every second of our lives, can’t control flash drives and private networks. The government’s nerds aren’t as good or as numerous as the non-government nerds. They will never be able to keep up.

We are getting more powerful. There is no way to stop it. New moral challenges are looming. If the government can’t stop us, what will? I’m glad Tea Partiers and Christians are empowered, but what about jihadists and enviro-terrorists? The stupid, heartless, clumsy government has too much power. Internet nuts have too much power. It’s not confined to good people. And there is no possible way to regulate any of this effectively. We might be able to do something with Uncle Sam, but everyone else is on the honor system. And there isn’t much honor.

Whatever. I want a CNC lathe. I may want to CNC my plasma cutter. I want a CNC mill and maybe a router. And if 3D printing ever becomes useful, I want that, too. I do not want to build bombs or automatic weapons, unlike many people who want these tools. I just want to be able to make stuff and “discover my hands.”

When the Internet was young, we didn’t see the changes it would bring. We still don’t see the future impact of the printing revolution. Life is going to be very weird when three homes on every block have CNC tools. I think the patent office is going to have a lot of new business, and so will lawyers who sue for infringement.

When God created man, he knew that we had the capacity to become gods. He knew that if he left us alone long enough, we would be capable of incredible feats. I suppose that’s why hell exists. The beings that refuse to submit have to be caged, or sooner or later they will do damage so great we can’t conceive its magnitude. In the relatively near future, we are going to see what happens when man can’t be controlled. It may be quite a show.

And now, for no good reason, a photo of the godson.

05 19 14 noah PJs

Black Socks, Bermuda Shorts, and a Warm Ma Deuce

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

The Dream is Within Reach

I had the funniest experience yesterday.

I was watching American Pickers, the show about the guys who drive around buying old stuff other people have hoarded. They resell it, usually at about a 100% markup. They burrow through barns and attics, and they meet all sorts of interesting people. Very often, they end up on big properties with one or more outbuildings, and the buildings are full of junk.

Yesterday, they took a random right turn and ended up on a dirt road which had not been selected in advance (supposedly). They went past a “KEEP OUT” sign and stopped at a building resembling a garage. They hollered and went in, and they found two weird old guys playing homemade musical instruments. They were surrounded by tools and knickknacks.

I heard myself think, “THIS IS HOW I WANT TO LIVE.”

Not so much the sitting around with another old guy, playing music on an instrument made from a plunger handle and a Chock Full of Nuts can. Not that part. The part I liked was being a good distance off the road, on a big property, with no one aggravating me. In a building with concrete walls. Surrounded by cool stuff.

They visited another guy later. He was some sort of engineer, I think. I don’t remember. Naval something or other. He had a lathe, a huge bending brake, lots of grinders, a giant vault, and God knows what else. There were old tin toys there. He had a wooden wind-tunnel model of a plane; his uncle had built it for some outfit that was trying to make supersonic aircraft.

I realized one of the major differences between my garage and his shop was character. He was doing more to keep his junk ordered. I tend to avoid the garage in the summer, because the heat is bad, and a couple of pieces of garage door insulation fell off a while back, which made things worse. The garage was a big mess.

Day before yesterday I went out and fixed the insulation and straightened up a little. After I watched the pickers show, I continued. I went back to work on my garlic press project. You can’t really clean up a shop if there are old projects lying around.

In cross-section, from the side, the press is an H. It’s a stainless tube blocked by a plate about halfway down. The plate will have holes in it, and there will be a plunger which mashes garlic through the holes. Think of a hypodermic syringe with a sieve instead of a needle at the end. Sort of like that.

I had a cylinder made, and I had bored out one end of it. I needed to bore the other end, leaving a 0.10″-thick plate in the tube, for the holes to go through. I considered doing this on the lathe, but the steel I’m using throws ungodly long chips, so I stuck it on the mill and used a 1/2″ end mill.

08 28 13 garlic press body on rotary table

It took forever, dropping down 0.025″ at a time and going through 360° of rotation, but I got it done. Now I have to radius the sharp edges and drill the holes. The plunger is already done. It fits so well, when you drop it in the press, it sinks in very slowly, because it’s hard for the air under it to escape.

That’s cool. I like to drop the plunger over and over and watch it sink.

It’s looking more and more like I’m getting out of here. God be praised. I would say that even if I were an atheist. I do NOT NOT NOT like Miami. I want to be able to go outside and walk a hundred yards before hitting a property line. I want to hear English once in a while. I want to be able to wear long pants occasionally. I want to be able to drive ten miles in less than twenty minutes.

My dad has a 46-foot boat which has been a problem. He uses it as a place to hide out, which is fine, but it’s his main motivation for staying in Miami. I can’t let his hobby ruin my life. I want him to enjoy himself, but this is too much to ask. He doesn’t want me to move 700 miles away, and I understand that, because of his age. I’m against it, too. But if I have to leave without him, I will do it, because this place is not right for me.

Today he started talking about selling the boat. Thank you, Lord. He could keep it in Pensacola (currently my preferred destination), and maybe that’s the better option, but I’m glad to see him consider unloading it. It shows God is breaking things loose.

I am not excited about practicing law, but it’s a pleasant way to earn money, and if I can do it up there and generate income without becoming a cubicle slave, you better believe I’ll do it and be grateful.

Some people need room. I guess I’m one of them. I have several worthwhile hobbies you can’t indulge in a small suburban house. I want to be able to shoot on my own land. I need a shop with an area of at least 800 square feet. I need a normal-sized kitchen. Until I get these things, I’m going to feel like I’m wearing a burlap straitjacket.

I feel bad for my dad. Rejecting God preserves your pride, but it costs you peace and satisfaction. God is ordering my path, and he would gladly order my dad’s path, too, if he would give in.

I’ve located some tempting properties in the 20-acre range. That will suffice. I’d rather have a hundred, but from this chair, I can see three houses without standing up, so 20 will seem like heaven itself.

Prayer in tongues lines things up. It makes things happen. People reject this advice. I can’t help that. I put it out there. Benefit from it or don’t. At least I can say I told you.

Hopefully by this time next year, I’ll have a shop and some tomato plants. That would sure be nice.