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Earth to Al Gore: Polar Bears are Aquatic

Friday, April 15th, 2016

But Will the Global Warmers be Able to Swim When the Water of Truth Rises?

I want to add a couple of things about the global warming…I am looking for a word that doesn’t sound like “fundamentalists” or “Taliban”…adherents. Yes…adherents. I went with that before, and it worked.

The GWA’s (save me some typing) have done something scientists should never do. They have painted themselves into a corner and provided themselves with a compelling interest in seeing themselves proven right. To be more accurate, they have a compelling interest in not being proven wrong. It’s okay if they’re not proven right, but being proven wrong would be catastrophic. They would look like idiots and cultists, and their professional credentials would be cheapened considerably.

Because they have been so adamant and intolerant, the only way they can be sure of avoiding disaster is to force the rest of us to go along with their strange, draconian “reform” proposals, even if they don’t work.

I will explain.

Let’s say they get their way, which is likely. Let’s say they get us to spend astronomical sums, choking industry and crushing progress, putatively in order to reduce global warming.

By the way, I don’t call it “climate change,” because that’s weasel language. They used to call it global warming, and then certain places got very cold, appearing to disrupt the whole theory. They switched to “climate change” so they would be able to say that any change, cold or hot, was due to bad old greenhouse gases. I think that was disingenuous and contrived. I think they’re hedging their bets. So I will stick with global warming.

Say it’s going to warm up, or say it’s going to cool down. Man up and take a position, or admit you don’t know the truth.

To get back to our scenario, they get their way. They stuff socks in all our tailpipes. They make us ride bicycles and use abominable poisonous light bulbs that don’t work. They make us turn off our lights at 8 p.m. They remove the element carbon from all future periodic tables and replace it with an element called “Priusine.” Whatever it is they want, they get.

That gives us three possible outcomes.

Outcome 1: nothing happens. They can say they arrested the progress of global warming. Their grants are saved. Comrade Lysenko smiles down from atheist heaven, where he spends eternity waiting in line to buy toilet paper. Life is well.

Outcome 2: the planet heats up. They can say we didn’t do enough. It’s still George Bush’s fault. We didn’t listen in time. We didn’t give them enough government money. We didn’t go to Burning Man and pray to Cthulhu with them. Our fault. They still look good.

Outcome 3: the planet cools down. It worked! They were right! It’s just amazing how smart they were. Time to put the rest of us in vegetarian gulags where everyone gets to use whatever bathroom they want, which was obviously the right move to begin with.

Now, what if we do nothing?

Outcome 1: nothing happens. They were wrong. They look stupid. People distance themselves from them. College students start demanding safe spaces to get away from them.

Outcome 2: the planet heats up. Thank Gaia. They were right. We should have listened. Now we need to give them more power, because it would be even hotter if they hadn’t gotten their way. Fire up the bongs with the special carbon traps and put on some Justin Bieber!

Outcome 3: the planet cools. Wow, do they look stupid. They risk being beaten to death by mobs swinging pillowcases full of coal.

If we do what they want, they can’t lose. If we don’t do what they want, the planet absolutely has to heat up, fast, or they’re toast.

Surely they’ve figured this out, so now we can count on them putting on a full-court press, not out of confidence that they’re right, but out of terror that they might be wrong.

Personally, I think they’re wrong. I am not a meteorologist or climatologist, but the people who are against them seem more credible than the liars and hysterical polemicists who get attention for backing them.

I was not favorably impressed by the famous global warming fraud scandal, nor am I impressed by the fake movie polar bears which were used to convince us that aquatic mammals, for the first time in history, can’t swim. I am not impressed by Al Gore, who, to me, appears to be mentally ill and incapable of telling the truth. He got rich off of global warming, after his family got rich from oil, and his house, which is clearly visible from Venus, uses more energy than the entire northeast power grid.

“Carbon credits” are not only silly, they’re an insult to my intelligence. If carbon credits made sense, wives would sell their husbands adultery credits, and the cops would sell angry people murder credits. When Leo Dicaprio travels to complain about fossil fuel, he uses a private jet. Come on. If you’re going to pull my leg, at least pretend you’re serious. When Bruce Jenner decided he was a woman, he grew breasts, wore makeup, and made sure he shaved every day. A quality hoax demands a certain level of commitment.

If they prove AGW (figure it out) exists, fine. I’ll be quiet. But the way they’re handling it now is a disgrace.

There are Known Knowns; There are Things we Know we Know

Saturday, March 19th, 2016

And Little Lambs Eat Ivy

I don’t get into politics much these days, and no one is interested in religion, so I do not attract trolls like I used to. They used to take up a good percentage of my waking life.

A wise man (clearly not me) once said that it is not absolutely necessary to gainsay everything you disagree with on the Internet. I wish I had thought about that in 2002, before I started blogging. I would never have gotten involved in whack-a-troll, and I would not have treated well-intentioned commenters like trolls, which I am sure I have done. Worse than that, I’m sure I have corrected people who were right when I was wrong.

Today I showed up to see if anything was going on here, and I saw a somewhat trolly comment in the approval bin. I don’t have it in front of me (it was accidentally deleted in a process which would have made Fusilli Jerry proud), but the first line was something about me being confused–not a sign of warmth or good intentions–and the commenter tried to correct me about the concept of escape velocity. He wrote some really strange things which just were not correct. They were so wrong I did not even understand them. It’s like the famous quip from physicist Wolfgang Pauli, who once disagreed with someone so intensely, he said, “That’s not even wrong.”

I hold comments for approval for good reasons, and one reason is to avoid getting into comment wars with people who are not able to understand the topic. There is nothing worse than arguing with a person who doesn’t know what’s going on.

How does he know when he loses?

I guess they just figure they’ve won when you stop responding.

I am not a real physicist, if a physicist is a person who can sit down with no preparation and do physics well enough to be paid for it. On the other hand, I am a real physicist by the definition of the people who sell magazines to former physics students! If you belonged to the national physics honor society at one time, and now you’re a realtor who can barely integrate 1/x^2, but you can pay for a subscription to Physics Today, you, my friend, are a physicist.

I studied for several years, I got a degree, and I went to grad school in physics for a year and a half, at the end of which my brain turned into a pork rind, and I had to quit. I remember little bits of what I learned. Don’t ask me to write out the Laplacian for spherical coordinates, and don’t even talk to me about quantum mechanics, but I know a couple of things.

I had to look “Laplacian” up just now to make sure I didn’t really mean “Lagrangian.”

Anyway, I didn’t pull my terrific explanation of escape velocity out of a bong. Here is how it works, and this time I actually looked at someone else’s web page to make sure I didn’t say anything crazy. Does that make me a plagiarist? No, because it would be like plagiarizing addition. And it agreed with what I said to begin with.

There are two kinds of energy in classical mechanics: kinetic and potential. To have kinetic energy, you have to be moving. To have potential energy, you have to be in a situation where something or other has the potential to make you move.

If you’re falling from a building, you have kinetic energy, which will be transferred to whatever you land on. If you’re on top of a building, you have potential energy, because if you fall off, you will rapidly start to move.

If you’re a rock in a slingshot, pulled back all the way, you have potential energy. If you’re released and start flying through the air, you have kinetic energy.

The energy in an object can go back and forth between kinetic and potential energy.

Think of a bouncing ball.

As the ball leaves the ground, it’s moving at its highest possible speed. It’s going as fast as it will ever go, because as it moves upward, gravity will slow it down. All of its energy is kinetic.

At the top of the bounce, the ball is not moving. It has no kinetic energy. All of its energy is potential energy. As it falls again, that energy will turn back into kinetic energy.

Balls don’t bounce forever, because energy is lost to air resistance and the force it takes to flex the ball and radio waves and God knows what else. In the real world, I mean. In physics books, balls bounce for eternity, because the problems take place in ideal worlds that don’t exist.

Are you with me?

Imagine an object on the surface of the earth. There is no air resistance, because OUR [fictional] earth is ideal. There is no friction. There is only gravity. There isn’t even any sales tax.

If you shoot the ball upward, it will return to earth, because it will be slowed down by gravity. In reality, it’s falling from the instant it leaves the ground. It’s falling AND rising. By “falling,” I mean it’s accelerating downward. If you don’t understand that, don’t worry about it. No one cares.

Satellites in orbit are always falling! They’re going sideways so fast it cancels out the fall!

Sorry. That just popped out. Ignore it.

As our ball goes up, it loses kinetic energy because it slows down. It gains potential energy. That potential energy is related to the distance the ball rises. It increases on the way up.

If you do the correct definite integral with the correct endpoints, you find that if the ball rises all the way to infinity, the amount of potential energy it gains will not be infinite. It has a cap. The potential energy a ball can gain as it leaves a planet is limited.

If, when you shoot the ball upward, you give it enough speed to give it kinetic energy greater than the total possible potential energy, you have given the ball what is known as escape velocity. It escapes from the planet’s pull. The planet can’t pull it back. It keeps going forever.

This only works on ideal planets, which are rare, although Bernie Sanders says he knows how to create one using other people’s money. It didn’t work too good in Cuba and North Korea, but we can always hope.

If this kind of thing actually interests you (stop laughing), you can find escape velocity explained, with integrals, all over the Internet. I’ll link to a page which lays it all out in a couple of paragraphs.

Gravitational Potential Energy, Explained

An interesting thing to observe, if you look at the integral, is that the smaller the radius of your planet is (for a given mass), the harder it is to leave. This is why it’s pretty hard to come home from a vacation on a black hole. Lots of mass means lots of gravity, and a small radius means it’s sort of crammed into a tiny area, so it’s strong.

What I wrote is not advanced physics. I guess it would be in the first semester of university physics, which is the low-level class your doctor took. It’s not controversial or complicated.

Now, if you ask Bernie Sanders what he thinks, you may get a different answer. I can’t be responsible for his interesting notions.

I don’t plan to start publishing trolly-looking comments. Life is too short. My advice to irritated commenters is this: put them on your own blog, where they will actually see the light of day. I delete them permanently.

I apologize if the comment I dumped was not intended to be a troll scat, but really, I could not see any way to make it mesh with reality, so I assumed the worst. Another bad Internet habit.

Maybe I misunderstood the commenter’s jargon, but in any case, it’s clear that what I wrote initially was correct. If anyone else wants to come by and challenge trivial results of undergraduate physics problems, please don’t.

Stuff I Can’t Say to People in Person

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

Memes to Live By

I am not going to lie. I get tired of having my intelligence insulted. Sometimes I almost think it would be better to be stupid, just so I would be able to AGREE with the people who treat me like a moron.

Sometimes I get “corrected” by people who didn’t get through high school. Hello? Is it possible that there is a connection between 1) lack of success and 2) unwillingness to respect the opinions of people who clearly know more than you do?

Anyway, I had an aggravating experience, and I went to the Morpheus meme generator site and cut loose. I am quite pleased with these.

Is it wrong for a Christian to blow off steam? Maybe. But sometimes I think it’s the only thing that keeps human beings from going nova.

Here’s how I feel: if you’re going to treat me like an idiot, be consistent. Don’t tell me how smart I am and THEN treat me like an idiot.

Too much to ask?


wonka advice wrong

boromir yield hialeah

dicaprio okay youre still here

humble mcdonalds coffee

lumbergh criticize

told you so meme

dicaprio win win

Save $60,000 a Year and Fix Your Own Toaster

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

Free Knowledge for Nerds

I’m back.

I haven’t written anything here lately, but I have had all sorts of remarkable experiences. The practice of praying in tongues keeps paying off, not just for me, but for people I have encouraged.

My young friend who got a music scholarship at the University of Miami is in the neighborhood most weekdays because of class, and we meet and spend long sessions in prayer. You wouldn’t believe the revelation he gets. It’s tremendous.

That’s not what drove me here to write, though. I had a wonderful experience over the last couple of weeks, and I really don’t know anyone who would appreciate it, so here I am.

I have always regretted burning out on physics and quitting school. I could not do anything about it. I’m sure the people I worked with at the University of Texas think I just wasn’t smart enough, and that I was a typical washout, but that’s not true. I got a physics degree in three years, and when I started, I didn’t really know algebra, and then I got accepted by a top grad program. You can’t be stupid and do that. I just got burned out, and nothing I did helped. I panicked and resorted to ADD drugs, and they made things worse. And the people who ran the UT physics department didn’t care at all. They did give me one or two breaks, but they were small, and the impression I got was that they wanted me out of there fast, without an ADA lawsuit.

Before I was admitted, I was warned that UT didn’t care about students, but I didn’t know how true it was. And I saw my lab students get the same treatment. I guess that’s Texas for you. There seems to be something about the high percentage of Germans there that makes Texas different from other Southerners. They can be extremely rigid and cold.

I believe the real reason I failed was that I was out of line with God’s will. Every Christian is on the enemy’s radar, and the enemy is real, and he will make bad things happen to you if you’re an idiot, which I was. These days I have supernatural tools to put my enemies in my place, but back then, I was defenseless, so I lost to jerks and creeps who probably spent their entire childhood and adolescent years receiving wedgies from younger kids and being pushed in the mud by Brownies.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed online education opportunities, but they have taken a while to develop into something useful, and I didn’t really work hard to take advantage, so it wasn’t until recently that things started to click.

In February, I felt like I absolutely had to find a good online electronics course. I build tube amps, and I took two electronics courses in college, but I have no idea what I’m doing. The first course I took was somewhat practical. The second was all theory, and it was about things like the photoelectric principle, which is not going to get anyone a job designing computers. I’ve forgotten a lot of what I learned, and I didn’t learn that much to begin with.

I Googled and came across EDx.org, which is a site started by Harvard and MIT. You can go there and take courses from excellent professors at various universities, and you can even get certificates of completion. You can submit homework assignments, do labs with virtual equipment, and take tests.

I signed up to audit 6.002x, which is MIT’s basic electronics course. They provided an online version of the textbook for nothing. It was too late in the year to take the course for credit, but I already have credit for a similar course, and I don’t have any use for a certificate anyway.

The online textbook was nearly impossible to read, but I found the real book on Ebay. The American-market hardcover version runs $90, but I found the Indian edition, which is paperback, for about $20. I ordered it.

Near as I can tell, you can’t get the lecture videos unless you start from the beginning of the semester. That’s bad. But today I found the answer to that problem, and in doing so, I found the mother lode of free nerd classes. MIT has a site that provides a huge number of classes, for the princely sum of nothing. And the lectures are all on Youtube!

They even provide PDF lecture notes.

You can’t get credit, but on the other hand, you don’t have to submit a 1500 SAT or pay $60,000 per year (I checked) in tuition and costs. And if you ever have to get credit, you can take the MIT online class first and then show up at your local college and blow everyone out of the water.

This is wonderful. I feel like I’ll finally have a tiny bit of the knowledge you need to be competent with electronic devices. And the structure makes it easy to stick with it.

If you wish you could improve your brain, but you can’t go to college right now, this is a great resource.

I’ve already written about other providers, such as Khan Academy and NPTEL, but MIT is a cut above, because they provide real courses with real materials.

It’s incredible, really. Twenty years ago, I had zero chance of ever attending an MIT lecture. Now I can attend as many as I can stand, in my garage.

I’m sure there is stuff out there for liberal arts people, too. Truthfully, though, do you really need a professor to teach you about art history and novels? I’ve had plenty of liberal arts courses, and I learned absolutely nothing–nothing–I could not have figured out on my own with a library card.

Check it out if you want. If you’re technically inclined, you will never see a better bargain than this: MIT Open Courseware.

If you have a brainy kid who wants to get a head start on college, remember, taking courses online before you take them in person isn’t cheating. It’s just smart thinking.


Thursday, December 19th, 2013

I am Here

A couple of people have emailed me wondering if I’m dead or what. Thought I’d put up a brief post to put people’s fears to rest. Things are going very, very well. The problem is that I tend to use social media these days instead of blogging. I guess that’s a mistake. It’s like giving the NSA the keys to your house, and you lose control of everything you write, but there it is. I have so many great friends, and they’re all on the social sites, so I’ve ended up spending way too much time there.

Maybe I’ll try to do something about it.

Anyway, I hope all my readers have a great Christmas!

Birds of Paradise

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Marvel at my Video Skills

Here is the more-or-less final version of my second original composition. I decided to name it New Dawn, after my church, and after what I think God is up to in the world. I had to use Youtube. Couldn’t figure out any other way to put in on Facebook. Hope you like it.

Psalms 37:4
Zechariah 4:6

Found You

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

New Stat Tool

This is highly irritating.

I thought my site was getting almost no traffic, so I was less inclined to write. Because I was less inclined to write, the site got less traffic.

I was measuring the traffic using Sitemeter, the same service that used to tell me 3,000 people showed up every day. I never bothered looking at my CPanel stats, because they were confusing. A few weeks back, Sitemeter crapped out entirely, showing no visits at all. I complained, and they didn’t respond.

Today I decided to stick a different counter on the page, and while I was working on it, I checked CPanel. It turns out I get several times as many visits as I thought. So people have been showing up, but I haven’t been here to answer the door.

I decided to install Statcounter today. The interface is weird, but it’s easier than trying to decipher the CPanel stuff.

I may blog more often now. Not sure.

I guess Sitemeter has really gone down the toilet. It says over three million uniques have been counted since I installed it. I have to wonder how many went unrecorded.

Anyway, nice to see you again.

Obama Should Get a Commission

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Truck Gun

I solved my truck gun problem. I figured I’d write about it so people could tell me I’m an idiot. Half of the fun of buying a gun is getting on the Internet, letting people know, and having them call you an idiot. You bought the wrong gun. You paid too much. You got the wrong optics. Your mother shoots homey-style. Whatever.

I found three really good solutions. One is the Yugo (Zastava) M92 pistol. Wonderful weapon. Not expensive. No 922r problems, unless I am misinformed. The second is the Vz2008. This is a Century Arms Vz58 with a non-chromed barrel. They’re supposed to be somewhat crappier than the ones Czechpoint sells, but they only cost about $400, so it’s a wonderful choice. The third gun is an AK variant made specifically for people who carry in vehicles. It’s the AMD-65, made in Hungary. It’s under 26″ long, folded, and you can shoot it without opening it up. The barrel is chrome-lined, and people say they get good accuracy. It comes with a vertical foregrip, which is fantastic. You can get one of these guns for about $440.

I probably should have gone with the Vz2008, but I don’t have any AK-47s, and the AMD-65 looked really good. I have one on the way.

My plan is to stick a Chinese laser under the gun’s barrel. That will take some thought. I’ll need to drill holes in the handguard and install a rail, or I’ll have to replace the handguard entirely and get a rail-mounted foregrip.

This gun has very few US-made parts, so magazines are a problem. You have to have a certain number of US-made items in order to beat 922r, and the AMD-65 relies heavily on American magazines. No cheap surplus foreign jobs. I decided to pick up a couple of 30-round Tapcos. They’re plastic, which purists hate, but supposedly they work well, and if they stink, I’m only out $14.

Hogue makes a handguard for it. That would count toward 922r. I think an American foregrip would, too, but I’m not sure. I can definitely score a point with a new gas piston.

I have read differing opinions of the AMD-65. Some people say it’s crap from one end to the other, except for the way it functions. Others say it actually looks nicer than other AKs, except for the Krylon finish, which can be fixed with Duracoat or something similar. Some say the accuracy is bad, but others say they get tight groups. I’m inclined to suspect that the shooters are the main problem. Hungarian barrels have a good reputation, and this gun has a short sight radius, which would tend to make a poor shooter perform worse.

We are equipping the police with this rifle over in Afghanistan, presumably so it will be more convenient for them to shoot our troops in the back.

The buttstock is wire. I have no problem with that. I don’t want to hear about cheek welds and 100-yard groups. It’s tough to plead self-defense when you’re shooting someone a hundred yards away, and I may never get a chance to open the stock anyway. If I can do well at a hundred feet or less, I’ll be ecstatic.

I shot my Vz58 folder the other day, and it has a crappy buttstock (or whatever you call a wire buttstock substitute). Without even trying, I put four shots in one hole at 75 feet. That will do. If the Hungarian rifle even approaches that level of accuracy, it will shoot better than I do in a panic situation.

I think I have my needs covered. Glock for carry. Cheap but reliable AK for true disasters that happen away from home. Both lasered.

I have high hopes that Obama will lose the election, but this makes me feel a little better.

No More Dual Citizenship

Monday, August 27th, 2012

I’m In

On Saturday, I drove to Winter Haven as part of a church expedition. A friend of my pastor has established a new church up there. We went to help get it going. The church is called New Dawn Ministries of Winter Haven. For Google purposes, I will add more information. The pastor is Ricardo Cardona, and the address is 225 Avenue O Southwest, Winter Haven 33880. They’re not really on top of the business of publicizing themselves, so I figure this can’t hurt.

The event was planned a long time back. I wanted to go, because I’m dying to leave Miami. Central Florida is the area that draws me, although I’m not completely sure that’s where God wants me. When I learned about the trip, I started searching for homes in the area, just so I could look at them. The prices are ridiculous. For a hundred thousand dollars, you can get something really nice. For twice that much, I could get a home which would be almost exactly what I dream of.

When the time to leave drew near, Tropical Storm Isaac popped up. I kept watching it. I’ve been through so many hurricanes, I know exactly what you can and can’t get away with, so I knew I had to stay informed. As of the day before the trip, I thought everything was okay, so I got up on Saturday and hit the road at 6:30.

There is nothing like leaving Miami. It makes me feel like there’s a fist inside me, clutching my guts, and it opens its grip as I pass through Broward (the next county to the north). It’s a beautiful sensation. I was alone in the truck, but as I drove, I wasn’t bored for a second. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I had a choice. One route goes up the coast, via the Turnpike. The other goes by Lake Okeechobee and the sugar country. One route is longer but faster. The other is slower but more interesting. I took the fast route up and the slow route down.

Florida is a fairly ugly state, at least in the southern part. Most people don’t realize that. The southeastern part has been prettied up. Over the decades, the swamps were drained, the native plants were killed off, and nicer plants were brought in. Virtually none of the best-looking trees in southeast Florida are indigenous. People brought in palms, fruit trees, poincianas, banyans, seagrapes, and other things that looked better than the native scrub.

Once you get away from the big clump of cities, you will see nasty-looking cabbage palms and palmettos all over the place. The ground is full of sand spurs and ground spikes. The grass is brown. There are weeds everywhere. The ground itself tends to be rocky and sandy. The wildlife looks ratty and mangy; maybe the heat and humidity is hard on animals’ coats. We get a lot of bald dogs down here.

Even though the landscape deteriorated as I drove, I felt the pressure inside me releasing. The sight of the horizon was like a drink of cool water after a day in the desert.

During the second half of the drive up, I started seeing wonderful things. Bush stickers. Romney signs. Big billboards offering help to women considering abortion. Just writing about it, I feel hope rising inside me. It reminds me that not all of America is corrupt.

This is one of the things I love about the rest of the state. I guess it’s the main thing I love. Miami is full of nasty, aggressive people who–I don’t know how else to say it–remind me of hungry pigs. They root, root, root, and they accumulate everything they can, and then they die. That’s what life is all about in Miami. Generally, though, Florida isn’t like that.

Down here, even the Christians can be trying. My old church was full of Obama Democrats. Christianity is not a political movement, but liberalism is a political movement which is incompatible with Christianity, and you can’t say that about conservatism. It’s impossible to be a good Christian and support politicians who condone the slaughter of the unborn, the dismantling of Israel, increased taxation on churches and charities, sexual perversion, and the exclusion of Christianity from public life. It can’t be done. But there are plenty of Christians who do not understand that, and it’s fatiguing to be around them all the time.

Liberal Christians tend to use socialism to defend themselves, as though confiscation and redistribution were the same thing as giving from the heart. They don’t have the spirituality to realize that human beings do not get credit for the government’s giving, especially when the things that are given are taken from others, by force. God has always been against big government, as the story of the anointing of Saul shows. We were supposed to be ruled by godly men and the Holy Spirit, not a secular vote-buying machine.

It’s funny, but when I persuade people to start praying in tongues more, they start becoming more conservative. They start to see that Obama is an enemy of Israel, and that his support for perversion and unrestricted abortion is wrong. The Spirit opens people’s eyes. Christians who aren’t operating in the gifts of the Spirit don’t have the capacity to understand anything properly. They’re like puppies whose eyes never open.

As Winter Haven drew near, the landscape changed. Suddenly the grass looked better. There were lakes everywhere. There were hills! I hadn’t expected that. It was surprising. It looked much better than nearby areas like Frostproof. And while it was definitely a rural community, they had stores. There was a mall. It wasn’t like living in the middle of Montana. A person living near Winter Haven can find a Lowe’s when he needs one.

When I got to Winter Haven, I was not able to check into our hotel, because the pastors had not worked things out with the clerk yet. I went to the church to check it out. It was in a storefront. Guess what I saw a couple of doors down. The local GOP headquarters. On the other side, there was a pizzeria. Anyone who knows me will understand how funny this is.

As I walked across the parking lot, a stranger waved his hand at a car and started talking to me as though he had known me all his life. He pointed out that the car had an Obama banner inside it, and it was parked by the GOP headquarters. I smiled and told him it was offensive. It was so strange to be among friendly people, so soon after arriving. Miami is not like this.

I met the pastor. Like my current pastor, he’s a former Coral Gables employee. They both did something involved with codes or zoning. I forget what. That’s hilarious. These people have always been my sworn enemies. You can’t do anything in Coral Gables without ten permits. I call the place “Karl Goebbels.”

They sent us out to evangelize. I hate evangelizing. After a few minutes of listening to me talk about Christianity, most people become convinced that it’s the one religion they need to cross off their lists. And I always wonder if I’m going to get payback for refusing to open the door for peddlers and Jehovah’s Witnesses. But I will evangelize if my church asks. We broke into teams and drove to a seedy area and knocked on doors. Nobody punched us. One lady gave a highly response to one of our teams. She asked if we prayed in tongues, and a volunteer told her we did it “all day.” The lady said she had been praying for such a church for a long time. She was thrilled to hear about it.

Back at the church, we ate lunch, and I talked to my friend George. He’s a member of my church. He’s a minister, although he’s not a paid employee, and he’s not full-time. He’s full of the Holy Spirit. When I first showed up at the church (in Miami, not Winter Haven), he told me he had a word for me. He had received it before he knew me, probably after a friend had told him I might switch to New Dawn. He told me that, even though my life up to that point had seemed chaotic, I had been on a path God had chosen for me, and it was all preparation for the things I would have to do. He said I was headed for a financial breakthrough, and that I shouldn’t worry.

In Winter Haven, we talked some more, and he said things were going to blossom in my life. God was removing the obstacles and hindrances.

He’s right about that. I’m already seeing it in my prayer life and my music. Moving from my old church to New Dawn was, itself, an example of God’s restoration and liberation. I had begun to feel like a slave in my old church, building bricks for the Pharaoh’s self-aggrandizing monuments. At New Dawn, I receive all sorts of good things, and I make progress. I hear prophecy. I get new supernatural tools that break down walls. I change, sometimes during the course of one service.

I went back to the hotel and checked in, and I worked on my music for a while. I started checking the weather. It didn’t look good. They were calling for 30 mph winds in Miami, as of 6 a.m. Sunday morning. Gusts would be in the fifties. You can’t drive in that. I started to feel that I was not going to be able to stay, unless I wanted to be stuck up there until Tuesday. I conferred with other volunteers, and I called my dad. He was down here rigging his enormous boat up for the wind, without my help. If I could not get back in the morning, he would be down here alone, possibly without power. And he would have to feed my birds.

I let everyone know what was going on, and I checked out around three hours after checking in. The church was going to have an inaugural service in the afternoon, and I didn’t want to miss it. And I had a list of homes I wanted to drive by. But I prayed for guidance, and I believed the Holy Spirit was telling me to go. I expected the others to follow me after the service.

The drive home was astonishing. I went through the sugar country. It was a nicer drive than the coast route. But the thing that amazed me was the presence of God. I turned off the stereo and spent the whole trip in prayer. I kept feeling God’s power and presence rushing through me, scaring me at times. Sometimes I just talked to God. Sometimes I asked for things I believed would advance his goals. And his faith–not mine–kept telling me the things I mentioned were DONE. God had put his seal on them. It was overwhelming. I told God I felt that as of that day, my time as a citizen of earth had ended permanently. Eventually you reach a point where you are so far into the kingdom, you know (and feel in your heart) that you can’t turn back. And you are so disgusted by the way the world is, you wouldn’t want to turn back if you could.

As it turned out, the storm was not as bad as predicted. I drove home in clear weather. There was a strong wind south of Lake Okeechobee, but I didn’t see real rain or gusts until I hit South Miami. I felt bad about abandoning my church, but given the information that was available at the time, I had done the intelligent thing. And I had asked God, and I had obeyed what I perceived to be his answer.

The storm has been very strange. It didn’t come as close to Miami as the forecasters said it would, and it took longer for the winds to arrive. And the intensity has taken a long time to build. It was supposed to be calmer this morning than it was last night, but it’s worse. It’s really nasty right now. Torrential rain with gusts that push the rain sideways. It’s supposed to quit this afternoon, but I’m wondering.

They’re saying Isaac may wipe out New Orleans, and that its arrival will disrupt a perversion celebration known as Southern Decadence. Gay men put on their own version of Mardi Gras, and they expose themselves in the street and so on. Some preachers think the storm is a punishment from God. Of course, New Orleans citizens see the festival as a big economic boost. A plus, not a curse.

Perry Stone pointed out that “Katrina” comes from a root meaning “to cleanse.” The word “catharsis” comes from the same source. I know a young man from New Orleans. He says the post-Katrina atmosphere is different, as though God really did cleanse the place. Maybe there is something to it. “Isaac” means “laughter.” Not something I would want to think about, in the wake of cleansing, in a city that continues to welcome sin. If I were rebuilding a city, I would not want to find out that God was laughing at my efforts. Psalm 2 says God laughed at Satan and his principalities when they crucified Jesus. They thought they were breaking God’s bands off of themselves, but in reality, they were nailing themselves to the cross.

In 2005, Southern Decadence had to be cancelled because Katrina arrived two days before the festival’s opening date.

It’s funny that gays are so candid about what they’re doing. They’re not even trying to disguise it. They’re calling the festival what it is: “decadence.” How much more open can rebellion be? I guess soon we’ll be seeing things like, “The San Francisco Blasphemy and Hate Festival.” Once your conscience gets seared, you lose all perspective.

I can’t cover everything that has happened since my last blog post, but this will have to do for today.

Will, but no Grace

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Emmanuel Goldstein, at Your Service

Today someone accused me of being homophobic. And he (or she) was very nasty and rude about it. I made a joke about “trying not to feel gay” in a fabric store, and this person ordered me to keep my “homophobic” comments to myself!

In a way, it’s funny. Obviously, the remark was not hostile toward gays. If it is, La Cage aux Folles (“The Bird Cage”) and Will & Grace are hateful, as is The Ambiguously Gay Duo.

In another way, it’s not funny. The accusation itself was hateful, and it reflects the increasing boldness with which the enemies of Christianity are spewing their rage.

Satan managed to kick the Holy Spirit out of the church around 1700 years ago, and for centuries, the church was no real threat to him. The power was gone. The courage was gone. Look at the lists of the fruit and the gifts of the Spirit. All those things were gone from the church, except in piddling quantities. We were disarmed.

A little over a century ago, the Holy Spirit returned, in spite of our foolishness, and since then, Christians have been getting more powerful. Not all Christians. Only the charismatics. We should have realized God was preparing us for battle. The world is becoming a sea of filth. Humanity is turning against real Christians. Without the power of the Holy Spirit, the imbalance in power would put a quick end to us, and to God’s assault on Satan’s kingdom.

Now we have homosexual “pastors.” Not just the closeted kind we’re used to seeing. They are out in the open. We have “scholars” who twist scripture in order to justify perversion. The Old Testament and the New Testament condemn homosexual activity, and contrary to what the revisionists say, the criticism isn’t just directed to acts performed in rituals. It is a blanket condemnation.

It’s surprising, but it’s starting to look like this is going to be one of the biggest weapons that will be used against us when martyrdom returns. When unbelievers gas us and shoot us and loot our homes, this will be one of their excuses. Many of them will call themselves “Christians,” and they’ll say they’re doing God’s work. I guarantee it.

Do I hate gays? Of course not. Could anyone hate Nathan Lane or that kid who played Doogie Howser? I know some people feel visceral anger because other people are having gay sex. I don’t feel that way. When I was young, I thought homosexuality was perfectly fine. I have never felt rage toward gays. I admit, homosexuality can be funny, and the picture of two men entwined in passion will always be amusing to me, but that’s not hate.

Gays themselves realize how funny they can be, as The Bird Cage and Will & Grace prove. They joke about themselves constantly. Joking about feeling gay in a fabric store is not evidence of hate.

That doesn’t matter. People who point these things out will be told that the issue of whether a joke is hate depends on who made it. By that standard, all Christians (real Christians who do not endorse homosexuality) will be considered guilty, and persecution will be excused and encouraged. The presumption of guilt will not be rebuttable.

Here’s a funny thing about causes. People use them to justify cruelty and viciousness. Think of the PETA nuts who throw blood on women. Lots of people are against harming animals, but only a few use that conviction as an excuse to cause suffering. Homosexual rights constitute a cause, and that cause is already being used to ground hateful words and actions. It will get worse.

Today someone pointed out a scripture to me. Revelation 21:6. In it, God tells us the cowardly will “have their part” in hell, which is a lake of burning brimstone. Who are the cowards these days? Seeker-sensitive Christians. The people who let homosexuality (and positive thinking and cult methods and greed and…) into the church.

That’s sobering.

Hell is a hard thing to understand. The Bible doesn’t speak clearly about it. We know it exists. We know certain supernatural beings will be tormented in it forever. We know ordinary people will be placed there. What isn’t clear to me is whether it’s permanent for everyone. The Jews believe hell is a place where people go to be cleansed, and that we will not be punished forever. I’m inclined to believe that, and it makes me think there will probably be many self-proclaimed Christians there.

We know God punishes Christians. The Rapture will only take some of us, and the rest will be here during the Tribulation, when God’s ameliorating presence will be gone from the earth. If God would permit that, I don’t think it’s a big stretch to say some of us will suffer after we die.

If that’s right, it would make sense of Revelation 21:6.

In any case, you don’t want to be cowardly. Displeasing God and helping his enemies are bad things to do, with serious consequences for you and your house. The world is rapidly polarizing, and you don’t want to end up on the wrong side. God is the worst enemy you can imagine. There is absolutely nothing you can do to escape his anger, if he is determined to make you suffer.

How are we going to stand, when society changes and we are seen as parasites and troublemakers? When our Kristallnacht comes, how will we get the courage to affirm our Christianity before the mobs?

The answer is the Holy Spirit. He puts God’s character in us, little by little, as we pray in tongues, fast, read the word, and strive to listen and obey. Peter denied Jesus three times, after seeing him work miracles. That was before he received the fulness of the Holy Spirit. After Pentecost, he became a different man. He watched the Romans crucify his wife, and then he followed her, and all he had to do to survive was to renounce Jesus. Only the Holy Spirit could account for the change in him.

You can’t stand without the weapons and armor of God, and if you check the book of Ephesians, where these things are described, you will see that it refers to prayer in the Spirit. If you were born brave, that’s wonderful, but most people aren’t like that. God’s help is available, and we are expected–required–to accept it.

These things may sound crazy. So be it. I’m going to die, and it’s not going to be that long, because I’m already middle-aged. I can’t concern myself unduly with what people think of me here on earth. I have my future to think about. You are dying, too. You need to ask yourself how much you are willing to pay for temporary peace and approval from misguided human beings.

Corruption is already in the Spirit-filled churches. We teach greed and pride as though they were virtues. Other garbage will creep in through the cracks we have already made. One of these days, we’re going to see someone like Joel Osteen stand up and say he was wrong about gays or abortion or some similar issue. People who want to fill stadiums (and their pockets) will make up whatever lies they have to. They never cared about the flock. The desperation that drives them will eventually take control, unless they get into the Spirit.

Joshua was given to us as a symbol of Spirit-filled believers. He went forward to possess his inheritance–his place in the Promised Land–and before he did, he said this: “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” You are going to make a choice, even if you do so by refusing to choose. You will be rewarded, with good or evil, depending on that choice. I say go forward with the Spirit. You can’t make it on your own, no matter how many positive thinking preachers you listen to.

Let the dogs bark. What’s right is right, and foolishness will not stand forever. Better to be slandered and insulted now, by simpletons, than to be blamed justly by God himself.

Homosexuality is wrong. If that looks like hate to you, it’s in your mind, not my heart. I don’t hate gays, gamblers, drunks, prostitutes, the greedy, the gluttonous, potheads, or anyone else who harms himself through iniquity. Believe it or don’t. God shares his power and his help with me every day, and he helps others through me. I am not giving that up so I can be your pal.


Monday, May 28th, 2012

Milk and Honey for Some, Gall and Vinegar for Others

It looks like I have made a big mistake. I accused Steve Munsey of pushing a bogus doctrine involving the “seven blessings of Pentecost.” I apparently got a couple of things screwed up.

This particular doctrine may not come from Munsey. I believed it did, because he pushes the notion that we get blessings from cash offerings on Passover, Pentecost, and Yom Kippur. He claims we get seven blessings on Passover and Yom Kippur (which he wrongly thinks is the Feast of Trumpets). But it’s not clear that he pushed seven Pentecost blessings.

There are so many crooks and scoundrels in the charismatic church, it can be very hard to keep them separate in your mind.

David Cerullo claims you will get these jim-dandy blessings if you bribe the Lord on Pentecost:

1. An angel of God will be assigned to protect you and lead you to your miracles.
2. God will be an enemy to your enemies.
3. He will prosper you.
4. God will take sickness away from you.
5. You will not die before your appointed time.
6. Increase and an inheritance will be yours.
7. What the enemy has stolen will be returned to you.

Here are the relevant scriptures, presented in the order of the blessings they supposedly ground. They are all from Exodus 23:

1. Verse 23
2. Verse 22
3. Verse 25
4. Verse 25
5. Verse 26
6. Verses 29 and 31

David Cerullo is not Steve Munsey. Oddly, however, he is offering Munsey’s seven Passover blessings in exchange for Pentecost cash. The above list is identical to Munsey’s Passover fantasies.

Charismatic gold-diggers like to plagiarize moneymaking schemes, so once one of them comes up with a juicy idea, the rest tend to glom onto it. Paula White and Benny Hinn are all over the Munsey stuff. I may have misattributed Cerullo’s seven Pentecost blessings to Munsey, and Cerullo clearly stole them from him in the first place.

My old church is not pushing the seven blessings. I was wrong about that. Here are the five blessings they currently offer:

1. God will break the debt currently hanging over your life – LEVITICUS 25:25-28
2. God will save and restore your whole family together in the Lord – LEVITICUS 25:39-42
3. God will reveal Himself to you in a new way – EXODUS 34:29
4. There will be a redistribution of wealth – LEVITICUS 23:22
5. You will have power over weakness – ACTS 1:8

I’m not completely sure what I should apologize for. Steve Munsey DOES push unscriptural Pentecost offerings, and he couples them with imaginary blessings, but I got the list wrong. I think. I’m not even sure of that, because of the content-grabbing that goes on amongst the jackals.

If anyone can figure out what I did wrong, I will apologize for it. I think that’s fair.

Yesterday was a remarkable day. It was Pentecost, and a friend of mine had a birthday celebration. His wife rigged up a surprise party for him at her mother’s house, and she convinced him she and her friends were actually having a Mary Kay party. As a distraction, he was encouraged to visit the gun range with a bunch of men from church. I was invited to both events.

In the morning, I prayed before church, as always. I spent over half an hour praying in tongues. Ordinarily, God’s power rises up in me when I do this, and by the time I’m done, I don’t need coffee. I feel alert and ready to take on the day. But yesterday I was still a little pooped, and I still had to pray with my understanding and then get up and get ready for church.

I arrived at church late, and worship was over. People were talking about the pastor. He was born on the same day as my friend, and folks were going to the stage to say good things about him. It’s good to honor people, but at that moment, this was not what I needed. I wished I had gotten there sooner.

He got up to give his sermon, but he couldn’t do it. He started the worship up again. He felt that God wanted him to do that. Everything cranked up again, and we fought until we felt God’s presence. It must have taken forty-five minutes.

He called my friend’s wife up to the stage, and he told her it was her day to receive the gift of tongues. He laid hands on her, and a bunch of people prayed, and before long, out it came! I hadn’t realized she needed it. Some people take a while to get it. It was exciting to see her begin her new life. I knew the changes it would make in her life.

After some more moves of the Spirit, the pastor told us there was no time left for the sermon. We would hear it next week. The Holy Spirit had to have his way, and I’m glad he did, because it got me where I wanted to be spiritually (after the problems I had had earlier), and my friend’s wife received a huge blessing. I went up to her and said, “Happy birthday.”

My friend Alonzo rode with me to IHOP for lunch with the other men. I made a real connection with the birthday boy’s brother-in-law. It turns out he’s a bona-fide food nut. Then we drove to the range, and Alonzo and I got to encourage each other and share insights God had given us.

I really didn’t want to go to the party. It was late. But I felt I should drop by, so I made an appearance. As I drove down I-95, the Holy Spirit hit me so hard, I felt like a basketball being pumped up with air. I was overwhelmed, and I wondered what it meant.

When arrived, I was very surprised to see other former Armorbearers from the old church. Two men who had been in leadership positions were there. The birthday boy himself is a former leader of the Armorbearers.

I was so happy to see them; I hadn’t seen one of them in weeks. I thought he had moved to another city. His wife and kids were there. I got reacquainted with his son, who used to work with me in the church kitchen, making pizza.

We ended up gathering around the pastor, telling him all the things we knew about organizing volunteers. We gave him the advice our former pastor had heard and rejected. He was grateful for it. He listened out of eagerness, not out of a desire to let us talk just so we would feel we had gotten a chance to speak. He wasn’t weighing our words to see how he could turn things to his benefit.

I spoke to several people from the old church. We discussed the way talented people had been shoved aside, ignored, obstructed, driven out, and treated disrespectfully. I gave my unvarnished opinion, which was that the old church was really an apparatus intended for the sole purpose of promoting the family that ran it. And I said it was remarkable how they wasted talent in their pursuit of church growth and self-promotion, because had they made good use of the people God had given them, they would have achieved the things they desired. That’s the ironic thing. They had all sorts of capable people waiting to work for them, and they consistently promoted insiders who were incompetent, while keeping able people out of the jobs they were created to do.

We had wonderful food. The sister of the guest of honor is a baker. She is starting her own company. She made a flawless birthday cake decorated like a Green Bay Packers jersey, and she surrounded it with all sorts of related items, like cupcakes and other confections. I couldn’t believe she made it herself. And there was a big buffet of Latin food.

We made plans. We talked about the things we wanted to do. And the pastor was all for it. He was not interested in promoting himself. He was looking to serve the Holy Spirit, using the abilities of all the people around him. He was approachable. He was not dismissive. He had time to talk. We didn’t have to measure our words in order to avoid upsetting him. We knew he would listen. It was as though a dam had broken.

I’m a lawyer, writer, and cook. I have tons of tools. The old church made me a security guard. We had one of the finest flamenco-style guitarists I’ve ever seen. They had him frying chicken wings and playing for little kids. We had a worship leader who went to Ohio State on a vocal scholarship. One day the pastor’s son–a nice guy who needs some professional vocal coaching–said he wanted to get involved in worship, and since then, the other guy has been teaching children. I could go on and on.

That was the attitude at the old place. With the new pastor, there was a different atmosphere. The walls had been broken down. There was opportunity to go forward and get some things done.

When I got home, I thought about the powerful presence of God I had felt, and I wondered what it had meant. Then I realized something. God had shown me a picture of heaven.

In heaven, foolish, hardheaded, selfish, hypocritical, arrogant people will be out of the way. They will not be present. They will not obstruct. They will not steal positions God anointed other people to fill. There will be no corruption and no nepotism. Our leader, Jesus, will be available to talk to us. He will encourage us. He will give us the right jobs. He will give us respect and support. We will succeed in doing the things he created us to do. Frustration will be back on earth, with the stiff-necked, carnal, greedy Christians who would not listen to the Holy Spirit. God will heap terrible obstacles on them, as a reward for the chains they put on his children.

We know that when we arrive in heaven, people we know will be there to greet us, just as my friends were waiting for me at the party. And there will be a feast–the marriage supper of the Lamb–just as there were food and drink at the party.

In heaven, things will work. That’s a succinct way to put it. I believe God used the party to show me what it would be like.

You have to live in this imperfect world, and you will never belong to a perfect organization, but some organizations are under Satan’s control to a very great extent, and you should not hang around hoping to fix them from the inside. Jesus taught us that it was wrong to try. He said we should shake the dust off our feet and move on, taking our blessings with us, just as he will do during the Rapture. He will shake the flesh (dust) off his feet (us) and take us to a place where we will be appreciated and allowed to succeed.

My old church was corrupt. I may as well be honest. They suppressed the Holy Spirit. They talked about helping the poor, but they didn’t do very much. They kissed up to celebrities, rich people, and politicians, while blowing off little people with needs. They taught self-help instead of Holy Spirit transformation. They disrespected and hobbled the servants God sent them. There is a limit to the success a godly person can have in a place like that. I know; Joseph made it in Pharaoh’s court. But he was the exception, not the rule. And after he died, his people were oppressed and murdered until they had to leave.

You may call this gossip, but I disagree. Gossip involves airing out confidences. It involves slander. It is done with malice. It serves no constructive purpose. There is nothing wrong with exposing the public behavior of the people controlling a confused church, especially when they should be aware they’re screwing up. Someone has to speak up. Jesus did it. John the Baptist did it. Jude did it. Don’t make me make a comprehensive list. You can’t accuse me of exposing your dirty laundry when you already have it hanging on your porch.

I thank God for what he showed me yesterday. It motivates me to carry on. Sooner or later, he rewards people. For good, but also, sadly, for evil.

I Looked Into the Trap, Ray

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Thass a Big Twinkie

I know exactly what this is. It’s a sloar. And those things inside it are shubs and zulls.

Additional info:

I am a Mole

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

I Leak my Own Sensitive Information for the Sake of Efficiency

In case anyone is monitoring my website here are a few facts. It would be easier to call me and ask, but anyway:

1. I was not the first person in my social circle to leave my church.

2. Several people left or chose new positions before I took off.

3. I did not tell any of them to leave.

4. I was surprised when they left, because I did not know it was going to happen.

5. I do not know why every person left. Some told me. Others did not.

6. I did not tell them to go to New Dawn, because I did not know it existed.

7. No one told me to leave.

8. No one told me to try New Dawn. I asked people what they thought about it, and it sounded pretty good, so I decided to take a look.

9. More people are planning to leave or considering leaving, so yes, it will get worse. I have not injected them with drugs or put implants in their brains. I have no control over what they do. I did not put the idea of leaving in their heads. I don’t even know who all of them are.

10. I did recruit two friends.

Hope this saves you some time.

Improbable Cause

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Zimmerman Prosecutor Fail

I watched the last 20 minutes or so of George Zimmerman’s bond hearing today.

You can get bogged down in the details and sniping, but it makes more sense to examine the dispositive issues.

In order to convict George Zimmerman, the state has to prove certain things. If Zimmerman did not start a fight, and he shot to prevent a forcible felony (aggravated assault or aggravated battery), or if he was in actual, reasonable fear of severe bodily harm, he walks.

People think you can only shoot if you’re in reasonable apprehension of severe bodily injury or death. That’s wrong. Look at the statute. You can shoot to prevent a forcible felony, including aggravated assault, IF you have clean hands. If someone is committing a forcible felony, you are PRESUMED to be in fear of death or great bodily harm.

A person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity and who is attacked in any other place where he or she has a right to be has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.

That’s a cut-and-paste. Look at the last part of it.

Here is the definition of “forcible felony”:

Forcible felony.—“Forcible felony” means treason; murder; manslaughter; sexual battery; carjacking; home-invasion robbery; robbery; burglary; arson; kidnapping; aggravated assault; aggravated battery; aggravated stalking; aircraft piracy; unlawful throwing, placing, or discharging of a destructive device or bomb; and any other felony which involves the use or threat of physical force or violence against any individual.

The state has to prove Martin was not in the process of committing a forcible felony when he was shot, AND that Zimmerman was not in reasonable fear of great bodily harm.

I now believe they have no chance. If the state has a bombshell that will convict Zimmerman, they haven’t shown it yet, and they have made it clear they can’t prove Zimmerman was the aggressor.

Sometimes it’s good to separate known facts from opinions and disputed facts, so let’s look at facts that can’t be reargued.

Fact (admitted by the state under oath):

1. Zimmerman and Martin fought.

2. Zimmerman had lacerations on the back of his head, consistent with having an assailant beat his head against a sidewalk.

3. There are no witnesses to the start of the fight.

4. The state has no evidence that Zimmerman was not attacked.

5. Martin was shot up close, possibly with the gun barrel against him.

You don’t really need more than that. Again, the burden of proof is on the state, and it’s very high. They can’t win by proving Zimmerman COULD have been the aggressor. They have to show that it’s the only explanation a reasonable person could accept.

Zimmerman only has to show that his version COULD be true. That’s it.

If you can’t prove Zimmerman started the fight, you can’t prove Martin wasn’t committing (or about to commit) a forcible felony. The beating took place. That can’t be disputed. If Zimmerman was attacked and Martin was beating his head on a concrete sidewalk, Zimmerman had every reason to believe the attack would progress at least to aggravated assault, and possibly to aggravated battery or murder. That’s just common sense.

If Martin attacked, it triggers the statute, and that would end the case instantly.

If Martin had merely punched him, there could be doubt. But he beat Zimmerman’s head against the sidewalk, opening two long gashes, and he broke his nose. These acts may constitute a felony in and of themselves, and coupled with Martin’s persistence (shown by the number of injuries) they definitely establish the intent to commit a felony.

The only issue is who started it. And the state has affirmatively averred it has no evidence proving Zimmerman is lying about that particular fact. With no other evidence, his word is the most powerful guide the jury has.

What if Martin had been shot from a distance? It would cast doubt on Zimmerman’s story. You can shoot to put an end to a felony, but you can’t shoot once your attacker gets up and runs off. What if Zimmerman had no injuries, or the injuries were not consistent with a battery? He would have a hard time showing a felony had been in progress. But the injuries are there, and the state says they conform to his story.

What if a witness had seen Zimmerman attack Martin? That would be powerful evidence that he committed a crime. But no such witness exists. The state says so, under oath. Witnesses heard people argue. One witness said one “figure” chased another past her home, and she can’t identify them (and chasing is not a crime). Another witness saw Zimmerman on his back under Martin. No matter how you slice it, the state has a hard row to hoe.

The cops say Zimmerman claimed Martin covered Zimmerman’s mouth and nose, and that it was at this point that Zimmerman grabbed his gun and fired. The prosecutor say they have evidence that Zimmerman is wrong. That’s fine, but it wouldn’t affect the outcome. You can say something that isn’t true and still be innocent. Maybe Zimmerman stretched the truth or even lied, but if Martin was on top of him, and Martin was the aggressor, the state loses.

Remember, Zimmerman hasn’t been charged with perjury. Murder is the charge. He can lie all day and still be innocent of murder, as long as the physical evidence backs him up, and there are no witnesses to contradict him.

The longer this case goes on, the more disgusted I become. The arrest and charges are the result of the public outcry, not a proper investigation and determination of probable cause. The governor denies this, but look at the facts. Zimmerman was free and in the clear until people started raising hell. There was no chance of an arrest. It’s amazing that the governor would tell such an obvious lie. It is definitely a lie; there is no other explanation.

I doubt Zimmerman will be tried. If O’Mara is any kind of lawyer, he’ll get this thing dismissed. The judge may be a politician, and if he is, he’ll rule in favor of the state. I guess that’s the state’s only hope. But they still have to get a jury to buy their theory.

Anything is possible. Shocking new evidence could come to light, proving Zimmerman’s guilt. But right now, by its own admission, the state has nothing.

The Perils of Gossip

Monday, March 26th, 2012

No Evidence Required; No Appeal Possible

More and more exculpatory evidence is coming out in the Zimmerman/Martin case.

This is only evidence. It’s not necessarily proven. But the burden of proof is on Florida, not George Zimmerman. He doesn’t have to prove a thing.

1. The police say Zimmerman was found with lacerations on the back of his head, plus a broken nose.

2. The police say Zimmerman had grass stains on the back of his shirt, and his shirt was wet in back.

3. Martin’s size has been upped from 140 pounds to 150 pounds and 6’3″, and Zimmerman’s height is said to be 5′ 9″. I’m wondering what Martin’s weight will turn out to be, after the medical examiner reports. The figure of 150 is pretty low for someone that tall, especially a football player.

4. Martin’s girlfriend’s remarks suggest Martin accosted Zimmerman (Martin spoke first).

5. Zimmerman claims Martin was trying to grab Zimmerman’s gun.

6. A witness saw Martin slamming Zimmerman’s head against the sidewalk repeatedly.

7. A witness named Austin Brown says that in the moments before the shooting, Zimmerman was lying on the ground crying for help.

8. Zimmerman told police he was on his way back to his vehicle when Martin accosted him.

9. Zimmerman said Martin initiated physical contact by delivering a sudden punch which broke Zimmerman’s nose.

People are saying the “stand your ground” law applies. I don’t see it. It looks like Martin got mad, chased Zimmerman, and attacked him. It also appears pretty clear that Martin used deadly force. Slamming someone’s head on concrete repeatedly will eventually kill them.

If the facts are as they appear to be, Zimmerman didn’t stand his ground. To “stand your ground” is to stay where you are, when you have the option of leaving. If Zimmerman was on his back, helpless, with a taller assailant beating him, he could not leave. That would mean this is a very routine self-defense case. Not only that, it would show that our laws worked exactly as they should have. If the published evidence is not misleading, Martin was a violent criminal, and Zimmerman was a model citizen trying to protect his community.

That’s a far cry from what we heard last week. And I saw it coming. I knew it was stupid to judge this case before the facts were published. Nevertheless, everyone from Jeb Bush to Al Sharpton has condemned Zimmerman without trial, and they have elevated Martin to a status resembling sainthood, when he may turn out to be a common thug. We now know that he was in Sanford because his school suspended him for possession of drug paraphernalia. He was found with a bag that had contained marijuana. At the age of 14.

Even at this point, I’m not going to judge. Lawsuits and investigations have many twists and turns. Things look very good for Zimmerman, but I am not as close to the evidence as the professionals are. I’m not going to repeat the sin I criticized. Maybe Zimmerman will be convicted of something. Maybe even murder. Maybe a recording will pop up, and we’ll hear Zimmerman tell his buddies he’s going to kill a black kid for fun. But I’ll bet he is never arrested for homicide. Obama’s feds may try to nail him on some other offense, but my best guess is that the authorities will realize they can’t touch him, because he did nothing wrong.

The claims of police bias aren’t holding up, either. I’ve read the police report. It appears that they originally intended to charge Zimmerman with manslaughter, but the facts led them to conclude he was innocent, so he was not arrested. If they showed up and found a live non-black “gunman” and a dead black teenager, and they fully intended to charge the non-black man, they can’t be credibly accused of anti-black animus. And we don’t know the races of the responding officers. Won’t it be interesting if one or more of them are black?

The Miami Herald has demonstrated what this case is really about. Sorry to say it, but I was right about that, too. They put a huge story up in Sunday’s paper, with a half-page staged photo full of crime scene tape. The story was not about the Zimmerman case. It was about our “dangerous” self-defense laws (which–remember–appear to have no application to this case). From the word “go,” the press’s dishonest coverage has been aimed at getting the “Castle Doctrine,” “Stand Your Ground,” and concealed-carry laws repealed by the legislature or gutted by judicial interpretation. That’s all the folks at the Herald care about. If the ghetto has to burn, and if black people have to die or become felons or lose their homes or jobs, that’s okay with our liberal nannies, as long as gun control increases.

Thanks to the press and people like Al Sharpton, we have hundreds of thousands of people who firmly believe Martin was martyred, and they are going to expect payback, and it’s probably not going to come. What then? Will TV heads spend as much time correcting their slanders as they did publishing them? Yeah. Right. They’re famous for that. We all remember how they trampled each other, trying to get to the cameras so they could correct the claim that George Bush lied about uranium ore.

I think violence is inevitable. If the authorities admit Zimmerman didn’t break the law, there will be trouble. It may be full-blown rioting, and it may be individual acts of hate and racism, but barring an extraordinary turn of events, it will happen. And the liars and gossips will be guilty of the very thing of which they falsely accused Zimmerman. The blood of the dead will be on their hands. But bloody hands are nothing new to some of them. Certainly not Al Sharpton, who seems to think rioting is a healthy way of expressing dissent.

If rioting comes, white people will sit safely in their homes, and people of color will die and suffer. Great work, liberal press. Is that your plan for helping minorities? Gun-hating journalists appear willing to sacrifice black lives and use well-meaning black people as pawns, as long as it advances the left’s agenda.

I wish people would shut up and let qualified professionals interpret the law and the facts. I’m a lawyer, and law is not simple. I had to get a doctorate in order to get a license to practice law. If you’re not a lawyer, you have no business arguing with me or any other legal professional. For that matter, most lawyers should be quiet. I’ve noticed that a lot of them are weighing in without thinking. An education is no advantage unless you put it to use.

Even though I’m a lawyer, in matters like this, I will defer to people who have actually studied the case and the law. I’ve looked it over briefly, but there is no way I’d ask a client to rely on the smattering of work I’ve done. If I were working for money, I’d get the books out for a few days and THEN talk. So while I’m light years ahead of 95% of the people who comment in the media, what I’m writing here doesn’t begin to live up to a real standard of professionalism. It’s just idle commentary.

It’s shocking how few people understand these things. Ignorant lay people are spewing worthless opinions so devoid of merit, they remind me of what Wolfgang Pauli said: “That’s not even WRONG.” Sometimes an argument is so stupid, it’s actually counterproductive to acknowledge it. It’s like trying to have a rational discussion with Charles Manson. This is why we are told not to cast our pearls before swine. It’s why we spank toddlers instead of debating with them.

I feel like we’re on a ship headed for a mine at three knots, and no one cares.