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Cop-Killing is the New Hula Hoop

Monday, July 18th, 2016

Fabrics Rip Most Easily Where They’re Already Torn

It’s exciting to have God show you things, but the excitement can make you forget the seriousness of the subjects. Something for me to think about today as the murders of innocent policemen continue.

God showed me that our society was going to decay and fall into chaos. Now the edge of the tapestry has started to tear. I’m glad I was right to believe what I heard, but it’s sobering to think about the destruction and suffering that are descending on us.

We have three new mass murderers to add to our history’s list: Lakeem Keon Scott, Micah Johnson, and Eugene Gavin Long. There are also a few new murderers who only shot one cop, and there are a number of people who were arrested before managing to kill anyone.

We now have enough incidents to constitute the beginning of a fad.

Demonic activity is increasing in America. Crazy behavior is on the upswing. Black Lives Matter and the cop killings are part of it.

God showed me that the devil makes the fastest progress in people who are already defeated. That’s why we’re seeing strange activity from sexual deviants and minorities. These are people who were in spiritual trouble before the ship started sinking, so they are the fastest to drown.

Obviously, I’m not saying every minority member is going to go crazy. But if you know blacks and poor Hispanics, you know a high percentage of them live in defeat. The ones who aren’t rooted in the Holy Spirit are particularly susceptible to demonic influence, just as drug addicts and alcoholics are.

On average, white people are a little better off, but we will fall, too. We deny the Holy Spirit. When we acknowledge him, it’s mainly in churches dedicated to greed. We may take longer to fall apart, but it’s coming.

Minority racism is a real problem in America, and because we are terrified of criticizing minorities, no one does anything to correct it. Minority “thinkers” have even crafted an evil excuse: they say you can’t be a racist if you “have no power.” So if you’re black, you can’t be a racist.

What hogwash. If a black person can’t be a racist, what do you call a black person who hates non-blacks and calls on others to kill them? What’s the name for that? Is it a good thing? If you’re black, and you have a son with this issue, do you pat him on the head and tell him how glad you are?

Liberals always like to play with words.

Last night I went to Eugene Long’s Youtube page, to see what he said about race. I saw appalling comments from black people, defending him and calling him a martyr. It’s not a rare mindset. We like to think it is, but it’s not. Ask a black friend and see.

There are a lot of brainwashed people out there who seriously believe violence is the answer to anti-black racism. They think there will be a war, and that they will win. They seriously believe 12% of the population can defeat the rest. How do you counter that kind of insanity?

Assuming the rest of us are defeated, where will jobs come from in the new America? If you take our businesses, where will you work? Will 12% of the population be able to replace us as executives and business owners? Will 12% of the population be able to provide an all-black police force that keeps us in line?

There is no plan. There is no forethought. Just a sense of being defeated, coupled with violent rage looking for a target.

None of it makes any sense.

The president is not helping. Nothing new there. He should be saying the FBI will go after every cop-killer, and he should be saying the killers are cowards and morons. Instead, he says it would be helpful if the police admitted fault and tried to change.

I believe the violence will escalate, because there is no reason why it shouldn’t. There is a huge pool of potential offenders, raised on angry music and race-baiting. The supply has barely been tapped. If things do escalate, it will be the biggest setback black people have ever experienced in America.

We are in danger of ending up with a country in which no non-black person is safe in any area where there is a large concentration of black people. It won’t matter if many or most black people are against the violence. It only takes a few nuts to render a neighborhood radioactive. What happens then? If you think it’s hard to get businesses to locate in black areas now, wait till Wal-Mart has to start armoring the cabs of its trucks. Non-blacks will quietly pull back, taking money and opportunity with them.

What are human resource people thinking right now? If they were looking for excuses to exclude black people five years ago, what will they be thinking now that murdering cops and whites is becoming a trend? There are laws against racism in hiring, but in the end, they only work if people cooperate. You can turn a lot of applicants away without getting caught. It will happen. Wait and see.

Voluntary social segregation–the kind you can’t forbid with laws–will increase. People will be afraid to get to know each other. Who will suffer most? Not the 88%.

When bad things happen to America, black people are generally among those who get hit hardest, and it’s not because of racism. Human beings cause most of their own problems. AIDs and other social diseases, drugs, crime, illegitimacy, poverty, prison…these things land disproportionately on black people. When the devil attacks, the vulnerable are the first to fall. No one should be surprised to see America’s collapse starting this way.

God showed me that we have to be very serious about being the head and not the tail. Greedy preachers love to preach the line that says God will bless people by making them the head and not the tail, but they don’t understand what it means. They think it means you give Kenneth Copeland or some similar slimeball your money, and then God fights your enemies and makes you win the lottery. That’s not it at all. It means you have to stand up for God and be a leader, and that if you do that, you will be dominant on earth. You may not be dominant in the way you desire, but you will be blessed and protected.

If people you hate have power over you, it doesn’t mean there’s a white Illuminati conspiracy to keep the black master race down. It means you’re the tail and not the head, because you aren’t aligned with God. If this is your problem, you don’t just have an opportunity to correct it; you have an obligation. You are supposed to serve God effectively on earth, and you can’t do that if you’re a follower and not a leader.

I’m not making the conspiracy and master race stuff up. You should hear what murderer Eugene Long said in his Youtube videos. He told ignorant people whites are putting things in black people’s food to prevent them from rising up and assuming power. And they were buying it, with no hesitation.

He said–I am not kidding here–“It hurts our melanin.” As if melanin gave people super powers.

If you’re not black, you may not have heard this kind of crazy talk before, but it’s all over the place. Lunatics like Long don’t just think blacks should be equal; they think blacks are genetically superior, and that they’re supposed to be our masters.

Long belonged to the Nation of Islam, the fringe cult that murdered Malcolm X. They believe white people were created in a laboratory by an evil scientist. They don’t believe we’re human. Look it up.

Anyway, if you’re not submitted to God, you’re submitted to Satan. There is no neutrality. If you’re submitted to Satan, you’re the tail and not the head. People you don’t like will have power over you. You will have suffering you can’t control. That’s the nature of life. Eugene Long was apparently very angry because people he hated had power over him. The answer to that problem is to align yourself with the greatest power there is, and to share in his authority. But to do that, you have to admit fault and examine yourself constantly. You can’t sit around blaming others and claiming the world owes you an empire. Power brings responsibility; it’s a package deal.

Long supported Elijah Muhammad, the man who ordered the murder of Malcolm X. Crazy.

It doesn’t matter what color you are. God wants you. He will help you. He will fight your enemies, including your white enemies. You don’t have to feel like a second-class citizen anywhere.

You can’t fix things by pretending to be a victim and rejecting accountability. No one on this planet is good. No one who has the awareness to ground accountability deserves anything but hell. Denying your faults just prevents God from helping you.

It looks like we are entering an age of interracial guerrilla warfare. As experience has taught us, guerrilla warfare is the hardest kind to defeat. There are no authorities to offer surrender. There is no organization. There are no uniforms. Kill one guerrilla, and another one pops up. If this is really what’s about to start here, it may never stop, and it will devastate American blacks.

Islamists are using guerrilla tactics against us, and we have seen that we can’t stop it. They can’t destroy us, but they can bite and sting us from now until doomsday. It’s a bad situation. It will be worse when a larger segment of the population takes the same position.

Non-blacks aren’t going to reciprocate in any significant way. There will be a few kooks who murder black people in reprisal, but basically, our response will be to stay in our neighborhoods and lock the doors. Even if hate spreads among us, and it probably will, very few of us will be motivated to commit violent acts, simply because we won’t have to. We can protect ourselves by refusing to engage.

Black leaders need to rise up and warn people, but most of them won’t. They can’t stand up and gainsay their own decades-old, moneymaking narrative. If they want to continue to get paid, they’ll have to keep blaming the rest of America. If they do warn others, they’ll probably do it in a backhanded way: “I understand how angry the vile racist oppression in this white-controlled system makes you, but you have to show restraint.”

I envy people who live in the country. If you can’t make people who hate you disappear, at least you can live far enough away so they don’t want to make the drive to persecute you.

I wish I had positive things to say about America. I do not. I have extremely positive things to say about individual human beings. Any individual can get God’s help.


Friday, July 8th, 2016

Evil Rules America

Last night some imbeciles shot up Dallas, killing a number of policemen. One of the murderers told police he wanted to kill white people. Lost individuals are on social media, applauding the racist losers who committed the crimes.

None of it is surprising. For most of a century, liberals have been teaching minorities, women, and gays that every cruel, vicious thing they do to the rest of us is justified. Our president takes that attitude, and during his reign, race relations have reached a new low. White people, men, Christians, and heterosexuals are constantly corrected and insulted, so we have tried to clean up our acts. The people who proudly call themselves victims have been coddled and pampered, and they have been taught to blame others for their problems, so they have deteriorated morally.

I see people on the news asking what we can do to fix it. It’s sad, because they’re living in a fantasy world. We can’t fix it. We won’t. It will get worse.

We abandoned God years ago. American serves Satan, and we do so with increasing openness. God doesn’t take care of us the way he used to, because we are his enemies. Order and hate will continue to decrease until the end of this age.

Our ghettos are full of people who can’t receive truth. They can’t be helped any more. They will believe any lie you tell them, but the truth infuriates them. A black friend told me she was against Republicans because we took prayer out of school. Another black friend told me a mutual acquaintance was against Republicans because we fought for gay marriage. The blindness is a marvel. If you can live in America, surrounded by 24-hour news outlets, carrying a smartphone in your pocket, and still believe Republicans fought for gay marriage, then you are immune to learning.

Black people abandoned God, so they became blinded. White people abandoned God, so we lost our protection and help. Every segment of society is cursed in various ways, and irrational hate and violence are two of the results.

The infantile individuals who shot up Dallas are not intelligent enough to understand what they’ve done. They dealt a devastating blow to black people in America.

The only way to do well in this world is to submit to God, learn, and improve. You have to take accountability. The second you start blaming others for your problems, you lose. Instead of growing stronger, you grow weaker. The Dallas murderers will inspire other black people to mistreat the police and people of other races, and the net result will be more poverty, more isolation, and more black-on-black violence.

Black people make up something like 12% of the population, and they don’t have much of the wealth. They don’t have many guns. They don’t have much property. They are not powerful people. Now they are being encouraged to fight against the strong, wealthy, government-backed, heavily armed, job-providing 88%. That’s not going to work. You can’t fight a civil war with 12% of the population.

As things get worse, black people will suffer. They will riot and destroy their own areas. They will destroy their businesses and careers. They will drive other people, and their money, out. They will be hit with business-killing curfews. Many will be crippled by felony charges that make them unemployable. People will be less willing to befriend them and help them assimilate.

A few non-blacks will suffer, but let’s face it; my neighborhood will be just fine, and so will nearly all non-black neighborhoods. We have weapons. The police are behind us. The National Guard is behind us, even under Obama. Deranged rioters and murder gangs don’t get on the bus and go to other neighborhoods. They walk outside, right where they live, and raise hell. They won’t be a problem here.

I have a black friend I pray with every week. He used to be on board with the victimhood movement. He thought George Zimmerman was a murderer. That’s over now. He is very frustrated with Black Lives Matter. He says he feels like he can’t talk to his black friends, because he disagrees with their mindset and they are incapable of listening. It must be a very unpleasant position to be in. He has seen the light, and he has knowledge that can help people he cares about, but if he tries to speak up, he’ll get nothing but abuse and accusations.

I’m not stupid. I know there are many, many black people in America who are celebrating today. The press will pretend it’s not happening, but social media is a fluoroscope that reveals all. Self-destructive attitudes are on full display right now. It won’t be acknowledged, accountability will be rejected, and things will get worse.

Talking heads will be on the air all week, trying to find a way to blame white people. When you blame people, you imply that they have power. White people are out of line with God, and to that extent, we are responsible for what’s happening, but come on. This mess is primarily the result of the actions of black people.

I can relate to my friend’s problem. I feel the same way about human beings, generally. We are full of blindness and unjustified anger, and we love it. When God tells me something good, it’s very hard to share it successfully with anyone. More and more, I am an outcast.

How could I succeed now if I tried to integrate with secular society? I’m very outspoken about homosexuality; that, alone, would suffice to get me blackballed in business. I call Bruce Jenner a man. I call Islam a cult. A person like me is unwelcome everywhere. I’m even unwelcome among tongue-talking Christians, because I tell them their leaders are lying vultures.

The world hates truth, and if you speak the truth, it hates you. The fact that you want to help just makes it worse. The world is evil, and help makes it angry. Satan is the god of this world, and if you try to graft yourself into it, he will see to it that you are rejected like a transplanted limb.

Jesus said the world would hate his disciples. He was not joking. There was a time when America was relatively safe for Christians; this country was unusual, in that God had a lot of power here. That day is gone, gone, gone. And it’s not coming back.

People are going to look for secular solutions to the BLM problem, and that will not please God. It will make things worse. He let us have this predicament as a lesson, to help us turn back to him. Instead, we will throw it back in his face and continue to offend him.

In all likelihood, we are about to see a terrible time for black Americans. It’s very sad. They pinned their hopes on a president and an ideology that make things worse.

If I lived near the edge of a black area, I would be looking for a realtor right now. Anger will increase, and I am a natural target.

I feel bad for black conservatives, but then when has that not been true? I feel bad for any black person who is against the violence. The bad behavior of the hateful makes the rest of us wary. The government can’t profile, but the rest of us will, even if we try not to, and many innocent people will be ostracized out of fear.

It’s disturbing to see how right I have been about the direction the world is taking. My information definitely came from God. I used to joke about wanting a walled compound in central Florida, but it’s actually a very good idea. Miami is full of Cubans who didn’t like blacks much to begin with, and it’s full of black people who are getting angrier by the minute. People who live in the country live with less tension.

The good news is that help is available. You can’t fix your “community.” You can’t even fix your relatives. But you can fix yourself. You can get power, peace, and correction from God. You can get his protection and help. It has gotten to the point where a real Christian is like a bubble boy; that’s sad, but the bubble is still a great gift. You can get close to God, submit, develop a prayer life, and find insulation from the crazies and killers. If you haven’t done it yet, you need to turn the PC off and start today.

I wish I had something nice to say about the world, but it would be a lie. Accept the situation as it is and receive the best help available. Denial will only make things worse.


I feel like adding a few things to what I wrote.

People will read this and call me a racist or say that I don’t care about police abuse of black people. It’s always easier to make a false accusation than to use your brain.

The cops have all sorts of problems. Everyone over the age of two knows that the job attracts a lot of sadistic, corrupt control freaks. I haven’t dealt with the police all that much, and even in my limited experience, I would say 20% of them were snotty and possibly dangerous. I had a black cop wake me up by banging on a car window with a nickel-plated .357 close to my head; that wasn’t just rude; it was a felony. And I know racism is a serious problem in police departments.

Some of the people the BLM crowd is upset about were murdered. Tamir Rice was murdered. So was the guy who was shot while running from the police on foot in South Carolina. I believe the Eric Garner case was manslaughter. It happens. It happens more often to white people, but in any case, it happens, and black people are probably more likely to be victims.

I think it’s swell to keep an eye on the cops, and I think any cop who interferes with a person shooting video of a police interaction should be put in prison for several years.

That doesn’t mean the BLM people aren’t crazy or counterproductive.

We are not going to be able to do much about the police, because policemen have always been dangerous. That has been true in every country, since the dawn of history. Cops are one of the main reason the Bill of Rights was written. The job attracts crazies and crooks. No matter how much we screen and observe, there will be more Tamir Rices. We should make reasonable efforts to change that, but realistically, we are not going to see results much better than what we have now. It’s actually surprising to me that we have as few problems as we do.

Changing yourself is another matter. You can do that. You can stop selling drugs. You can stop carrying illegal weapons. You can stop stealing, raping, and killing. You can refuse to join a gang. It’s not that hard. The difference BLM would make by teaching people to shape up dwarfs the difference they will make by blaming the police and white people.

Look at the people the cops have been killing. Almost all of them delivered themselves into the hands of the cops. Almost all were in the hands of the police because they had just committed crimes. Even the man who was shot in the back had committed a crime. If you really want to save lives, isolate yourself from the threat by behaving responsibly.

Also, BLM critics are 100% correct when they say BLM is hypocritical because it ignores the threat blacks pose to each other.

If you’re a black person conceived in the city of New York, you will probably be murdered…by your mother. You are more likely to be killed by your mother than born alive. If BLM really cares about black lives, why not attack the white-funded, white-dominated abortion industry, which deliberatedly targets black babies? The whole purpose of the abortion industry is to reduce the numbers of live black births.

I know people will say this is trite, but it’s trite because it’s true: it would also make sense to fight black crime. Right now in Liberty City, a few miles from here, a black man who is angry at another black man can shoot him in his front yard in front of witnesses and not worry about a conviction. People do not cooperate with the cops. People who talk are in danger of being killed, not just by the people they inform on, but by all sorts of people in their area who have no direct interest in the crimes in question.

If you’re a black man, you’re about as likely to be shot by a cop as you are to die in a bathtub accident. It’s not that common. But you stand a pretty good chance of being killed by your mom or another black civilian.

So to sum up, BLM is avoiding approaches that can help, and they are working very hard on an approach that will produce extremely limited positive results. In the process, they’re burning neighborhoods, looting stores, shooting cops, and teaching destructive values that lead people to self-destruct.

The things I’m saying are useful and helpful. I’m sorry they don’t taste like Froot Loops, but medicine usually doesn’t.

Stuff to Think About When Choosing a Husband

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

Must Love Cats; no Jihadis

Today I read something interesting. The wife of gay Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen–according to a news headline–may be arrested for failing to report him to the FBI as a terrorist threat.

I was surprised when I read that, because I sat through three years of law school, and I had no recollection of anyone telling me I had a legal duty to inform. You can’t conspire to commit crimes, and you can’t help people commit crimes, but as far as I know, you have no duty to warn people that crimes will be committed.

I have done about five minutes’ worth of sloppy Internet research, so I could be wrong, but I found no sites suggesting anyone has an obligation to inform the FBI of threats of terrorism. I found a site about lawyers which said the closest thing we have to such a law involves “misprision of felony,” which makes it illegal (under federal law, not state) to fail to report a felony to authorities.

This law was used to convict one of Timothy McVeigh’s pals.

The article says:

However, misprision of felony requires more than just a failure to warn. Keeping quiet about criminal plans isn’t enough. To be convicted of misprision, there must also be proof of a positive act to cover up the crime, like lying to the FBI, hiding evidence, or harboring the criminal.

She probably didn’t lie to the FBI, since she didn’t talk to them at all. She probably didn’t hide evidence. We don’t have any reason to believe evidence was hidden. So what’s the most likely problem? “Harboring the criminal.”

Can a housewife be said to be harboring a criminal because she shares a home with a husband who is a terrorist?

I have doubts about this. Is it harboring to fail to try to throw someone out of his own house? I’ll bet it’s not. And she may not have known he was a terrorist until after the crime. Knowing he wanted to kill people isn’t the same as knowing he was a criminal. If you conspire with other people to commit a crime, you break the law. It looks like Mateen didn’t conspire, so what crime did he commit prior to the murders? I’m not sure, but planning to kill people, all by yourself, probably isn’t a crime. We jail people for attempted murder, but has anyone ever been convicted of planning to murder, without acting, without partners?

If the FBI knows it can’t convict this lady, what’s going on?

One possibility is that they simply want to look good. They don’t apply realistic, useful scrutiny or restrictions to Muslims who are likely to commit crimes, preferring instead to take the ineffective, politically correct approach, putting the entire population under surveillance. Mateen and his crazy dad fell through the net. Now the FBI has a PR problem. Arresting the wife could make them look like they’re really trying, even though we know they are not.

Another possibility is that they’re trying to scare the hell out of this woman so she’ll talk. It would be unethical to file charges you know are bogus, but law enforcement people do things like that. They did it to George Zimmerman.

She should definitely be investigated. She may be a trove of useful information, and she may be an accomplice, like the wife of Syed Farook. I don’t know if slamming her with ineffective charges will help.

Or I could be wrong, and she may be guilty of violating some law I don’t know about. I’m not a criminal lawyer. But the McVeigh case suggests I’m right. If they had had anything else on Michael Fortier (McVeigh’s friend), they would have used it. Presumably, the same set of laws is at work now.

People are jumping on Trump, who said he appreciated people telling him he was right. Trump has been saying we need to restrict immigration from certain Muslim countries. One clever person said Trump’s idea would not have helped, because Mateen was born in the US. That may sound smart at first, but it’s not. Mateen is a great example of a non-assimilated Muslim with loyalties to other countries, even though he was born here. The mass of Muslims who come here necessarily includes a number of people like him. We can’t deport people who were born here, but it certainly makes sense to vet Muslims we don’t have to take in. Mateen makes Trump’s case stronger, not weaker.

It’s depressing to see leftists using this as an excuse to pimp gun control. Passing laws against semiautomatic rifles would be silly. Terrorists will always have guns. Terrorists aren’t legally allowed to have commercial jets full of kerosene and hostages, but they had them on 9/11.

It seems like the public hates gun control, so I don’t think the new push will accomplish much. Mass shootings (which are getting rarer) make people want to buy guns for protection. Leftists haven’t figured that out yet.

The world is getting so crazy. The preppers look smarter and smarter all the time. The more time passes, the more my ambitions lean toward finding a snug burrow in the country where I can hole up and be left alone until I die.

In a world like this, one of the best defenses is to be invisible. So of course I blog. One day I should probably rethink that strategy.

To Err is Human

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

To be Gay, Divine

First, I feel like I should say something about comments.

Sometimes I close comments on stuff I’ve written. Once in a while, I’m sure I’ve learned something from God, and on top of that, it’s the kind of thing I know will draw contention and fussing. On those occasions, I don’t want the message to be diluted by squabbling. If you want to get a clearer picture of what I’m trying to avoid, imagine the gospels with black letters, red letters for Jesus, and blue letters for hecklers. Most of the print would be blue, the gospels would be a thousand pages long, and no one would benefit from them.

It would be like reading the comments at PJ Media.

You may think you’re THE person I’m trying to discourage, but you are wrong. Depending on the topic, there are various people and types of people I don’t want to get into it with.

I like the new policy, so I’m going to stick with it. I hope that doesn’t offend people. All that much. You can’t comment at all when you watch TV or read a book or newspaper, so it shouldn’t be that hard to bear. You ought to be used to it.

By the way, the kingdom of heaven is not about opinion and discussion. Our opinions are completely worthless. They don’t count. Jesus didn’t form a consensus and then preach it. He told people how things were, and they were free to accept it or reject it. If I put up a post saying Chevy is better than Ford, your opinion means something, but if God shows me something and I repeat it, not so much.

I try to draw distinctions between things I know and things I merely think are probably true. I’m probably doing a poor job of that.

Second, the main thing I wanted to write about: it looks like I may actually be homophobic now, instead of merely being accused of it by annoying people who demonize their enemies.

I’ve always thought the word “homophobic” was silly, because outside of prison, the YMCA, and certain scouting organizations, very few people are afraid of homosexuals. There are lots of people who hate homosexuals. There are lots of people who disagree with homosexuals. Actual fear is not that big a factor. I don’t know anyone who is scared of them. What are they going to do? Gang up and say mean things about your hair? Refuse to plan your wedding? They are not fearsome people.

That’s changing, though, because these days, they are working proactively to impoverish others. They drive people out of jobs and honorary positions. They get courts to fine them into extinction. They get people’s businesses closed over cakes they don’t really want.

Sooner or later, anyone who thinks homosexuality is a bad thing and says so will be removed from all major social media platforms. You won’t be able to promote your business on Facebook or Youtube, and you won’t be able to post a photograph of every single meal you eat, which is not really that important, but still.

It’s a fascinating thing. Homophobia didn’t really exist in the past. The word was just a disingenuous rhetorical device based on victim-mentality fantasy. Now it’s starting to be a real thing, but it’s not the kind of homophobia gays had in mind when they coined the word. It’s fear of having your livelihood and savings taken away.

Maybe I’m not actually homophobic, because I don’t think I’m in a very vulnerable position. But I am concerned about other people who will receive the blows. I must be homophobic by proxy.

I started thinking about this because I looked at the news and learned that the Orlando murderer, Omar Mateen, was gay. I’m not sure I can recall the dots I had to connect to get from Mateen to the new homophobia, but it happened somehow.

His ex-wife says he was gay. Regulars at the bar he shot up say he visited a number of times. He used a gay “dating” (fornication) app. The man was gay.

Interesting tidbit: the ex-wife says the FBI told her not to reveal this.

What possible reason could the FBI have for doing a thing like that? It should concern us.

One of the weird things about the gay PR machine is that they exclude all truly unpleasant people from the fraternity, regardless of the facts. They say gay priests are “ephebophiles,” even when all their victims are male. They say men who rape other men aren’t gay.

Heterosexuals don’t have similar defenses. A priest who has sex with girls is just a bad old heterosexual. Same thing goes for a man who rapes women or little girls. Only gays pick and choose the people they deign to include among their officially sanctioned ranks.

There is a weird collusion going on, protecting homosexuals from criticism, and it sort of looks like the FBI may be in on it. I wonder.

What difference does it make if the worst mass killer in American history is gay? It doesn’t really reflect on other gays. I don’t sit around fretting over the fact that Hitler and Osama bin Laden were straight. Besides, it’s not like we didn’t know gays were capable of violence. Wayne Williams is gay. Andrew Cunanan and John Wayne Gacy were gay. Jeffrey Dahmer was gay. I understand why gays want to project a good image, but irrational, transparent denial of readily apparent facts is not a good approach.

Journalists are not happy about the news. I guarantee you that. They will work to play down the gay angle. They will somehow turn heterosexuality, Christianity, conservatism, and probably even global warming into the problem. They may even go so far as to play up Mateen’s Islamist extremism. Wouldn’t that be something? Obama and the press love to muffle that sort of thing, but now they have to choose: gays or Muslims? Who goes under the bus?

Here’s a crazy idea: how about telling the truth and not worrying so much about the fallout? Life will go on.

Pretend I didn’t say that. It’s insane to even suggest it.

I think they’ll side with gays and go for the Muslim angle. Angry Muslims can’t hurt a career all that much. Actually, they’ll work the ridiculous gun control angle harder than anything.

I checked CNN’s site a minute ago, just to see if they’re as crazy as I thought. And they are. Knock me over with a feather. In the headlines, there is no mention whatsoever of Mateen’s homosexuality. Zero. Never happened. Fox, on the other hand, is touting it, in a somewhat oblique way: “MULTIPLE MOTIVES? Orlando massacre gunman said to have been regular at gay club where he killed 49.”

It amazes me that people criticize Fox. If you don’t look at Fox, you get about half of the news. They get a little weird sometimes, like when they decided to call suicide bombers “homicide bombers,” but they don’t leave you completely in the dark.

The Daily Mail is also all over it. So is The New York Post.

Spin doctors will probably take this approach: Omar Mateen’s religion did not help him to adjust to his orientation, because God isn’t real, so Mateen became filled with self-hatred and confusion and lashed out at the people who tempted him. So God, though nonexistent, will be the real murderer. As usual.

Actually, I agree with part of that. People are full of compulsions they can’t shake, and religion is very weak in the area of setting people free. If Christians had any real power, we would be able to help people change, but as it is, we do a very feeble job. We can’t even help people stop biting their nails; why should we expect them to come to us for deliverance from much stronger compulsions?

No wonder young people go with their existing inclinations instead of trying to alter them. They have no hope. But God isn’t the problem; we are. We turned away from him, we gave up power, authority, and knowledge, so now we’re the tail and not the head.

If I had had gay urges before I knew God, I probably would have gone with them, too. I had no moral objections about homosexuality when I was young.

We live on one of the lowest levels of existence, very far from God’s world. The only frames below us are hell and the lake of fire. Above us, there are a number of levels of heaven. We expect God to live here and fix everything. We think of the world as his, and we criticize him because life here isn’t perfect. But the god of this world isn’t Yahweh; it’s Satan. Things are going extremely well, considering who we put in charge.

Fascinating stuff.

Christians need to build themselves up in prayer and seek correction, power, and authority. We don’t do those things, because we don’t really want to serve God or be transformed. We want him to come down here and pamper us while we serve the devil. We don’t help people change, so they become our adversaries. It’s not rocket science.

The world has failed irretrievably, and human beings, including Jews and Christians, are the reason. When the end comes, we will have to take part of the responsibility for the behavior of the lost. Unfortunately, we can’t help them bear the punishment. Nobody deserves help, but some of us will get it anyway, and the rest won’t.

The View From the Lifeboat

Monday, June 13th, 2016

Pondering the Orlando Killings

I have been thinking about the Orlando gay bar massacre.

Jesus told us not to cast our pearls before swine. He was addressing the general principle that some people are so irrational, it’s a complete waste of time to try to help them. In order to help people change, you have to be able to communicate with them, and it’s impossible to communicate with people who don’t listen.

There are peoples and segments of societies that are so screwed up, they can’t be reasoned with as groups. Many of the world’s Muslims now fall into this category.

Twenty-first-century Muslims kill journalists. They kill missionaries. They crucify children. Now one of them has murdered 49 homosexuals and friends of homosexuals. Muslims kill people who pose no threat to them, and they kill people who can be useful to them.

Gay men are overwhelmingly liberal, and liberals are the friends of jihad. I’m not saying liberals hope Islamists take over the world. I’m saying liberals make waging jihad a lot easier. They blame the West. They recommend unprofitable approaches of negotiation and appeasement. They tie the hands of officials and soldiers who would otherwise take effective steps to fight Islamism.

When Omar Mateen shot up the Pulse disco, he was killing, and making enemies of, people who were useful to his cause.

It’s hard to think of a more senseless crime. Gays aren’t rising up against Islamism, even though they are imprisoned and killed in Muslim countries. Gays tend to vote for politicians who tout diversity to absurd extremes. The gayer America gets, the better things will go for jihadists. By murdering gays, Mateen probably opened the eyes of many people who were helpful to his movement and turned them into enemies.

Now I’m wondering: will this crime produce blowback against those who mindlessly advocate blind tolerance for Muslim extremists? Also, will it produce blowback against Christians and religious Jews, who are also opposed to homosexuality?

The current political climate has similarities to the climate in Germany before World War Two. The Germans and Austrians blamed Jews for all sorts of things. No one wanted to listen to reason. These days, Christians receive the kind of criticism and ostracism jihadists should receive. Our own government, with no cause, sets us aside for the same kind of scrutiny they give potential jihadists. My guess is that somehow, we will catch some of the overspray from this massacre. Some people will surely blame us to the exclusion of Muslims.

I don’t approve of homosexuality. When I was young, I thought it was perfectly fine, but I got to know God, and I realized homosexuality interferes with one’s relationship with him. Then I saw that homosexuals were colluding to persecute Christians and dissolve American Christianity. I am not happy about those things, and I plan to speak honestly about it for the rest of my life. But you’re not going to see me or other Christians, in significant numbers, advocating violence against homosexuals.

I have very little interest in fighting the enemies of God with earthly weapons, including political solutions. I will recommend voting for politicians who will help us, but I don’t contribute to campaigns any more, and I no longer take part in the venomous, infantile political tussle of the Blogosphere (if it still exists). I believe in owning guns for self-defense, but there is no way I would use one to advance my religion. Truthfully, I am becoming less attached to this world, and I realize America is already lost. All I want, while I am confined in this world, is to be relatively comfortable in my own little realm, and to accomplish whatever it is God keeps me here to do.

Christian terror is extremely rare in America, militia groups and other nuts notwithstanding. Once in a while, someone shoots an abortionist, but that’s about it. You don’t see us popping up in the audience at Ellen Degeneres’s show with suicide vests. I don’t think we will ever see much Christian violence in America, and Jews don’t seem to have much interest in it either.

Right now, it looks like the most violent factions in the United States are Muslim extremists and Democrats who go to Trump rallies.

To get back to the principle of pearls before swine, it’s the reason hell was created. It’s not for mean people. It’s for people who won’t listen.

Anyone who still has breath can be saved, if he will listen. Jared Fogle can be saved. Charles Manson can be saved. Kim Jong-un can be saved. If they will listen. Everyone has sinned; the fact that one person has sinned more than another doesn’t make him ineligible for salvation, because you don’t earn salvation by being good. After all, Paul made a living murdering Christians.

The problem is that there are many, many people who use their free will to tune God out. Those people have to go to hell, largely because they are unfit to be associated with in the hereafter.

Here on earth, God will let you be a cruel, insolent sexual pervert and pagan with a thousand obscene tattoos, a split tongue, and fake horns under your skin, but heaven is a clean and peaceful place where that kind of irksome being is not permitted to exist. It’s bad enough, putting up with creation’s brats for seventy to a hundred years here on earth. God is not going to subject himself to their presence for all of eternity.

Would you?

One of the best things God has shown me is that it’s okay and even mandatory to reject certain people. I have improved my life much more by rejecting people than by including them. The people who enrich my life don’t bring me pleasure comparable to the misery caused by people who are toxic. Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

The other day I was thinking about that, and some part of me felt like I should feel guilt over it. Then I thought about Noah. What happened to his relatives? Not all of the people who drowned were strangers or mere friends.

Only eight people are known to have been saved in the ark. Some say Og the giant clung to the outside, but that’s a legend, not scripture. Noah didn’t appear spontaneously from dust; he was the son of Lamech, and Lamech was the son of Methuselah. These people had family. What happened to them?

Noah had a wife, three sons, and three daughters-in-law. They had relatives, too. Surely they must have loved some of them. But when the rains came, none of the relatives were saved.

How awful it must have been, sitting in the ark, knowing that everyone you grew up with was outside dying. But when it was over, the world was cleansed. A lot of horrible, cruel people were gone. Persecution of the righteous was temporarily over. War was gone. Pagan worship was gone. Cannibalism was gone, if we are to believe what we read about the giants.

Sometimes you just have to flush.

I don’t know if Omar Mateen ever had a chance. Maybe he never heard the right words, but on the other hand, he may have been so arrogant and sadistic it was never possible to reach him. If so, he has a lot of company. In any case, he is accountable, and there is no help for him now, nor will there ever be.

Whatever the families of the dead are going through today can’t compare to what is surely happening to Mateen in the hereafter. I suppose many of the victims are in the same situation, though.

It will be nice when the battle for this world is over. It will be wonderful to see an end to disharmony and misery. It’s tragic that so many people won’t get to see it.


It’s so easy to get it right these days; disturbing. I feel like a Jew who decided to leave Germany in 1932.

I said people would blame Christians for the Orlando killings, and here is an example that just popped up while I wasn’t looking for it. It’s so crazy, it motivated me to do something out of character. I’m posting a link to Pajamas Media.

The Supernatural Trumps the Natural

Monday, March 21st, 2016

It’s Our Cruz to Bear

I am wondering what most charismatic Christians think of Donald Trump.

I’m too lazy to read blogs, and I don’t really want to get into the mud-wrestling this time around, so I guess I’ll never find out.

The impression I get is that some of us are all fired up for him, and they refuse to hear any criticism. They’re a lot like the Obamites, many of whom would vote for a black man or a handout even if the candidate swore under oath that he was possessed by Satan and shot a baby during a debate.

I can’t get completely behind Trump. He owns casinos. He has never led a Christian lifestyle. If he’s a conservative, then he converted in a hurry, because it hasn’t been that long since he was supporting leftists and talking like a liberal.

He’s proud; I think he beats even Obama on that score. He is incapable of admitting fault. He is childish and vindictive. He doesn’t act like a president. He’s always baiting people on Twitter, which is not the kind of thing you would have expected from Lincoln or Jefferson.

He has said some bizarre things. He encouraged his supporters to physically engage with people who threw tomatoes ate one of his rallies, saying he would pay their legal bills. He said Republicans might riot if he showed up at the convention with a lot of delegates in his pocket and then failed to get the nomination. A guy speaking for his campaign said he (the speaker) didn’t “accept” the idea that rioting is violence, and I haven’t heard Trump contradict him.

People have a tendency to whitewash their allies. Hitler paid “scholars” to “prove” the Japanese were Aryans, which, now that I think about it, is whitewashing in a nearly literal way. Hitler thought a small group of Caucasians should run the world, so he found a way to include a bunch of non-white Asians who were helpful.

Some Christians seem to be doing the same thing with Trump. That’s dangerous. He is not Elijah. He’s the same guy he was ten years ago, “evolution” notwithstanding.

I voted for Cruz in the primary, but part of me felt like voting for Trump. The Donald bullies the people who bully people like me; that’s hard not to like. By “people like me,” I mean conservatives and Christians, not Caucasians. Trump appeals to our desire for deliverance from anarchists, brats, and morons who will destroy the nation if they get enough power.

I feel the urge, but I’m not crazy enough to think it’s rational.

The weird thing about Trump (one weird thing) is that his enemies help him more than his friends. When Obama got into the White House, his determination to dilute our civil rights spurred a gun-buying frenzy the likes of which America has never seen. I call him the greatest gun salesman in history. Similarly, the nuts who disrupt Trump rallies and publish lies about him move people like me to support him, even though we don’t want to.

Right now, we have MEXICANS inside the UNITED STATES interfering with OUR election. And the press thinks that’s okay. How can you battle that kind of ignorance? Some people are too ignorant to understand why they’re wrong. If it’s not immediately obvious to you that non-citizens are not supposed to be involved in our elections, then you are probably not capable of being taught.

It’s insane that these activities are permitted and condoned, while no one seems to mind seeing Trump’s crowd–citizens–deprived of the Constitutional rights to assemble and speak. It has to be a supernatural blindness. No one is that stupid without help.

Here’s something else that makes no sense in the natural realm: by and large, black people hate Donald Trump. They joke publicly about beating him up. But they would benefit more than anyone from a border wall. Illegals are harder on blacks than whites. They compete for jobs blacks usually take, and they nullify the minimum wage and the power of unions by working under the table, union-free, for pennies.

Black people should be out in the street waving Trump signs, but they talk about him like he’s the Antichrist. And they’re excited about Bernie, who would be a huge help to their enemies.

Some people are saying Trump is the new Cyrus. I think they’re probably right.

Cyrus was a heathen emperor who helped rebuild the temple and Jerusalem. He was anointed by God, even though he worshiped false gods. Look it up; I’m not imagining it. Along with figures like Ahasuerus, Darius, and the pharaoh Joseph served, he looked after the Jews and advanced their interests. Did you know that God called Nebuchadnezzar his servant? God doesn’t always pick believers to do his will. Sometimes he picks people who worship other spirits. It doesn’t mean he approves of their religious stances. It just means he has jobs for them to do.

My best guess is that Trump will win, and he’ll look after Christians and Israel for four to eight years. During that time, we’ll have space to repent and evangelize. After that, I expect things to fall apart. God is merciful, and he puts off his justice, so this sounds like the way he would do things. He gave Noah 120 years to preach to his neighbors before sending the rain.

Trump will surely do and say embarrassing things if he is elected. But he’s the most capable person in the race, far and away, so he will be extremely effective at whatever he decides to do. He is running against people who have never done anything productive and who have never managed people in a capitalist (non-subsidized) enterprise, so none of them can do what he can.

Should Christians feel bad about voting for him? I don’t think so. When have we ever seen a man of God in the White House? Let’s be honest; politics doesn’t attract prophets and apostles. It attracts people with gigantic egos and a desire to control. Some of our Presidents have been real Christians, but we’ve never had anyone Spirit-led. Trump is probably as much of a Christian as Bush I or Nixon.

I have learned that God tends to give carnal grunt work and big titles to carnal people. This frees his real servants up so they can do things that are important to him. If you look at churches, the pastors are usually carnal people who like attention and control (just like politicians), and the most effective Christians are generally people who lack titles or church jobs.

God can’t find an apostle to run, and we wouldn’t vote for one, so Trump is about as good as anyone, as long as he will do some things God wants.

Cruz is associated with charismatic preachers. Does that make him a servant of God? Not necessarily.

Cruz’s dad Rafael hangs out with prosperity pimps like Larry Huch and Kenneth Copeland. I saw Kenneth Copeland say he thought God had anointed Cruz to do something or other. I think he said Cruz was going to transfer wealth from the wicked to the righteous, but you can check Youtube and find out. Anyway, God hates the prosperity gospel, and he hates it when greedy, mean, egotistical people like Copeland put words in his mouth, so frankly, I think God is not going to bless the Cruz campaign.

The prosperity gospel is a lie from hell, and if you believe it, you may curse your ability to make money or succeed. Cruz is aligning himself with some truly filthy people, so it may be that God can’t bless his campaign. If Cruz wins, the pimps will come out and say it proves they were right, and people who don’t know right from left will be deceived and follow them.

Trump isn’t polling too well compared to Hillary, but Trump’s enemies are doing a great job of attracting support for him, so when the time comes, he may do well. Also, a lot of Republicans are lying to pollsters, saying they’ll vote for Hillary over Trump. That’s just spite. I think Cruz would make a better president, but if Trump is the GOP candidate, you better believe he will have my vote, and he will also have the votes of 95% of the conservatives who claim they will never help him.

I’m not too agitated about the election. If you follow this blog, you know how upset I used to get about politics. I have come to accept the fact that humanity is lost, and I have zero hope for America’s future, so I am focusing on fixing myself and the people I know. If we’re on solid ground with God, this other nonsense won’t be able to get to us. Sometimes the Ninevites repent, and sometimes you sit in the Ark and listen to drowning perverts and giants bang and scratch on the hull. If all I can do is look after myself and a few other people, then I am content with that.

Things are coming to a head. Thanks to technology and the immorality of the people who design and wield it, free will is about to come to an end. Surveillance (and behavior control) will be universal in a very short time. Without a certain amount of free will, the earth serves no purpose. Men can’t be judged when they can’t do what they want. I don’t believe God will let a 1984-style world exist for very long. I am hoping I’ll be ready when things really go nuts, and even if I die first, serving God and receiving correction and growth are the correct and profitable things to do.

I don’t look at other blogs any more, so I have no idea what my old friends are up to. I would guess that they’re enraged, and that a lot of really mean memes are going around. God bless them all; I wouldn’t go back to that for all the tea in China.

Fix your own ark. Don’t be overly concerned with what goes on around you. You may end up doing more good than you think.

The Tower of Gutenberg

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Print Your Way to Godhood

Interesting stuff is happening here.

I got my garage fixed up to the point where I can actually use it. I call it the Garage of Shalom. The tools are arranged in a fairly orderly way, there is a nice air conditioner, and the floor is usually safe for bare feet. I am mostly done putting reflective foil in the roof so the AC won’t have to work as hard, and I have a 30″ TV I can use to watch tool DVDs.

Last year I ordered some CNC plans for my mini-lathe. This week I’ve been working on it. Yesterday I bought some metal, and I started working on the knurled knobs that will permit the lathe to be used manually.

Knurling is a bit of a pain, especially when, like me, you don’t practice. Also, there is conflicting information out there about how to do it. Let me clear one thing up, in case you’re a beginning machinist: DIAMOND KNURLS WILL WORK WITH ANY DIAMETER WORK. You will hear people say that you have to measure the circumference and take test passes. That’s true with straight knurls, but diamond knurls will line themselves up somehow. This doesn’t come from me; it comes from an extremely skilled elder machinist. So quit measuring.

I know of two types of knurling tools. One mashes knurls against the work from the side. This pushes the work off-axis and requires lots of force. It’s a bad idea. The other type of tool is called a scissor knurl. It’s like a pair of pliers with a knurl on each jaw. You tighten it up so one knurl is pressing into the top of the work and the other is pressing into the bottom. The forces cancel, so the work is not pushed away from the center axis of the lathe.

One problem with knurling is that it doesn’t like being held in a chuck. You may be able to put a knurled part in a chuck with hard jaws without marring it, but don’t count on it. I’ve found three ways to deal with this issue. 1. Leave the knurling for last, so the part is never held by the knurled portion. 2. Make a longer knurled portion than you need, so you can cut it off after you chuck it to do other operations on the work. 3. Use soft jaws to hold the knurled portion. Number 3 is a lot of work unless you have soft jaws sitting around waiting.

This is a photo of the knob I ruined yesterday. It’s about 2″ wide. I don’t feel bad about destroying it, because it was my second try, and I learned a lot while doing it.

05 20 14 aluminum knob knurled and damaged

This knob is supposed to have a 1″-thick part that attaches to the stepper motor or something. Then it goes to a 2″ knurled portion. The thin part is only 1/2″ long. If you try to grip the knob by the thin part when you knurl it, it will spin in the chuck, because in order to get clearance for cutting tools, you can only put it about 1/4″ into the chuck. That means the way to do it is to make a really long knurled portion, turn the part around, cut the thin part, turn it around again, and trim off the excess knurled part.

I tried to do this, but because I used a short piece of stock, I could only put the knurled part about 3/8″ deep in the chuck, so I had to take shallow cuts when finishing the thin part. I went over 0.050″, and the part came loose and fell in the chip pan. It was ruined. But now I know how to do it next time, and the metal I used was scrap, so who cares?

CNC is interesting to me, because it is part of the developing home-manufacturing revolution. This era started with inkjet printers.

Before there were inkjets, we used keyless electric typewriters that had been interfaced with computers. They were called daisy wheel printers, because they used metal wheels with “petals” that had characters on the ends. The wheels rotated, and the petals where slammed into the paper when the appropriate characters were lined up.

This process worked great, if you were satisfied with what a typewriter could do. When inkjet printers arrived, the world changed, because they could put a tiny dot anywhere on a page. Any image that could be built from dots could be printed. Now we use that concept in forming 3D objects. If you can move a printing jet anywhere you want, you can do the same thing with a cutter, laser, or waterjet.

I don’t know if printers were influenced by CNC, which already existed, or if the eventual merging came via some other route, but at some point we ended up with relatively cheap machinery that essentially printed parts. You can buy a CNC router right now that will allow you to draw something on your PC and then “print” it into wood by moving a router bit over the work. This also works with plasma cutters and water jets, and you can also buy 3D printers that form complex objects gradually from extruded plastic.

I don’t know how close CNC lathes and mills are to that type of interface, but if it isn’t being done right now, it will be this year, because it’s an obvious step in the evolution of home manufacturing.

I’m not that excited about 3D printing right now, because the parts it makes are flimsy. Sooner or later, we’ll be able to make metal and composite parts using printers, and when that happens, people like Barack Obama will start wetting the bed, because it will be impossible to control manufacturing of guns and other weapons.

The lathe I’m fixing up will not be all that exciting, but it will definitly be cool. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make precision tapers (Morse, etcetera), but I should be able to do all sorts of threading, and I should be able to make lots of curved shapes that are difficult to produce on a manual lathe. And things that would now take a day to make will take half an hour or less.

I can’t see myself CNCing my mill, because it’s more complicated than a lathe, and I don’t want to lose manual operation. But at some point, I would like to get a smaller mill and set it up. I’ll put up two videos to show why. The first is a manual mill producing a relatively simple part with a lot of effort and preparation, and the second is a CNC mill doing something difficult in a very short time.

That second mill is a home-converted Grizzly G0704. There is a guy who calls himself “Hoss” who teaches people how to do this conversion. If you’re not impressed by that video, there are surely better ones.

Generally, there are two types of parts made by manual mills: simple, clunky-looking parts produced manually and beautiful, complex parts made using CNC. The computer can easily do things that are hard or impossible for a person, and it can replace a lot of expensive tooling. It multiplies the usefulness of the mill by a big number. And you can have all this for a couple thousand dollars. If you buy a new mill that’s ready to use, you only have to spend about twice that much, and if you think about it, for an average homeowner, over the course of twenty years, that isn’t a big expense. It’s two nice refrigerators, and it will allow you to avoid a lot of expensive repair calls, because you’ll be able to make parts when things break down.

And it’s fun.

Many people who make CNC routers call them milling machines. This leads to confusion, I guess. A true milling machine cuts hard metal with great precision, and it’s a heavy piece of equipment, because you need a lot of iron to resist bending and twisting when the forces are applied. Some CNC routers can cut aluminum fairly well, and for this reason, the people who make them like to call them milling machines. If a milling machine is what you want, a router will probably disappoint you. But it’s still a great tool.

Here’s a CNC router at work.

I’m not watching every second of these videos, so I hope they contain enough information to serve their purpose.

These things print objects. That’s what it boils down to. And you don’t have to apprentice for ten years to run one.

I have to wonder if the government has any idea what’s in store for it. The press was not ready when blogs came along and put it in a chokehold. They can’t control information any more. Now the government is facing the same problem, in a different area. It can’t control manufacturing. It never could, but it is now losing control to an unprecedented degree.

People are drawing up plans for firearms. The government is trying to prevent the plans from getting out, but even the NSA, which keeps its nose up our rear ends every second of our lives, can’t control flash drives and private networks. The government’s nerds aren’t as good or as numerous as the non-government nerds. They will never be able to keep up.

We are getting more powerful. There is no way to stop it. New moral challenges are looming. If the government can’t stop us, what will? I’m glad Tea Partiers and Christians are empowered, but what about jihadists and enviro-terrorists? The stupid, heartless, clumsy government has too much power. Internet nuts have too much power. It’s not confined to good people. And there is no possible way to regulate any of this effectively. We might be able to do something with Uncle Sam, but everyone else is on the honor system. And there isn’t much honor.

Whatever. I want a CNC lathe. I may want to CNC my plasma cutter. I want a CNC mill and maybe a router. And if 3D printing ever becomes useful, I want that, too. I do not want to build bombs or automatic weapons, unlike many people who want these tools. I just want to be able to make stuff and “discover my hands.”

When the Internet was young, we didn’t see the changes it would bring. We still don’t see the future impact of the printing revolution. Life is going to be very weird when three homes on every block have CNC tools. I think the patent office is going to have a lot of new business, and so will lawyers who sue for infringement.

When God created man, he knew that we had the capacity to become gods. He knew that if he left us alone long enough, we would be capable of incredible feats. I suppose that’s why hell exists. The beings that refuse to submit have to be caged, or sooner or later they will do damage so great we can’t conceive its magnitude. In the relatively near future, we are going to see what happens when man can’t be controlled. It may be quite a show.

And now, for no good reason, a photo of the godson.

05 19 14 noah PJs

Black Socks, Bermuda Shorts, and a Warm Ma Deuce

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

The Dream is Within Reach

I had the funniest experience yesterday.

I was watching American Pickers, the show about the guys who drive around buying old stuff other people have hoarded. They resell it, usually at about a 100% markup. They burrow through barns and attics, and they meet all sorts of interesting people. Very often, they end up on big properties with one or more outbuildings, and the buildings are full of junk.

Yesterday, they took a random right turn and ended up on a dirt road which had not been selected in advance (supposedly). They went past a “KEEP OUT” sign and stopped at a building resembling a garage. They hollered and went in, and they found two weird old guys playing homemade musical instruments. They were surrounded by tools and knickknacks.

I heard myself think, “THIS IS HOW I WANT TO LIVE.”

Not so much the sitting around with another old guy, playing music on an instrument made from a plunger handle and a Chock Full of Nuts can. Not that part. The part I liked was being a good distance off the road, on a big property, with no one aggravating me. In a building with concrete walls. Surrounded by cool stuff.

They visited another guy later. He was some sort of engineer, I think. I don’t remember. Naval something or other. He had a lathe, a huge bending brake, lots of grinders, a giant vault, and God knows what else. There were old tin toys there. He had a wooden wind-tunnel model of a plane; his uncle had built it for some outfit that was trying to make supersonic aircraft.

I realized one of the major differences between my garage and his shop was character. He was doing more to keep his junk ordered. I tend to avoid the garage in the summer, because the heat is bad, and a couple of pieces of garage door insulation fell off a while back, which made things worse. The garage was a big mess.

Day before yesterday I went out and fixed the insulation and straightened up a little. After I watched the pickers show, I continued. I went back to work on my garlic press project. You can’t really clean up a shop if there are old projects lying around.

In cross-section, from the side, the press is an H. It’s a stainless tube blocked by a plate about halfway down. The plate will have holes in it, and there will be a plunger which mashes garlic through the holes. Think of a hypodermic syringe with a sieve instead of a needle at the end. Sort of like that.

I had a cylinder made, and I had bored out one end of it. I needed to bore the other end, leaving a 0.10″-thick plate in the tube, for the holes to go through. I considered doing this on the lathe, but the steel I’m using throws ungodly long chips, so I stuck it on the mill and used a 1/2″ end mill.

08 28 13 garlic press body on rotary table

It took forever, dropping down 0.025″ at a time and going through 360° of rotation, but I got it done. Now I have to radius the sharp edges and drill the holes. The plunger is already done. It fits so well, when you drop it in the press, it sinks in very slowly, because it’s hard for the air under it to escape.

That’s cool. I like to drop the plunger over and over and watch it sink.

It’s looking more and more like I’m getting out of here. God be praised. I would say that even if I were an atheist. I do NOT NOT NOT like Miami. I want to be able to go outside and walk a hundred yards before hitting a property line. I want to hear English once in a while. I want to be able to wear long pants occasionally. I want to be able to drive ten miles in less than twenty minutes.

My dad has a 46-foot boat which has been a problem. He uses it as a place to hide out, which is fine, but it’s his main motivation for staying in Miami. I can’t let his hobby ruin my life. I want him to enjoy himself, but this is too much to ask. He doesn’t want me to move 700 miles away, and I understand that, because of his age. I’m against it, too. But if I have to leave without him, I will do it, because this place is not right for me.

Today he started talking about selling the boat. Thank you, Lord. He could keep it in Pensacola (currently my preferred destination), and maybe that’s the better option, but I’m glad to see him consider unloading it. It shows God is breaking things loose.

I am not excited about practicing law, but it’s a pleasant way to earn money, and if I can do it up there and generate income without becoming a cubicle slave, you better believe I’ll do it and be grateful.

Some people need room. I guess I’m one of them. I have several worthwhile hobbies you can’t indulge in a small suburban house. I want to be able to shoot on my own land. I need a shop with an area of at least 800 square feet. I need a normal-sized kitchen. Until I get these things, I’m going to feel like I’m wearing a burlap straitjacket.

I feel bad for my dad. Rejecting God preserves your pride, but it costs you peace and satisfaction. God is ordering my path, and he would gladly order my dad’s path, too, if he would give in.

I’ve located some tempting properties in the 20-acre range. That will suffice. I’d rather have a hundred, but from this chair, I can see three houses without standing up, so 20 will seem like heaven itself.

Prayer in tongues lines things up. It makes things happen. People reject this advice. I can’t help that. I put it out there. Benefit from it or don’t. At least I can say I told you.

Hopefully by this time next year, I’ll have a shop and some tomato plants. That would sure be nice.

The Zimmerman Crucifixion Ends

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Now the Bottom-Feeders Can File a Civil Suit

The Zimmerman mess really got to me.

Back when I heard about it, all I knew was that some guy had shot an unarmed black teenager. I had no reason to form an opinion, but it didn’t sound good.

Later on, I heard more facts. Zimmerman followed Martin (notice I don’t say “George” and “Trayvon,” the way the attorneys did). Martin was in his own father’s neighborhood. He was just walking around.

Then, after a disgracefully long time, the injuries were revealed. The press sat on them for a long time, and eventually, some outfit released a grainy video suggesting Zimmerman MIGHT have had injuries. Hmm…maybe there was more to this case than I knew.

Then the photos came out. Zimmerman was bloody. His head had lacerations on the back. His nose appeared to be broken. This was starting to look like self-defense. But by then, people had made up and closed their minds. That’s true on both sides of the issue, but it is much, much more true of the anti-Zimmerman crowd.

Zimmerman was arrested. Surely the police had found new evidence. They implied that they had. I waited for the probable cause hearing, thinking there would be some blockbuster revelation. I looked at the affidavit Angela Corey’s boys put together. It was false! It contained lies, omissions, and baseless conclusions carefully crafted to create an excuse to arrest Zimmerman. I was amazed. How could they put a slimy, scandalous document like that before the press and the court? And I’m not alone. Alan Dershowitz says Corey should be disbarred for this and other unethical actions.

I watched the hearing, and there was absolutely nothing new. Zimmerman said he was attacked and beaten. There was no evidence to the contrary. That’s self-defense. “Stand Your Ground” doesn’t even come into play. This was classic self-defense, under the common law we inherited from England in the 1500s. No ambiguity. No gray areas. Cut and dried. The case should have been dismissed right there, and the prosecutors should have been disciplined.

As time passed, I kept waiting for the state to mention new evidence that suggested Zimmerman was guilty. It never came. The man’s clothes were wet on the back, so clearly, he was on the bottom in a physical scuffle. He only shot once, although his gun held 8 rounds. There was no evidence that he did anything illegal prior to the scuffle. He was out walking around, which the 911 dispatcher didn’t like, but there was no police order requiring him to stay put, and if there had been, ignoring it would not affect his ability to claim self-defense. It was irrelevant.

Not one witness saw Zimmerman do anything illegal. They never claimed to. Yet here he was, in hiding, under an illegal bounty which the authorities chose not to investigate or punish. Spike Lee and Roseanne Barr published his parents’ address, inviting violence. They had to move. No one seemed to care.

Cell phone evidence came out (although the State’s Attorney illegally withheld much of it, and the judge kept much of it from the jury). It showed that Martin was a mean, rebellious kid. He fought. He bragged about how good he was. He was exactly the kind of kid who would attack someone for following him, and that means there was reasonable doubt (to put it mildly) that Zimmerman provoked the scuffle. And somehow, Zimmerman’s charges remained in place.

At some point during the last year, I realized this was a crucifixion, not a trial. The state didn’t bother trying to meet its obligation to protect the defendant from unfair treatment. On the contrary, they lied. They concealed. They helped the persecutors. They joined them.

I started speaking out. I’m not stupid. I’m a lawyer. I saw everything I needed to see to conclude, firmly, that the state could not prove this was not self-defense. I put stuff on Facebook. I probably wrote about it here.

I lost Facebook friends, which is amazing. They didn’t want to hear about the law. They were not interested in facts. They said silly things. They accused Zimmerman of “stalking” Martin, and they said Martin acted in self-defense. I’m sorry, but that’s idiotic. Stalking involves repeated acts that have no legal justification. Stalkers follow people over and over, AND they make credible threats. It’s impossible to stalk a person in ten minutes. Zimmerman was just walking behind this guy to keep him in sight so the cops could find him. If that’s stalking, then every cop and security guard in the US is a stalker. If you see someone in your yard, and you walk out and follow him, you’re a stalker, and if he beats you, you have to let him continue as long as he wants. If he puts an eye out or gives you brain damage, tough.

Everyone who has dropped me or said nasty things about me is black. On the other hand, I have black and Puerto Rican friends who agree with me, and they’re just as annoyed as I am. They don’t speak up much, but they realize Zimmerman was accused falsely.

I don’t know if people think I’m a racist. Maybe they just disagree and get tired of the things I say. But it’s disappointing. This case was not close. In two minutes, I can make anyone understand why the verdict was correct. But people I would like to respect can’t stand still that long. It’s easier to play the victim.

If Zimmerman had lost, it would be a big blow to potential crime victims all over Florida. We would know that every act of self-defense involving a black assailant would be suspect. As it is, there may be a chilling effect which will cause people to hesitate and lose their lives.

This case, after all, can be summarized quickly by looking at three dispositive facts.

1. There is no evidence that Zimmerman did anything to justify being beaten.

2. There is ample evidence that when he was shot, Martin was engaging in an illegal activity which put Zimmerman in reasonable fear of immediate serious bodily harm.

3. There is no evidence that Zimmerman’s use of force was excessive or unreasonable. When someone is on top of you giving you a beating, you have to shoot. You can’t take a gun out and wave it, because he may be able to take it from you, and then you’re finished.

That’s the whole case. The other stuff is utterly irrelevant.

I am not one bit ashamed of defending George Zimmerman. Someone has to speak out for the victims of the state. Someone has to contribute to their defense. Sometimes silence is aiding and abetting. I will never have to explain why I sat on my hands and bit my tongue while a man who appeared to be innocent went through years of public torment.

So that’s how I feel.

Incidentally, I learned something very useful from the trial. It’s a little sick, but it’s not my fault. It shows how laws have unintended consequences. In Florida, sentences are enhanced when crimes involve firearms. So if I’m ever attacked, instead of defending myself with a gun, I’ll have to pull out the razor-sharp knife I carry. As bad as guns are, they are extremely humane compared to knives. I’ll have to try to disembowel my attacker or sever his windpipe. That’s horrific. But if I rely on the gun as my weapon of choice, I’ll add a huge amount of time to the sentence I could potentially face. A woman in Florida got 20 years for shooting a hole in her own wall. Zimmerman would have gotten a minimum of 9 1/4 years if he had been convicted of manslaughter.

So if you live in Florida, carry a knife or a sword cane (which is legal). It’s a bad situation, and I would much rather scare someone off with a gun, but there it is.

Disarming God’s People

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Remember the Warsaw Ghetto

I think I’m starting to understand the anti-civil-rights hysteria that resulted in Obama’s soon-to-fail gun ban efforts.

All of this stuff has a supernatural root. We don’t pray for godly leaders, and we think we can get by with a little prayer here and there, instead of relying on God. We want to keep our dirty TV channels and dope and extramarital sex. We don’t want to give so much of ourselves to God that it actually has a cost. So God withdraws his protection.

Satan is real. He IS the Antichrist. He’ll have a human puppet some day, in whom he concentrates his power, but Satan is the hand in the glove. He hates America because on the whole, we have been God’s people. We’ve done missionary work. We’ve promoted Christianity and Christian values. We’ve fought sin. We’ve been somewhat helpful to the Jews. The rest of the world is pretty much lost, but in the US, Christians have been able to thrive. Satan wants to put an end to that.

Satan loves killing God’s people and taking away their ability to communicate. In the Old Testament, he tried to exterminate the Jews over and over. He tried to prevent the Messiah from being born. After the crucifixion, he destroyed Israel, scattered the Jews, and arranged for the imprisonment and murder of Christians. In ages past, he corrupted the church itself and used it to kill Jews. During the Holocaust, he built huge parodies of the temple and used them to kill and incinerate Jews and devout Christians.

Satan is raising an army in the US. He calls it Anonymous. He calls it “anti-bullying.” He calls it Islamism and Occupy Wall Street. He is growing a horde of people who rally around separate causes which have the same underlying, hidden goal. He is giving these people power to limit and oppress Christians and Jews, and in the future, he will use them to take what we have and kill us, just as he used their forebears in Rome and Holocaust-era Europe.

We are weak in the Spirit. The church itself blasphemes, calling tongues “gibberish” and “demonic.” We’re told we have to earn what we get, and that God doesn’t do miracles any more. We’re told it’s normal when he doesn’t answer prayer. We’re corrupted and weakened with iniquity; our chronic sins give the enemy the right to afflict us. We are not very good at defending ourselves using God’s preferred tools. But we do have guns. And it would be very helpful to Satan if those guns were taken away before we find our real weapons.

Which physical weapons does the enemy hate the most? High-capacity weapons. Why is that?

Historically, Satan has worked through mobs. He raised a mob of idiots against Moses during the Exodus. He raised a mob to slaughter the Jews under Ahasuerus. He used mobs to commit pogroms and other anti-Jewish crimes. Now, with the aid of technology, his use of mobs is getting more adept. If Anonymous or the jihadis don’t like you, they can come at you with computer attacks. If your neighbors envy what you have, they can coordinate through Facebook, Twitter, or even Craigslist and descend on you like locusts.

Mob crime is going to be the crime of the future. And to fight a mob, until you have a strong relationship with the Holy Spirit, you will need semiautomatic or automatic weapons with large magazines. You’re not going to have much hope if you rely on a seven-shot pistol or a double-barrel shotgun.

A time will come when mobs will gather at the homes of Christians and Jews, and the police will deliberately take their time to respond, or they’ll refuse to come at all, or they’ll participate in the crimes. When that age dawns, we’ll see robbery, murder, beatings, and rape (of men and children, not just women) on a new scale. And if Obama and his minions get our high-capacity weapons, we’ll be as helpless as Lot was in Sodom. He couldn’t defend himself against a gang of homosexual rapists, so the best response he could come up with was to offer his daughters. And the rapists rejected that offer, which is a good demonstration of the effectiveness of appeasement (the approach liberals recommend).

If you have a weapon with a puny magazine, a mob will be able to plan a way to beat you. It will be easy for them to come up with ways to waste your ammunition. If you have a couple of AK-47s with full magazines waiting, it will be another story. In the future, high-capacity guns will save Christian and Jewish homes and lives.

We need to get strong in the Spirit. But until we have that strength, we need to take the advice Jesus gave the pre-Pentecostal disciples. We need to own and carry weapons. If not, history will repeat itself. The slaughter in Egypt. The murders in Bethlehem. Saul’s murders of early Christians. Pogroms. The Holocaust. The Warsaw Ghetto uprising. It will all happen again.

Speak out against the attacks on our civil rights. That’s important. Give to the NRA. Wear an NRA shirt once in a while. But while you’re doing all that, pray. Make sure you pray every day that we will not be disarmed.

Satan is going to raise up more maniacs to shoot up schools and churches. He’ll do his best to make the gullible public think high-capacity weapons cause crime. We know this is coming; he’s already doing it. We need to pray for God to thwart these people, and for him to use civilians with high-capacity weapons to do it. The attack is supernatural. If we don’t respond with supernatural power, we have no chance of winning.

The press will be against us. For a long time, it has been Satan’s voice. It extols abortion, homosexuality, fornication, and just about everything else we know is wrong. It holds liberalism out as the philosophy of the pure. In its way, it portrays Lucifer as an angel of light, and it portrays the followers of Jesus as backward, ignorant, hateful fools who prevent peace and prosperity from breaking out. If we don’t pray, we will be seen the same way the Jews were seen in Holocaust-era Europe. We will be thought of as human vermin. “Responsible for all the world’s problems.” “The cause of all the world’s wars.” They already tell us about the mythical millions who have been killed by Christians, while ignoring the real millions killed by leftists who hate religion.

Pray for victory over the blind. Our God is stronger than theirs, and he has promised us that when a people turns to him, he will heal their land.

Chewing Through the Straps

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Observations From the Life of a Runaway Slave

More stuff is breaking loose in my life.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be able to use tools. I wanted to be able to fix things and make things. A few years ago, I started making it happen. I got a table saw, milling machine, lathe, welder, and a bunch of other stuff. I’ve enjoyed it tremendously, but it seemed like I was being restrained. I was never able to make myself come to terms with CAD software, and there were essential things I chose not to buy, because I was cheap.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve returned to the workshop. I’ve spent some money; a low four-figure sum. I picked up a few little things that made things much, much easier, and plans I had put on the back burner are beginning to come to fruition.

I also got started with CAD. Og and other Internet friends gave me advice about this a few years back, and I tried a few things, but I got nowhere. It was very frustrating. I’m not going to say what my IQ is, but it’s sufficiently high that you would think mastering a piece of software would not be beyond me, and I was completely confused. I could have fixed the problem by spending tons of money on training, but I already felt a little queasy about the money I had spent on tools.

A few weeks back, I started looking at the programs again. Og had recommended Allycad and Alibre Design, and I looked into other things, like Turbocad, Autocad, and Draftsight. I wanted 3D, because I don’t need the aggravation of trying to picture a pile of 2D drawings as an assembled machine, so I ruled out simple, free programs.

I signed up (again) for a free Alibre trial, and once again, I was utterly flummoxed. I could barely draw a line. If you ever want to fully grasp the meaning of the word “counterintuitive,” try this software, or any CAD software. Alibre publishes a book of step-by-step exercises, and I downloaded a few pages, but it turned out the book is completely obsolete. It goes with a user interface which bears little resemblance to the current version and is currently unobtainable. I was going to give up and get Turbocad, plus training, but then I found the Youtube video that appears below.

That guy does everything wrong. Anyone who produces training videos knows that you go step-by-step, and you include every detail. He doesn’t do that. He flies, and he leaves things out. And it WORKS. Watching the video, I managed to draw an oddly-shaped tub with chamfered edges.

That was a breakthrough. Using what I had learned, I was able to go through the first three exercises in the Alibre book. I managed to translate the old interface into the new. Here’s a useless and unrealistic part I created (but did not design).

01 01 13 alibre exercise crank

I say it’s useless because you can’t really attach the flat piece to the handle and axle that way. If it’s a press fit, the thickness of the metal can’t go to zero around the inserted portion of the metal, and there is also nothing there to allow a real-world weld. But that doesn’t matter. I drew it successfully, so now I have a foothold in the world of CAD. I’m ordering the rest of the design book. And I bought the program, which, “coincidentally,” was on sale for 50% off this week.

This may seem unimportant, but it’s a huge leap. The actual work you do when you make things is of trivial importance. What really matters is the design. Most of the act of creation is mental. The actual cutting and welding…that’s just housekeeping. I would rather design a thousand parts and make one than make a thousand and design one. If I can use CAD, I can exercise my creativity, and I can keep the results forever.

You can do all sorts of stuff with CAD. I don’t know much about it, but my impression is that you can send designs by email, print them, use them in patent and product submissions, have parts made from them, and even send them to machines that crank the parts out for you. Compared to anything that existed thirty years ago, that is godlike power.

So I’m happy about that. And I’m getting interested in 3D printers. They make actual parts from sturdy plastic, at a cost which is not prohibitive for a hobbyist. My gut tells me that as the technology advances, ordinary CNC may go the way of manual machining. Who knows what they’ll be able to do with lasers and plasma in the future? Today it’s plastic. Tomorrow, you may be able to cut metal on a printer, in your own house. And prices are dropping. In ten years, everyone will have a 3D printer, or they’ll have them at Home Depot, to be engaged at affordable prices.

This is exciting. It gives individuals a level of control they’ve never had before. Democrats are already wetting their pants over it, because it will make home gun manufacturing easier. There isn’t one thing they can do to stop it. They can pass laws, but we all know how well gun control laws work. And the First Amendment will guarantee that people will be able to pass designs around.

Sooner or later, technology is going to make us so powerful that Democrats are going to have to give up on controlling the means and look toward improving the man. And only God can do that.

I am not interested in printing guns, but the possibility shows how powerful the new technology will be. The printing principal is packed with potential. It provides mankind with a type of leverage that rivals the mental augmentation of computers. In fact, it’s the reason computers exist. If we couldn’t print circuits, the PC would be impossible.

So the CAD thing is good news.

Here’s another thing: I’m getting more original music. I used to have a constant flow of variations on existing tunes, but I wasn’t really able to write original music. Common sense told me the same gift had to be the source of both types of music, but it wasn’t happening for me. Lately, that has changed. I get original tunes more and more often. I got several over the last few days, and they’re not bad. Composition is like cooking with sound, so if you know what tastes good to the ear, you should be able to write good music. I’m going to write some worthwhile stuff, if God stays with me.

I used to be bummed out because I didn’t receive original tunes. Now I realize there’s a new danger. Soon I’m going to receive more tunes than I can finish. What do I do then? I keep reminding myself that it’s better to waste than to want.

It’s wonderful to be able to budget and economize, but truthfully, I don’t think that’s what God intended for us. I think he wanted us to live in such abundance that things would serve us, instead of lack that requires us to serve things. If you have too much, you can focus on what you’re doing. If you have too little, you have to focus on getting more. You shouldn’t serve the dollar; the dollar should serve you. I would rather have more than I need and have to give things away or even throw them out than not have enough. It’s better to receive a hundred tunes and write three than to receive and write one.

Here’s a hard thing to accept: God is not against waste. Or at least, he reckons waste differently than we do. That’s my opinion, based on my observations. Consider the loaves and fishes. Did God pass out just enough? No, he gave the people so much, they had baskets of scraps left over. Consider Solomon. God gave him so much, he really didn’t know what to do with it. Consider the way America used to be blessed. We fed the world, and then we let crops rot, because we had no place to put them. God told the Jews not to harvest every square foot they planted. They were ordered to leave crops untouched, in case the poor wanted them. What we call “waste” is a symptom of abundance.

This principle is found over and over in the Bible. We are told that he who waters will be watered. We’re told that being stingy will make us poor. We’re told that when we’re asked to carry something one mile, we carry it two. God ordered the Jews to give up about 14% of every work week, plus holidays, in times that were very, very hard, when every penny counted. I believe we’re supposed to have and give more than we need. Otherwise, there will always be gaps that aren’t filled.

I don’t think God wants me to work hard. I think he wants me to have ample time to pray and minister every day. I believe that every hour I spend in prayer saves me hours of work, just as the sabbath made the Jews more successful. And I think God is going to give me many more tunes than I can complete. I am an heir, and this is how heirs live. Our cups run over, our yokes are easy, and our burdens are light. Or God is a liar.

I think excessive devotion to work is a Satanic notion. It seems very natural to expect people to earn things. The problem with that is that God wants to give us things that are greater than what we can earn. I believe we limit him when we insist on earning.

Think of the beggar the disciples healed. They didn’t ask him to do their laundry or make a pilgrimage on his belly. They touched him and healed him, for nothing, and he got the use of his legs back. If he had had to earn that, he would have stayed on the ground for the rest of his life.

A while back, some Obama underling told the press the Bible said, “God helps those who help themselves.” Clearly, this person was not familiar with the Bible. The Bible does not say that. It says you shouldn’t be lazy. But it doesn’t say blessings come primarily by, or with the prerequisite of, great effort. Not unless you’re cursed.

Adam didn’t earn the title to the earth or his life of ease in Eden. Noah didn’t earn preservation in the Ark. Lot didn’t earn his angelic rescue. Samson didn’t earn his strength. Gideon didn’t earn his improbable victory. These examples are shown to us to make us understand that faith, submission, and humility are what bring us blessings and power.

Offhand, I can only think of one person in the Bible who thought he had earned his blessings, and that person was Job. And God set him straight, but good.

Satan wants us to think we have to earn things. With this lie, he gets us to devote way too much time to work and way too little time to prayer. And then we don’t get what he promises. For example, you may get rich, but your family may be messed up because you weren’t around to pray for them and teach them.

Prayer is job one. I’m sure of it. Quite literally, prayer is an investment. It is the seed God gives the sower, and in your season, you will get the harvest.

I feel much freer than I did before. I feel like the restraints are being removed. In ignorance, I buried myself in curses, but God is washing me clean and killing their effects.

Spend time praying in tongues every day. Try to make it add up to at least an hour. And pray for God to guide your steps, leading you to the experiences you need to have. Good things will happen. It may take time, as a tree takes time to bear fruit, but it will happen.

Jimmy Cefalo is a Conservative

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

And I am a Kangaroo

I’m going to have to quit listening to the radio.

Once a week, while I’m on the way to have breakfast with my dad, I hear talk radio. Usually, it’s a guy named Jimmy Cefalo. He’s a former football player. He claims to be conservative, but the more you listen to him, the more you realize he’s the lowest grade of RINO. Couldn’t care less about moral (“social”) issues. Likes using our money to buy football stadiums for rich people. Supports increased gun control.

Today he was joining in the mindless hysteria over the Newtown shooting. Never mind that these atrocities are on the decrease in the US, or that they also take place in nations with gun control, or that the worst mass murders in US history (I may be wrong if we include those committed by the government) used kerosene and fertilizer instead of guns. Liberals like Cefalo are flipping out, based on the following evidence that mass murder is on the rise: two mass murders occurred within a year of each other.

Today he declared that it was a settled fact that gun laws had to change, and he said it was reasonable to force people to take exams and get licenses in order to get guns. This is pretty much what people said about literacy tests and poll taxes, and if anything, the racists were more credible than the gun-haters. Facially, it seems smart to prevent stupid people from voting. Problem is, we have a Constitutional right to vote, and apart from that, literacy tests were applied just a tiny bit UNFAIRLY. It may seem bright to license gun owners, but the right to bear arms is a RIGHT, like the right to breathe, and according to the highest law of the land, it can’t be “infringed.” And like the literacy tests of the past, licensing requirements will be (ARE) corrupted and used primarily as barriers. Ask anyone who has tried to get a permit in DC.

He interviewed Ed Schultz today, as he often does. ED SCHULTZ. The guy who called Laura Ingraham a slut. Do I even have to explain what Ed Schultz is, or that it’s insane to treat him like a credible commentator? Of course not. Some people on the left are merely wrong. Schultz belongs in the wacko pen with people like Saul Alinsky, Abbie Hoffmann, and Emma Goldman. He would gladly take away all of our rights and install a hardcore Stalinist regime.

Cefalo, the “conservative,” didn’t disagree with a single thing Schultz said. He did no research. He presented no facts. He let one of the nuttiest leftists in the mainstream media say anything he wanted, and he agreed. He thinks like a woman in a shoe store. All emotion. No brain involvement.

Honestly, I am starting to think RINOs are more dangerous than socialists. They’re like kapos. They supposedly come from within our ranks, so they have our ears. They drip socialist, anti-Christian soft soap into our minds, killing our brain cells with friendly fire.

Look, if you’re for substantial gun control, and you think morals can’t be discussed in a political context, you are not a conservative. End of discussion. You’re just a stingy guy who wants lower taxes and tough judges. You should do what the other liberals do. Vote for higher taxes and then avoid paying them.

Here’s the truth. 1) Mass shootings are on the decline. 2) Semiautomatic weapons are essential for effective self-defense. 3) Licensing and registration are used dishonestly to prevent deserving people from owning weapons. 4) We aren’t providing armed protection for children the way we do for politicians and judges, and we need to fix that before we start taking away civil rights. 5) There are some problems the government can’t solve, and we should accept it.

The fact that the hysterical mainstream press is currently engaged in tendentious, histrionic bedwetting over a non-issue doesn’t mean all the smart people in the universe agree with them. The current surge in gun sales proves Cefalo is part of a small minority.

I really did not want to buy any more guns this year, but I may have to join the intelligent people and stock up. I don’t know what I’ll need in the future, but I do know I don’t want to be stuck with a duck gun or a 5-shot pistol when I need an AK-47 or a full-size Glock. I feel like our Chauncey Gardiner President and his talking-head flying monkeys are forcing my hand. I might have to suck it up, set several thousand dollars aside, and buy a bunch of guns and shells I don’t even want. The wise thing would be to get the products we are in danger of losing. High-capacity rifles like AKs and AR15s, and high-capacity semiautomatic pistols. Maybe I should get a couple of Springfield XDs and three or four AMD65s.

Thanks, Jimmy Cefalo. You and your pals are putting more guns in the hands of the American public than we know what to do with. We should be grateful for the kick in the rear end.

“…Then the Old Guy Waves his Stick, and OUT COMES THE DANGED BEAR…”

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

They had it Coming

My former church has finally gone completely insane.

Today they welcomed Kim Kardashian. Yes, the Kim Kardashian who poses nude. The sex-tape Kim Kardashian. I don’t know if they took her into the green room so she could bless the pastors with her wisdom, but she tweeted about her presence at church, and they proudly re-tweeted it.

People are saying it’s wonderful that she went to church. Uh…no, it’s NOT wonderful. Not unless she repented. Churches are supposed to welcome REPENTANT sinners. The other kind screw churches up.

Think of it as an immigration problem. Say you live in a Christian nation, and Muslims start showing up. When there are 50 of them, it’s no big deal. When they’re 50% of the population…big deal. You’re going to have Sharia law, honor killings, an end to the pork industry, lots of terrorism…it will be bad. When sinners come to a church and don’t change their ways, and their numbers get too high, they convert the church. Not that this would be a big change for Trinity. It’s barely a church as it is.

I was furious when I heard about this. It’s bad enough that the pastor sucked up to R. Kelly, who narrowly avoided conviction on a statutory rape beef with video evidence. Do they really need to use Kim Kardashian to prove they’ve made it?

The name “Kardashian” used to be associated with top-notch legal representation. Those days are gone. Now it connotes promiscuity, nudity, stupidity, and shallowness. As the good book would put it, it has “become a proverb.” Why would any pastor be proud this person came to his church? Only a desperate self-promotor or a feckless infant could think this was a good thing.

It would be wonderful if Miss Kardashian went to a church and told everyone she regretted all the dumb things she had done. I’d be the first to welcome her. Well, actually, I think a woman should do that, just to be safe. But I would be all for it. But for her to roll in and out with no evidence of change…how is that a victory for anyone?

I really blew up about this on Facebook. The gloves are off. I said the leaders of the church clearly did not know the Bible, and I posted a long series of verses about respecting persons. The pastors are like children. It’s as though they had never heard of the Bible. This stuff is obvious to teenagers who read the word, but these adults don’t have a clue. Or they just don’t care, which is looking pretty likely.

Some lady tried to “correct” me, saying I should not “touch” God’s “anointed.” That’s sad. Preachers have succeeded in brainwashing many Christians, so they will cover up their pastors’ backslidden behinds. They say all sorts of curses fall on those who speak up. But God didn’t curse Jesus, Paul, Isaiah, Micaiah, Malachi, Peter, Jude, Jeremiah, Samuel, Nathan, or any of the other Biblical figures (or if you’re Catholic, figurines) who spoke up. If you took the negative remarks out of the Bible, the remaining text would be a pamphlet.

She said I should only correct people privately. But she said that publicly, which is a little hard to explain.

As Perry Stone teaches, there is a difference between “anointing” and “gift.” A person who is anointed has God’s authority to do some job or other. He has God’s approval. Anointing is not always permanent. God anointed Saul, and he took the anointing away. A gift is a natural or supernatural ability. It may persist when the anointing leaves. This is why truly foul preachers sometimes continue to function in their gifts. It helps explain why some very bad churches stay very big for quite some time.

Anyway, a preacher who teaches false tradition and serves his belly is not acting under an anointing. Not in my book. And because they commit their sins publicly, it only makes sense to correct them publicly. Besides, the leaders of Trinity Church know exactly what they’re doing wrong. People have spoken up. They just don’t care.

God is not going to stand up and give me leprosy for criticizing people who milk the poor and lie to them. If he did things like that, John the Baptist would have exploded. Repeatedly.

Quite honestly, I think these people are idiots. I have tried to show restraint. I’ve said I disagreed with them. I’ve said they were off the path. But after a time, you have to start using terms like “idiot.” Even Jesus did it. After a certain point, mildly critical language just doesn’t do the job. If you speak about foolish people too respectfully, there is a danger that other people will not understand just how foolish they are. “I’m going to try Trinity Church.” “DON’T!” “Why not?” “They’re…missing the mark.” “Well, I’ll just check it out.” “THEY’RE IDIOTS! THEY’RE IDIOTS! DANGER! DANGER!”

I think God takes a similar approach. He starts by sending you little hints. Then he sends people to correct you. Then he might let you get a physical illness. He might let you suffer defeat. Eventually, if you keep pushing it, he buries you in burning sulfur and pitch. Or he sends you to hell.

I wish I had never heard about this. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life reflecting on the stupid behavior of a group of carnal ministers. But there it is. And I don’t investigate this stuff. People bring it to me.

How about some positive news? Today Apostle Michael Tomasulo visited my church. My denomination, or whatever it is, is big on apostles. They seem like the real thing. They have shown up and said some very solid, very impressive things. Mr. Tomasulo is one of them.

I met him on his last visit. He’s an EE (electrical engineer). I was building guitar amps at the time, so I was really glad to meet him. I have a lot of weird interests, so it’s always comforting to meet someone who can relate. When I meet a person who shares one of my interests, it’s like meeting someone from home. Which is odd. And I can’t combine all, or even most, of my interests in one friend. I have to have an assortment. The gun friend. The cooking friend. The physics friend. The law friend. And so on.

Today he lit into TBN (he can’t stand watching it) and megachurches that teach self-help and motivational gibberish. LIKE TRINITY. He said exactly what I was saying to my prayer group three years ago. I said we didn’t need Dr. Phil and Oprah. I said motivational speakers were not what God wanted for us. He said these things today, even referring to Dr. Phil and his mothership. I saw a preacher on TBN say the same things last year (no word on whether his body has been found). God tells all of his people the same things. The church is unified, as Jesus prayed it would be. It’s just scattered. Like golden tickets in a pile of worldly Wonka bars.

Before he spoke, and before I knew what he would talk about, I put this on Facebook: “At my old church we had great motivational speakers who promised God would make us rich if we gave them money. Here at New Dawn Ministries, we have to settle for prophecy.”

Lately I’ve been getting back into tools, and I’ve started watching engineering lectures. Engineers don’t know where formulas come from. Physicists do, but they don’t know what to do with them, so I’m hoping to bridge the gap a little. I’ve been watching EE and ME stuff from NPTEL (Indian universities) and other sources. Today I decided to ask Mr. Tomasulo a few things, to see if he could steer me in the right direction. So far I’ve learned how much a truss can hold when the beams have been tempered in a tandoor.

Lo and behold, it turned out he wanted to talk to me. He remembered that I had been building tube amps. We started talking. I kept trying to tell him how much I admired engineers for knowing how to do USEFUL things, and he kept trying to tell me how much he admired physicists for knowing the root causes of stuff. Anyway, it turned out he was considering supplementing his income with EE work, and we started talking about amps. I told him it might be possible to generate some money building amps, and now he wants to come check out what I’m doing. Even if it goes nowhere, now I’ll have a friend who is almost a physicist. An EE is really not that far off. They are not the dumb engineers. What they do takes brains. They don’t seem to realize that, though.

An EE is actually more useful to me than a physicist, because a physicist wouldn’t know anything new.

We talked for quite a while, and unfortunately, his wife was standing right next to him, and she was bored so severely she required medical attention.

So here is what happened today. As a former physicist and amp builder who was recently told he had the anointing of a prophet and teacher, I met a guitar-playing EE apostle who wants to build tube amps. Tell me that’s not a weird day.

I want to introduce this guy to my dad as “Apostle Mike,” and I’ll insist he call him that. Come on. That’s irresistible. “Glad to know you, Mike.” “APOSTLE Mike, Dad.” “Uh…”

“Dad, I’m going to Five Guys with Apostle Mike. Do you want anything?”

I guess I’m stupid. That cracks me up.

But hey, it’s what he is.

I think if I could pick a job, it would be prophet. Apostles have to travel. Prophets can hang out in their garages and mess with tools most of the time, and every so often, they pop out, go to the local church, and say something that scares the living daylights out of everyone. Then they go home, and people leave them alone. It’s like Punxsutawney Phil, only holy.

“An earthquake is going to destroy the city next week, and afterward, an omer of organic dove’s dung from Whole Foods will cost as much as an Ipad 2. Plus God is going to give Deacon Fred a withered foot for playing Powerball. See you later, and stay off my lawn!”

I’m not positive my expectations are totally realistic. But it’s my understanding that a prophet can command a she-bear to eat punks that get on his nerves. That could be really handy.

End-Time Toys Bring Joy at the Range

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Heathens, Prairie Dogs…What’s the Difference?

I had a good range session today.

In 2005 (I think), I bought a PSL (Romak III, FPK, whatever). This is a medium-range rifle made in Romania. It’s based on the AK74. I don’t really know what an AK74 is, but I would guess that it’s the 7.62x54R version of the AK47, since that’s what this gun is. Some people call the PSL a sniper rifle, but the general consensus is that sub-MOA performance is not a realistic goal, so some say it’s a DSM rifle. I don’t know what DSM stands for. “Designated Something Marksman,” maybe. I think it’s a guy in a platoon who carries a scoped rifle for shooting people too far away for unscoped AK47s. Look it up. I can’t do everything for you.

When I fired the PSL, I had horrible problems with trigger slap. This means the trigger was propelled forward when the gun went off. It happens so fast you can’t detect it, but after a while you realize your trigger finger is numb and shaking. This is bad.

I stuck a Red Star fire control group (trigger) in the gun, and it quit working. It wouldn’t cycle. My solution to this problem was to put the gun in the closet and lose some of the parts.

Recently I dug it out and worked on the trigger. I also got myself some cheap spam-can Russian ammo (147-grain light ball). Today I decided to see whether it worked.

The gun shoots very well now. The trigger is very, very nice, now that I’ve ground off all the parts that bothered me. When I pull the trigger, I can’t really tell when the gun is going to go off, and for slow shooting, this is what I like.

I shot at 50 yards, and I’m going to say I shot about 3 MOA, although I don’t have a photo of the target in front of me. I am not much of a rifle shot, but my impression is that I shot better than the ammunition. Maybe I’m wrong. I was pretty happy, considering what I paid for it. I moved the target back to 100 yards, and the groups opened up by a factor of two. It’s not really satisfying shooting a gun that inaccurate, but it proves I would have no problem blasting zombies at that range, since they’re more than six inches wide. On that basis, I feel that the ammo was a good deal. I’m considering splurging on a new scope. The gun came with a used Kalinka with dead tritium, and you can’t fix it.

I really regret not buying more 7N1 ammo when it was selling for $200/880 rounds. I shot most of mine before I got the gun working, so I never found out whether the gun could shoot well with it.

I should really get off my behind and buy more K31 ammunition. It’s still cheap, and the quality is wonderful.

I believe I need to put a bipod mount on the PSL, and my impression is that it should be near the center of mass. This is not where the bipods fit on my other guns, and I am starting to think that’s unfortunate, because it seems to be the steadiest location. In order to put one on the PSL, I’ll have to install a swivel myself.

I can’t help wondering if this gun is capable of better performance, but since match-grade ammo is outrageously expensive, I may never find out.

After I put the PSL away, I got out my new AMD65. This is a short (12.5″ barrel) AK47 folder. I’ve put a foregrip and green laser on it, and I got some Tapco magazines, even though people hate them. The goal was to have a nice truck gun that wasn’t so expensive losing it would give me an ulcer. I figured the laser would be a lifesaver (literally) in short-range defensive situations, and the compact size of the gun would make it handy.

The gun has exceeded expectations. The Tapco trigger is like glass lubricated with snot. It’s just plain wonderful. I had no cycling issues. The recoil was a joke. People said it would be loud because of the barrel length, but it didn’t bother me.

The sun was bright today, and my local range has stupidly set things up so you can’t shoot a rifle at under 75 feet, so finding the green laser dot was a challenge. I had to fiddle with the zero a lot, since the 50-foot zero I set up at home was no longer anywhere near right. When I finally got the gun working, the bullets appeared to be going into an area about 4″ in diameter. I was holding the gun away from my shoulder (the range doesn’t permit firing from the hip), to simulate the way it might be used in a confrontation, and it worked just fine.

I can’t recommend this thing highly enough. It’s a better caliber than 5.56mm, the gun is inexpensive, and it’s a pleasure to fire. Tulammo hollow points are supposed to be pretty lethal, and they’re cheap. I’m sure you can build something better if you spend enough money, but for five hundred bucks, this is very impressive.

Things are starting to shape up, firearms-wise. When Obama drives us into a depression and the filthy transgendered socialist hippies show up on my lawn to steal my homegrown right-wing Christian end-time turnips, I’ll be able to slay them like ants. I got a lot of my guns for fun, and that’s why I have so many, but a number are actually useful.

I really hope the good Lord is kind enough to prevent the pinheads from gutting the Second Amendment. My feeling is that as far as God is concerned, the Second Amendment is a Constitutional firewall. He’ll let them spy on us and force us to buy things and molest us at airports, but we get to keep our Mausers and AR15s and Norincos. I hope so, anyway. I joke, but persecution is already starting, and if socialism ruins the economy, it will get worse. Everyone will want a piece of the 1% or the Man or whatever it is they’ll be calling us at the time.

Now if someone would just invent a gun that cleans itself.

Welcome to Zoar Farms

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Where the Cows Lick Pillars of Salt

Sorry I did not come by to weep with everyone on Tuesday night. On Monday, I had a 2-phone-battery conversation with somone who thinks going into drug rehab is somehow a service that benefits ME, and I decided to get up the next day and get out of Miami.

Ocala. That’s what it’s all about.

To recap, I went to Winter Haven to help launch a new church, and I felt like a runaway slave. Afterward, I started thinking about moving north. Then my buddy Mike started talking about Ocala. Either that, or I came up with the idea myself. Can’t remember. I started looking at Ocala real estate on the computer, with the intensity of an Obama campaign staffer researching Romney’s overdue library books. I found out that you can get a magnificent farm up there for the cost of a little-bitty house in Coral Gables. I’ve been making lists and looking at Google Earth a lot.

Originally, I thought I would go alone, because I didn’t think my father would ever leave this place. Then he started coming around. That was great, because I refuse to have a mortgage, and if we both go, we can have a much nicer property.

I checked out fourteen places, from two acres to forty, if I recall correctly. If I had to describe this area, I’d say it looks a great deal like the area outside Lexington, Kentucky, only without the backwardness and bigotry. I hope. Mike says everyone got along great at the racially mixed school he went to in Ocala.

I had read that the dirt up there was too sandy for growing things, but that’s not true. I saw all sorts of hay, and people were growing stuff in their yards. It may not be the finest dirt on earth, but clearly, it works. We don’t really have dirt in Miami. A lot of this area has a few inches of white sand over oolite (coral rock), and when they build houses, sometimes they add a little muck from the Everglades, so you end up with grey sand. To plant a tree in my yard, you have to use a mattock and cut a hole in the rock. I’ve pretty much had it with our dirt.

I was able to move between properties ten miles apart in about as many minutes. As a victim of Miami, I can’t even express my joy. The traffic here is nearly unbearable, and the worst part about it is that when you finally get out of the car, you’re still in Miami.

There are actual hills up there. At one point, while driving, I felt pressure in my ears. I didn’t think that was possible in Florida.

I also enjoyed hearing English. Diversity is swell, but I get very, very, very tired of playing charades to make myself understood in the United States of America, by individuals who have been here since Carter.

People get mad at me because I can’t understand their bad English. One of the biggest night school subjects here is ESOL, or English for Speakers of Other Languages. That’s great, but they haven’t gotten around to adding UESOL, or Understanding English for Speakers of Other Languages. Funny thing, I find it easier to talk to relatively new Haitians than Cubans who have been here 20 years. The Haitians learn English very quickly, and when their English isn’t good (very rare), I can talk to them in French.

Anyway, I do look forward to saying everything ONCE.

The Romney signs…they were everywhere. I saw a few Obamas, but not enough to matter. Mike says a politician who runs as a Democrat in Marion County has no shot. I love that.

I would say the Ocala area looks, well, not hectic. I suppose it could get dull. But I don’t do much anyway, in terms of going out on the town. I don’t like movies because my feet stick to the floor and people yap in Spanish. I don’t like restaurants because I cook better than they do. Clubs…don’t even joke. I can generally be found at home, at church, or running errands. My assumption is that if I join a good church up there, I’ll have a social circle within two to three months, and after that, life will be much as it is here, only without the unpleasant sensation of being in Miami.

I saw a lot of wonderful things. Barbecue restaurants, plural. All sorts of businesses related to farming. They would be helpful to a tool-oriented person hoping to get into things like canning food and maintaining a workshop. There’s a Krystal restaurant in town. They don’t have a Costco, and that will smart, but you can’t have everything. There’s a Gordon Food Service 60 miles away. I wanted to be remote, so I shouldn’t complain.

It may be hard to find a place that doesn’t have horse paraphernalia. I am not going to have much use for a barn. I know people will say I can put a workshop in it, but horse barns are cut up into little stalls. I think it would be pretty hard to convert one. Mike says we can rent stalls to people. Basically, they would be paying to give me handy manure.

I don’t know much about maintaining rural property, even though I’ve owned a ton of it in common with family. As far as I know, you don’t have to do much with barns and land. We did virtually nothing to the farms we sold, and they held their value. I don’t want to end up bush-hogging thirty or forty acres once a month, or mowing a giant yard.

I’m going to try to put together a plan and get this done. Things are probably going to get very bad now that we have chosen Obama a second time, and if a depression hits the cities, the entitlement flash mobs will be invading houses en masse, raping, killing, and stealing. Or “stealing BACK,” as they would say. Places like Ocala will be very dangerous for that crowd. Up there, a guy with scoped rifles (and friends with scoped rifles) might have a real advantage over liberal dentists and accountants in Coral Gables. I guess it sounds like I’m planning to move so I can shoot a bunch of people. No, but I don’t want to be an easy target when the anti-Christian, anti-conservative Kristallnacht comes.

I guess I should write about the election.

Many conservatives are questioning the legitimacy of Obama’s victory. Let me give you a bitter pill. It’s completely legitimate. Unless they turn up an extremely unlikely election-rigging scam which spans many states, no reasonable person will ever be able to deny that we chose this man. We know what he is, and we want it.

People are saying he won because the media didn’t go after him. I’m sure that helped him, but his screwups have been covered fairly well. Everyone who owns a PC or TV should be aware of his failures and negative traits. People claim he won because the public has drifted left. I very much doubt it. I don’t think the public is smart enough to know what left is.

Obama won because a big percentage of the electorate is ignorant and/or not very bright. Grab a typical college graduate and ask him if he has any idea why entitlements lead to unemployment and low productivity, and chances are, he won’t have a clue. The people who decided the election were not favoring leftism. They went for the guy they liked best. They saw the debates, and they thought about things like hair and suits, and at the end, they decided Obama made them feel better.

People who are obsessed with politics think everyone worries about things like the proper level of taxation and the size of our military. In reality, the average voter votes based on instinct, which is something that exists to help creatures who lack the ability or inclination to reason.

Ronald Reagan ran against Carter. He projected confidence and charm, so he won twice. Bush I ran against Dukakis, who looked short, dumpy, and timid, so he won once. Clinton charmed female voters, so he beat Bush I. Bush II seemed less crazy than Gore and less snotty than Kerry, so he got eight years.

I know it’s not really that simple. Policies matter a little. But it’s very obvious that we are as willing to vote for extreme leftists as right-of-center conservatives, so I don’t believe substance means much.

Anyway, Obama is the President, and he is the true choice of the people, so get over it.

As to why Obama won people’s hearts, I believe the answer is supernatural. We have killed tens of millions of unborn babies (and quite a few that were born), we have turned against Israel, a huge percentage of us support perversion, we think fornication is a God-given right, and we are becoming cruel and extremely proud. We pray less than ever, and church attendance is dropping. We are becoming God’s enemies. In my opinion, our reward is national decline. God has blinded us to Obama’s revolting shortcomings, so we did something no reasonable nation would do. We chose Obama not once, but twice.

I was highly disturbed when I saw the election results. I was in a hotel room, trying to sleep, and I stupidly forgot to turn off my phone. People woke me up more than once, calling to express their horror. At some point in the wee hours, I gave up and looked at Drudge. Arrgh.

Before the election, I spent a great deal of time in prayer. I felt great faith pushing through me. I thought a Romney victory was very likely. When I saw that I was wrong, the thing that disturbed me most was not the Obama victory, but the fact that I had believed he would lose. It’s very unusual for me to have strong faith for a result and then to see something different happen. It affects my relationship with God. I will never doubt him or criticize him, but a failure like this makes me reevaluate the things I do in my walk of faith. Am I praying correctly? Am I interpreting what I feel correctly? Is there something else I should be doing? If I’m wrong about this, what else am I wrong about?

I believe God sometimes sets his seal on things. By that, I mean he decrees that a thing will be done, with complete finality. He doesn’t say “if” or “maybe.” It’s done. Period. I believe he reveals this to some people during prayer. Sometimes the rush of faith that follows a request is so powerful, it’s overwhelming. There’s no way to deny it.

This happened to me back when an ex-girlfriend was filing nutty lawsuits against me. One day I was praying in my truck, and a wave of faith hit me, and I grabbed the console between the seats because I felt I would be pushed over if I didn’t have something to hold. After that, I knew I was going to win, and I was right. On top of that, I asked for very specific things in the last two hearings, and I got them.

I’ve also had it happen with regard to other things I’ve asked for. I asked God to do everything within his power to get my father and sister to accept Christ, be baptized with the Spirit, pray in tongues, be freed from their iniquities, and live in power and blessings, and my faith told me it would be done. God didn’t say they would change; he just said he would do everything possible. They still have free will.

I have found that usually, a strong rush of faith that doesn’t reach the threshold of a sealed answer will still get the job done. But sometimes–I think–a small amount of doubt is enough to sink the ship. I think that’s what happened with the election. I felt great faith, but I also felt something pushing back, and I wasn’t able to get to the point where doubt was completely destroyed. It may sound like I’m giving a lot of importance to my prayers, but my religion tells me the prayer of one man held the sun still in the sky, and I am not willing to limit God.

I think that in the future, I’ll have to be careful not to conclude that something is sealed when it isn’t. I also think that when I’m not sure a thing is sealed, and it’s an important matter, I should continue in prayer until I get resolution. That’s my take for now, anyway.

For a long time, I’ve prayed for God to bless and empower Christians, not America in general. I won’t pray for America’s success because America has been harmed by false prosperity. When things go well, we do what the ancient Jews did. We turn away from God, credit ourselves, and sink into sin. I see that happening around me, so I have prayed that God would bring down ungodly people who are in power and strengthen believers. I believe this will help people turn back to God, where they will work to achieve his ends. They will work as they were intended, with his authority, to increase his kingdom in the earth. I think the Obama disaster is God granting prayers like mine. Like the Hebrews who feasted on quail till they puked, we’re going to feast on our own conceit. God will give us the incompetent, dangerous leaders our egos tell us we need, and they will lead us over cliffs until we repent. That’s my best guess.

God is taking away the things we believe in. He is taking away every stable investment. Stocks are shaky, and Obama’s tax changes will kill them. Gold is volatile. Real estate could plummet again at any time. Even cash is sinking. Thanks to Bernanke’s backdoor socialism, if you sell your risky stocks and put the money in the bank, you still lose value. It looks as though a time is coming when everything we cling to will turn on us, and unless we have a good grip on God, we will sink.

This is why I like the rural-compound-with-no-mortgage idea. Little properties in places like Manhattan and Coral Gables are only valuable in good times. They have no real value. A Park Avenue condo, for example, is a tiny box with no soil, even if it costs ten million dollars. Right now it’s valuable because there are a lot of people who have money. When things go bad, people won’t want little boxes. They’ll want acreage, so they can grow things and defend themselves. Bernanke can wreck the dollar, but he can’t dry up your well or prevent potatoes from growing in your yard.

I keep meeting people who have Ocala connections. Mike was the first. I went to church and mentioned it, and I found out that one of the armorbearers already owns 20 acres there and wants to move, but his wife won’t let him. He has a carry permit, and he’s learning to can! One of my best friends, a former armorbearer, is married to a woman who has family in Marion County. She has wanted to move there for a while now. The other day, I mentioned the idea to a friend who used to be part of my prayer group at Trinity. He goes to New Dawn now. He says he went to high school in Ocala. To me, these things seem like confirmation.

I think God is probably going to protect Christians in the years ahead. I think we will do better than ever, while the country sinks. I think Israel will also prosper. America is abandoning Israel, and God never will, so he will find other ways to bless his nation. If Christians and Israel do well, it will serve to ground persecution. No surprise there. We’ve been told to expect it.

When I say “Christians,” I mean charismatics who really know God. I don’t think he’s going to do much for people who don’t have the Holy Spirit, because they don’t hear his guidance as well. They say 20 million confused people who claim to be evangelicals voted for Obama. I think that should tell you how lost a so-called Christian can be.

If I learn anything new, I’ll let you know.